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chest, burst into tears. Small fox shake their heads, Independence Day Du wind IQ is probably no less than himself fully with the enemy and fighting aspects, in terms of dealing with a woman almost know nothing about. This sentence is simply admitting their guilt, if he really did not see anything, some of their own positive vision white points sealed doing. Lu Ya crying, even in the ancient martial dangerous associations, perverted men who have scruples horsepower pierced her third, but came to the city after Du wind, proud Valkyrie successor just suffered a small fox 'abuse', even the clothes are cheated, and still saw a man in broad daylight was bare. Even Luo Feile also feel a little sorry for ya to land, touched her back went over to apologize channel: 'Do not cry, I put the clothes back to you.' She clapped her hands, the giant gates jin Bang rises, but Lu Ya cried more more loudly. No matter how indifferent the appearance of snow lotus, the heart of how modesty, she is always a woman. Once a woman's tears open the gates, then it would not be able to easily stop to the. Luo Feile eyeball a turn, jump around Du wind, the wind toward the Du arm severely beat two, put on a tearful voice said: '!. Independence Day Hello cruel, so fierce fight me.' Lu Ya body slightly startled, then sobbed: '! I'm ancient weapons, you thought I was a fool not to play face this sound' She cries fade, apparently trick with the point of effect, Luo Feile whispered:. 'Independence Day, you gently hit me twice now.' When you say these words in her heart swarmed an sour taste, if the wind is really to Du Lu Ya hit her, even hit two fingers, then I am afraid it is not crying Dunzaiqiangjiao land Ya, but himself. Du wind lightly: 'are not allowed to trouble, and I already know the true face of the Once upon.' This sentence not only Luo Feile an extremely surprised, even Lu Ya stopped weeping looked up. Du wind reached Zhuoqi BI stone ring and said:. '? Luo Feile, when we plan to propose soaring credentials ancient legacy of meant her words contain strange tail. Su girl dress lightly: 'The third can people get the extra power of terror.' Her face appeared a rare look angrily, ice tone: 'That is an intimate relationship with his own people and to the mixing device, the more cherish their parents as possible, the better to trust ourselves more brothers, lovers pamper yourself the more the better As long as their Tempered cents, cents and their tendons and bones can be fully fit, and also get more than the same cents. ' Her right hand unconsciously LEI has gathered together, mused: 'Even adults will be in Lee Han-horsepower tie secret base, we found thousands of such mixing device, they will own parents, brothers, children , lovers deceive one base, and then kill the mixing device, but can also be manipulated by refining cents for the soul, once again lured with the refining of people who came close to killing, strengthen cents ...... ' 'Wow' to cry, Wu chess has leaned throwing up and roared:. 'You can not help but say clown color, every time I hear here nauseated' Mianrutuse strange soil already have heard livid face, plain dress girl turned him lightly: 'Heaven squad horsepower horsepower tie tie cards cards, is hidden in an unknown base?In a hundred times stronger than you, tens of thousands of savage humanoid cents! Those things have no affection, humanity, in order to strengthen their own can do anything! ' Her boundless look up to the sky, threw a long breath and said: '! These things, horsepower is enough to deal with the entire tie ancient weapons in the world, and the whole human race cards.' Shendao also heard Du Zheng Ming endless wind back, Du wind looked to be contaminated and then they looked at Don feeling faint Road:? 'Humanoid cents per piece, as this flute has such a strong, if such cents Herald is inhumane thing, why do you put this stuff my side? ' Su loaded girl looking slightly eased: 'She is not the same in the base year of Lee Han adults killed all humanoid cents, the base detonated, leaving her alone, and let you eat Ji Xiaofeng little bitterness.' Jin Shiyi one to catch. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'You stole my stuff, they come here to tease people's maid, I have to let you suffer a little bit.' That eye for an eye, but also the rule of a person in his body, stripped his mask, he wrote at the fork point about acupuncture. Cheng Hao Jin Shiyi propped up closer look, Cheng Hao the mouth 'He He' sound, glaucoma eye hair Zhuangruo white diarrhea, Lin Sheng too. Jin Shiyi surprise, the two men also had to point acupuncture points, 'pinpoint' This effort would have been surprising, odd and even Jin Shiyi in which one can not see the way, between the eager, actually can not untied. And according to the general case, the acupuncture points if they are enclosed in more than ten days, martial arts high, but also seriously damage their strength, but the two men did not show anything abnormal pulse, showing that this is a very mysterious evil acupuncture kung fu school. Jin Shiyi meditation for a while, heart of a dynamic, thought: '? Could Tibet red teach acupuncture technique,' he proceeds Joe North sea that half martial arts secrets, a list of good and evil factions of acupuncture techniques, as well as a variety of Jiexue effort, only the Red Sect Tantric acupuncture, just mention the several symptoms suffered by those secrets, tricks and Jiexue his way, but even non-existent, like a year too late Joe North sea fathom it. The symptoms contained on tips, which are two of the same Cheng Lin revealed one or two. Jin Shiyi heart and said: 'It's strange, the Red Sect Tantric several martial arts masters never ignore foreign affairs, and Cheng Lin duo identity of the dead in the martial arts is negligible, how could they do such a thing?' At the end of your mind already Suddenly he heard the sound seems to get outside after Jin Shiyi hastily hid account, I saw Han Feng Lin and his wife came in. Feng Lin saw they shouted:. 'I said who is, it's you in this town a' Feng Lin and her daughter last year, when a guest at the Ice Palace,