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if no other is off, the owner to not humble, people simply can not be responsible for the slow, had to fight back angrily, want: little time he called you die without died of the land, for the time being mad to you. After seated, flowers Sigu then ordered into the wine. Christians have never complained immediately party, raised a notch on the upper Yixing teapot, wine poured give Cai turtles. The owner of this supposedly sent two men at the same time for the parties to toast, nothing to show favoritism. Give Cai pour tortoise is substandard. Because the show is Henji Xing Miao flying squirrel, you see flowers Sigu Nu Ji, who want to take advantage of the humiliation of the enemy, who secretly inspired retaliation give Cai tortoise pour, pour give here Morohito eleven finished, then pour the flying squirrel to XING on. Xing secretly flying squirrel funny: This small family act, to me what harm? Just sit there and smile, do not complain. Kennedy spent Sigu old giant sly, rivers and lakes, such as flow overripe holiday etiquette, only arrived last night, big dial, full of happy, stable impatient that win the voucher. Who would have thought an early, listen to the same party newspaper, said the way home last night, had met an expert to see acts just like flying squirrels invitation from Xing. There Yaoseng relies on the presence of a confident yet Dide Guo on, he was an expert just passing through, something out of speculation, was not spotted he settled for the community. Although a bit disappointing, not how anxious strategy after the names scheduled to act. Followed whisk things wandered from Italy: both because too blatantly, the phaseAttracted enemies across thousands of miles, because people are renowned for an unexpected, hook move a heart, Xing flying squirrel and nothing to look her in the eyes, even anxious with gas, and kept hidden excellent, virtually, the heart will lost master. Simply make wayward gas, forgot their Lord, the more enemies, the more impressive demeanor should be generous, sensible erected meantime, students with a variety of looks. If Zhen Fang here. This necessarily know the origins of a dozen devil statue. There are systemic mat close ancestral witch golden scales. Jin Yi left ear wearing a foot two dragon, tiger body human face, shoulder Department of Health West wings ,, ancestral witch gold. Ancestral witch sentence Mans Aoki body color, the birds face personal, foot two Dragon, Oriental wood witch ancestors; Zu Wu Gong Gong personal python head, foot two black dragon, blue constrictor wrapped around the hand. Black body scales. Good water potential manipulation of prehistoric North ,,Water ancestral witch; Vulcan, Shoutou personal, ears to wear two salamanders, two foot dragon, ancestral witch red scaly body, the Southern fire; Houtu ancestral witch personal tail. Behind seven hands. There are also two front, two grip Teng snake. Ancestral soil of central witch; the first eight days of Zu Wu human face, body ten tiger tail, ancestral witch Wind; Xuanming spur systemic ancestral witch, monster, witch ancestor rain; good strong personal ancestral witch tiger head, take two Article yellow snakes, thunder ancestral witch; Wu Xi Zi Zu bird body human face, ears hung two green snake, holding two red snakes, electric witch ancestor; Di Jiang Wu Zu bird body human face, the back has four meat wings, chest, abdomen, legs and six feet, good speed, four-winged twenty-eight skies, red scaly body ,, ancestral witch space speed; candle jiuyin ancestral witch snake people face, body crimson, in charge of the sun and the moon run, ancestral witch of Time; extravagant than the dead animal body ancestral witch head, ear wearing two green snake, in charge of the weather, also known as the drought with great courage, weather witch ancestor. twelve ancestral witch witch, though not of the blood being, but it is, after dominating the Ying Zheng, gathering the world's gold, cast together, and Zu Wu Ying Zheng twelve ancestral witch is pregnant and blood of the people, The fine blood cloth on top twelve her mid-air, then kinship teenagers and Liu fat were thrown up. Kindred teenager becomes a big swarthy bat, grabbed Liu Yang zero fat and blanket the sky. Young zero in the air suddenly stared, her best vision through the hazy fog can vaguely see the tail ghost ship has floated above the sea level. A huge ship's bow and stern how may also surfaced! Unless ...... unless hull fracture! Dufeng Jing Jing do-stand, he did not release the outlet, at the foot of the wheel is automatically disconnected for two. After a few seconds of silence, an explosive burst Xian Qi sea, sparking raging sea water. Xian Qi ghost ship all engine start, the two parts of the hull together frantically leaping out of the water, while the wind squeeze over to DU! Shape of the ship has been completely changed, the original luxury cruise too slowly peeling skin, revealing its true colors, a rusty disastrous shipwrecks. Since the central hull keel snapped from the waist, like two like crab claws, facing the silence in the air does not move past Du folder fierce wind. ---------------------------------------------- Also please bear Book Review area to leave comments and opinions, book reviews too deserted area Du wind or an expression of indifference. So this is just sensed hard power away from home, the first simultaneous outbreak of Xian Qi engine power, followed by the number of tons of heavy steel components around the attack, this impact goes well beyond the limits of the human body, they will feel just wonder the opponent away from home hard power beyond their own.The Young zero screamed when she saw Mrs resist wind and even a hand gesture did not do, like a hamburger, like being caught in the middle of two broken hull. Wheel of terror once again issued a roar, many powerful power furnace explosion occurred, many Xian Qi overflow will be completely closed two hull has a bit more grip. Followed by two more outgoing hull grinding sound harsh, is crazy squeezing in which Du trapped wind. Liu fat can not help aghast, Du wind over.