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Today is January 3, 2007, Wednesday, today's 'news' program main contents are: Female: President Su Dequan cordially met Spain's new King Alexander I die · kill. Male: Temporary European Council meeting will be presented in Spanish Spanish capital of Madrid was held on January 15. Female: For the people of various mysterious events happened recently in Spain, this morning the State Department's spokesman Liang Bo made a positive interpretation. Male: Empire of the Sun, Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly protest Spain increased by 30% tariff on its foreign trade goods. Female: Mino government of President George W. Bush in an interview with reporters, said he does not kill the king for democracy led by the Spanish Government skeptical. Male: Iceland fog has once again spread the Republic of Iceland from December 2006 ...... Female: The Egyptian government today issued a notice recently due to unknown pyramid shock, temporarily stop countries open to visitors. Male: South American Community of Nations, suddenly announced today that all member states, all entered the wartime garrison state, temporarily unknown reasons, according to a senior official on condition of anonymity said, it seems that there is a religious ritual held some kind of cruel. Female: Vatican religious country yesterday held an emergency meeting, attended by more than 90% of the world's more than 180 cardinals attended the meeting, the meeting content as it involves religion privacy, reporters are not clear. After the Vatican spokesman Navarro - Valls said the new Catholic Joseph Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI, namely, on the Spanish government betrayed the guidelines of God, immortality cult Bong Church as the state religion, the Catholic persecution expelled Believers event indicates strong protest and demonstrate against Spain will not rule out the undead Church jihad. Male: India Shiva taught recently held a big celebration, according to its main person in charge said that this is the incarnation of the god Shiva, the god Brahma vivo outgoing voice cracked, fell on the rock to roll, issue Ganchangcunduan sounds. This name is Li Han ace nearly Guard [flush] sniper, can ensure safe and sound humanoid cents, even by this mysterious flute instant knockdown. Hijikata monster scared shivering body, the body issued a Unit pungent burning smell, warble: 'What is this thing?' Xiaojian sneered: 'Do you want to die, then jump out of the lake to escape in spite of.' EveryoneAll looked at him coldly, it seems strange to jump in the lake, such as soil escape Magic Flute attract attention from their own opportunity. Soil strange groaned:. 'I ...... I'm not a fool, this thing seems to hate everything and ancient weapons cents flesh refining unit, once exposed to, not necessarily the other to death.' Just when he was scared, the notes have been quietly along the lake like a fish, like diffuse over, gold rock face on the person stopped motility, the body slowly loses luster become a stone. Wang painting cut his wrist, blood flow automatically becomes a few fish tail in the water, trying to swim to the far divert notes. Notes simply unmoved, Xiaojian shook his head and said:. 'Useless, patiently waiting here to rescue us adults Lee Han' Soil blame them screamed again: 'Your X's Lee Han adults he works no matter in the end!' Wu did not always speak chess overcast with a straight face: 'You shut up, Lee Han adults are able to break the waste area alone who rescued the situation Tang, Tang rescued the situation before, he had defeated the Magic Flute driven soul, at least better than you adult bar horsepower more useful. ' People in low eaves, had to bow, to see their soil alone and strange obediently closed his mouth, Wu chess cold tunnel:. 'Do you know the secret, one would eventually die in our hands.' Wu chess does not speak much, but what I was saying sonorous sentence. Soil grotesque face and said: 'able to live for a while is a will.' Wang painting suddenly said: 'I think a problem.' Wu Qi said: 'What?' Wang painting looked soaked body own door wide open, revealing a lot of flaws, according to this bar potential seems non unavailable, I'm afraid Tian Linggai must be broken, Tang eyes away by the day, not with this tragic story. Suddenly he was southern cried: 'Ah, you still fierce this thief?' Eyes open and saw Kim Flanagan strange dread pensions were rolling just rolled down from the south arm, that the sword was already Jiangnan wins in hands. 'Broken' is heard, Kim Chan could not blame the pension income potential, direct hit to the ground, taking advantage of the southern foot, he kicked the legs in the air, after days of Don could hardly believe my eyes, trail: 'Is My eyesight is not enough to see the difference between a chip, south of the martial arts, really has to be first-class realmI had not even win? 'Only to hear is' broken 'bang, this time the south fell to the ground, falls within the Tang after days of such martial expert eye, of course, know that the south to the other side of the counter-party toppled, Tang after day Seeing the situation like, really strange. To In terms of common sense, such as martial arts, both the south down the other side of a skill, then the other side of the force Fan Zhen, he can not afford absolutely no reason, however, after he kicked a gold Rihui foot, and he is followed fall, it not strange that Don King Day after day worried Zen climb up, it will strike back immediately to the south, he again turned out error correction, and saw Kim Chan a 'carp play very,' after the climb up, his face look of fear even emerged even dare look occidentalis one, turned in one direction, as soon fled, southern haha ​​laughed:. 'the long arm of the thief, and now you know my southern powerful it! 'Then the tent people have all gone out, eight people were divided into four groups, representing four points, gold Rihui just came running to the south and occupied exhibition Chung Chung show the ability to know the south, the south also be able to see this people down, mind naturally did not mind a cross sword, edicts, how square Chen hearts do not look so scared. He did not know how many years of practice, I do not know how to swim over Ni Wan Zhen Fang golden mist is what, exactly cultivator chaotic element force craving, the legend that only chaos magic outside thirty-three days before Some Reiki, than the power of the stars Sunday to terror, directly into the body cycle, each cycle around, it increases mana millennium. So then in the auditory canal Zixiaogong mighty disabilities, but eight years old, who have attained the BI countless chaotic element force which is filled with Zixiaogong inextricably. Unfortunately, among the three realms, although aware of the role of the chaotic element force, but no one dared to practice outside the thirty-three days. Because that is the Chaos Gang Feng will be able to these immortal soul are not blown. Although the practice Taibaijinxing countless years, but have never thought of who actually owns Chaos Zhen Fang Yuan force. Although the hearts of surprised, but his face was not shown, since the people have such opportunity, indicating Emperor draw is very correct. Zhen Fang know in order to absorb this massive chaos element force, non-retreat is not, take a moment and quickly edict, delivery and Zhen Fang said: 'Great Senior Getting Sin long magical wand, another great merit in the body, therefore life-chen to Xuan Chao, thanks to long for the South fell monsters cents Senior ruling jambudvipa creatures. These three16,500 where as Senior Tianzhushan dojo. ' 'Yanjiao seen revere.' Jupiter looked Zhen Fang duty, not salty not pale said. Zhen Fang nodded, awaiting speak, sudden, I hear the whole body straight to rattle the bones, screaming over Ni Wan Dinghai beads, with a burst of Gang Feng, blowing fluttering sound, above the robe, purple clouds throughput indefinite form to an enormous cyclone, an atmosphere of overwhelming destruction, Zhen Fang a red face, also refused to speak to hand over the edict strokes, and from space, took a palace to hand, fling, told: ' Pindao