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issue of its own air transport, on the one hand it is skinned to the problem. In order to facilitate air transport their cultivation to enhance their own beliefs to the study and understanding of Heaven speed. Who was the emperor's position, significant increase in natural gas transportation, and perhaps the ability to press one end of the saints in the future, as one hand is too pure saint Pangu authentic, three clear of the boss, but more importantly because of taught , regardless of which religion is responsible for education of the Three Realms of the matter, which must share the benefits of natural Laojun part, therefore the ability to press his saints. Well quite a while, Zhao Yi Kuang it said: 'The disciples were single weak, no one around his assistant, good please understand saint.' Then looked up, his eyes a clear and bright. Quasi mention Taoist praise nodded and said:. 'Worthy emperor, really have such courage, nor hope Pindao this to you, and peace of mind on a being, someone is bound to come to help in the future as long asMust not forget that today's word on it. 'Then quasi-mentioned Taoist waved, a golden head Zhao Yi Kuang call. 'Ah!' Exclaimed Zhao Yi Kuang, but found himself doing just but a dream, a dream seen thought, suddenly alarmed endless. 'Er Ye! Out there five priests say that Bong teacher asked to see life.' Porter came suddenly. Zhao Yi Kuang moment, quickly said: 'Treat, No, I personally go for.' Then the pace on taking an inner room. Nine days, between the palace square, magnificent, here is where the temple, I saw a palace before, standing there like Guiyi Second, there is a letter of plaque Zhenwu hall, large hall, a luxuriant burly, round head and big ears, are is Zhenwu, at the moment it is maintained every time Pro last look. Above the main hall, clouds throughput, while a purple from the void, the power of the stars is the endless, slowly went into Zhenwu within the body. Heaven is the study and understanding of Zhenwu suddenly look a move, Hu Mu wide open, the lower is actually to the implementation of the machinations of such people pretend meritorious, but it is actually hypocritical. than the demons of my family as well, such as hateful. ' . 'The blood of gods, which you do not alienate the plan is too clever a' Zhang suddenly sneered: 'Here countless magic, fortune do not come to this but how Daoxiong, do not forget, even if not I'll wait, good luck also Daoxiong can get the magic, I am afraid, more simple point. says he has nothing sinister, but it is not believed Pindao. If really so, where the need yourself, just in a large array Zhou stars, so I'll wait into the array, himself but outside, but for decades, in which I exhausted or magic, or to kill Zhou stars of light, etc. means, where the need to do what the next things to do. ' 'Look, amazing magic ah!' Suddenly a casual repair, pointing to the mountain shouted from afar. All the monks hurried out of the hall, the mountain looked past that step, the fleet of red smoke, flame seemed half the size of a lotus kung now out, glittering, shining void, Bling thousand Guanghua brilliant , spectacular. All the monks from afar, as if something was flying from their Zifu Lingtai in mind calmed down, dollar tire also flashing purple light, suddenly empty room brilliance. 'Good powerful magic ah!' Sighed real breeze. 'Look, real good luck!' Another man pointing a call mountain road. All the monks looked over and saw the red light among a troika piercing out, there are a Pentium Kowloon, Kowloon precisely Zhen Fang car. 'Quick, catch up.' Miaozhen Shenni willing to let Zhen Fang Where to get this treasure. She is also well-informed people, do not know where on the mountain that is now to be far more than the flower lotus large hall of magic, as if being comparedHands on a willow leaves still better, have this treasure, the future will be for her comprehension community aspect of. Carter, but with dozens figure fly up, awaiting xiyi go live, but suddenly pulled around to Zhang. Xiyi turned around and looked in the past Dunqi, bizarre, think before Shanhaiguan Dragons sound waves, the entire large array will cover tightly Shanhaiguan, Shanhaiguan apparently to break defenses, we must break open the front large array. Temujin sweep aside the Hou a, and without any expression on his face. Can beat each other, no matter what means do. Temujin although naturally cunning Pangu was the transformation of the heart, but there is a real dragon guarding the soul of the gas, so he and Chang E, become ancestral witch in the presence of the congregation have soul, even though it is much soul not as strong as those ascetics soul, but can messengers magic to ensure trace Zifu among Qingming or can. 'Ancestral witch know this large array of breaking laws?' Muhua Li shade of laughs. Although the same ancestral witch, but a total of workers is the real first generation ancestral witch, is not the heart of the transformation of Pangu ancestral witch can be compared. Therefore, although the witch with fathers, but very respectable total of workers abnormal, mouth also called for the ancestral witch. Gong Gong shook his head, although he could vaguely see this big fuss and the twelve Earthly Branches have a great relationship, but this year the twelve Earthly Branches and Zhou stars a big fuss, like a large non-perseverance, great wisdom did not see which clearly mysterious to this world to reason, non-ordinary people can understand. That cloud neutron planted this large array, but also because of the teachings of well-chen's sake. 'Muhua Li, you said that the human fabric illustrates teach what reason is this big fuss?' Temujin lips a hint of sneer, suddenly asked. Public ancestral witch moment, thinking to myselfSaid: 'It is not a fight, but I'll wait for ancestral witch's hindquarters will be so desired by the power of a large array of block south ancestral witch...' 'Your Majesty, is that they want to delay the time?' Muhua Li wanted to quickly clear the secret, the ancestral Wu Dajun millions gathered in Shanhaiguan, although over the