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first Yang, who is also the Czech Republic, such as birds, tracking towards the empty vertical play, play and fly toward the cymbals. square think so many years, actually dodge enemy extremely Zhen, Fang Jue bad, listen to 'Ding Dingding' three-ring, followed by another 'Dangdang when' three ring, I saw a figure flying under the sun. A closer look at air Jin Ying-day light, looked flying, flying cymbals that six surface shader knocked on three sides, eat, even better the next three sides, Qian Peng eat on the path of a vertical trend, are in the air hammer Shui and carrot, full knocked all the way, have Xie Fei fell to the ground. Look at the enemy, was behind Qiba Zhang distance.  Henji, no tolerance mouth, Qian Peng jumped, went to the front, turn means shouted:! 'One another for many years, recently heard people say that you are thirteen cymbals known to bicyclic invincible, but so had already experienced the cymbals I then that the sun and moon to experience your bicyclic. ' Jinu Cross, found nothing to answer, pendulum bicyclic, went on to kill ferocious. Qian Peng shouts and cry, jump to meet the enemy, killed a couple of neck. Foot called the hour, not a close call. Then in a better kind of multi-masked and Heimo Le. Tong Xing and so killed. Because the Iraqi prime providers have the public mind, in addition to Mr. Zhao city gang assassin slipped outside to see the machine, the next I knew Daodang ability bad, still desperate approached, refused to flee back. Martial arts a helpless, the fittest, not the slightest reluctance, several masked men also are famous Ying Xia, breaks against, how can an opponent? Needless to for a long time, except for Iraq Business and Xiongseng out, leaving a field hand named Tiecha swallows righteous slaughter. Lin Song called a dead child's face, still locked in a stalemate with the two Xiaoxia, I was exhausted casualties. Masked people, with sweet, Zhu Wenyan, Yanshang De, Korean approximately four has to stop, come together Kang, stood watching. Tu Yi, the original is the Three Kingdoms period battlefield where the Battle of Red Cliff, Pindao to be set up in this altar, salvation soul of Haier serve all about, without fail.' 'Under kicked.' Bai Yunfei immediately led the army to break the military dispersed around and guard the altar. I saw on the altar, holding a sword Zhen Fang, foot step Plough mouth salvation by reciting Senior Tai PerilPraise Praise. All edge past lives, pretending mistaken for, disobedient rebel often, negative life owe money, loss of child abortion, blood lake produced death, demon cross perish, enmity puzzled, crime plot Okayama. Sink in hell, the lake of blood, blood wells, pools of blood, blood, Shouzhu painful, very undesirable escape. A Re revere today. Fat compassion, open the door Dafa, all ten fairy general assembly, speech declared Lotus, universalist Qun, save all sin, a degrees out from the night, and saw the light. Wan swing except sin, hatred and release. Medical soup pan fire. Turned into pond, ordered by the sword tree, translated into flowerbeds. All sorts of sins are forgiven, hereby release from, forgive jis night, all eligible bounce = Barry. Even more strange is this avenue to truth, but only those who can hear the ghost. Sure enough, less than a moment, I saw the mountains and plains to numerous Linlin green, some came from the wilderness. Some came from the river, less than a moment will be tightly around the altar, but not have the slightest gap. 'Curse of the church was the sound of the five parties Ling Rd Goki altar come. Come listen commanded before the altar, I decree Qianyuan Henry Yu Feng Laojun true 'ghosts betray oneself!' Above the altar, square Chen Plough foot steps on the sword shot a plume of colorful brilliance, enveloped the entire Guicu army. Bright colorful fall Guicu saw that body, the stars have disappeared like wildfire. But on behalf of the countless soldiers dressed in armor. Just wait until the rising of Venus, Zhen Fang Hui opened his eyes, a hint Jingmang flash from his eyes before, but this blood stained the old man to the mouth of a lick, made the judge said: '! Star infuriating taste' Scarface immediately frowned: 'No, based on intelligence, he easily defeat the four-star Deng, spades 3, lying here who also has four-star half star.' Fees interrupted:. 'Maybe he was practicing what special ancient martial art, or physical toughness, there may be nothing special infuriating' The old man's hand poked a few minor points wounds, Scarface has looked out, infuriating the injury caused by the formation of very small wounds, like so many tiny razor handle, as is the 'poly gas into the point' Advanced techniques. Scarface grinning cry:. 'This is what is so amazing, I can,' while easily beat around the head of a corpse, 'boom' to a sound, the corpse's skull, eye, have appeared on countless tongue equal the size of the depth of the hole, like a hornet's nest in general. This three human tissue hardness, flexibility, crispness simply worlds apart, they can actually hit Scarface same size honeycomb shape. The story unfolds in the hands of the force control of the subtle, totally outside the Du wind. Scarface again smoothly Yifu, contains a strong five-star Xian Qi turquoise flames melted away once the body. Several companions looked at him in awe, Scarface odious authentic: 'FollowingContinued autopsy. ' Re-open old body organs, pointing said:. 'This infuriating is razor sharp form appears cohesive, after lurking for so long in the body of a fingernail, I'll cut off there, this really After the gas enters the body neifu, will erupt, like ...... ' Talkative fee again Interface said: 'It's like facing the viscera, H to use a shotgun and fired a shot.' This analogy is very image of the old man nodded, then ghoulishly concludes: 'This is the ancient name of the four-star Wu's infuriating type is very special, but in general, use of infuriating ancient weapons are not specifically to consume physical force Use class monument open hand techniques of violence. ' Scarface grinning: 'You mean?' Old man