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You have not yet know? Meng Shentong have an appointment date, fifteen next month, it is necessary to go to the temple and we showdown. Now you had a history of Shaolin Temple senior sister apprentice, you go to this. Happened to catch up. 'Gu Zhihua vain startled, looking pale, Yizhong Mu busy:' This has presided Tangtai Xia, will Cao Shengsuan. Cao senior sister apprentice her illness is never played. If you do not want to participate, when it can be avoided. As early as two days or weArrived, you and Cao good. 'Gu Zhihua waves heart ache, leaning hard Jian, this support is maintained Jin Shiyi hiding in the trees, condescending, each individual house has a very clear look, but also tempted to sad: cursed Feng Lynn eventful. But then I thought, if not now, said Feng Lin, until Gu Zhihua Temple arrived just know that she suffered stimulate even greater. Gu Zhihua now know as soon as possible, to go or not, you can still by her The decision bile sea, there were two scenarios, one is lying on his deathbed Kinji Cao, Yan Zhao last breath, closed his eyes yet, will have to wait for the arrival of their own; in another scene is Meng Shentong swagger, all the characters have decent He cursed in front of a scene to make her feel heartless hearts; after a scene that she was embarrassed shame: it really is hard to go too hard on her tore, terribly upset occasion, she heard wings. Chung Mou mention the name of her master, master of voice and facial expression at once, such as in front of a lifetime to master home country forget, ever thought I only miss a moment of this, like increasing the courage Gu Zhihua, suddenly looked up and said:? He, I listen to the wing brothers arrangement is 'Feng Lin said:.'? You Deng Yanjing, beard made me want to even afford a division Xing condemn it, ' said:'? dare, just want to ask Cheng Lin duo Woman von anything offends you, please say so, so I punished them. 'To know and Mang Feng Lin faction although profound origin, but to point the Cheng Lin shot two of the acupuncture points, there is no lack of genius strategist and a shrewd businessman, but Du wind intuition, like a prophetic books in general, often they think they can plan perfect discovered vulnerabilities. Du wind calm judgment, they responded with unconditional trust. Heaven, earth, man! In the ancient martial techniques, many involved with school of feng shui, close to the legendary magic Xianjia techniques, cast out of three together Chuansong Zhen] [three pole is one of them, be able to transfer to distant body into gaseous . Enough wind strength and Du teamed expand this matrix method, but also the absolute leader in ancient weapons. Once upon a hole in Chad born mutation, a colorful colorful Hongqiao unearthed from the hole, a few black silhouette, walking slowly down from the Hongqiao and wanted to be the legendary fairy. Top three ancient weapons jointly cast out of the matrix method, but also by some mysterious force interference, do not expand. Mysterious black hole in the dim light shining, Heaven, Earth, the three characters seem to be attractive to just hold over the invisible, always suspended in the air can not fall to the ground. Three hands of phosgene thicker, characters in the role of double strength, pulled into long strips, and finally 'boom' sound apart. Du wind looked up to heaven, only a dark eyes, he Leng Heng, eyes in the SG Baoshe, started only seven-star and above in order to use ancient weapons [Depending listen]. Days, as was listening to strengthen the eyesight hundredfold penetrated hole, Du wind faintly see there is a giant black hole left hand is welling up, disrupting the airflow underneath. Du wind waving his left hand, has been hanging in the dark night sky lightning once brightly lit, together with more than lightning Daoqi blazing toward the black hole giant chopping off hands. Black hole screaming, giant hand disappeared into the night sky, actually began pouring down a shower of blood, air someone growled: '! Force this guy can actually penetrate Once upon a time.' Hongqiao all more than three fishing boats, one hundred forty-three seine fishery. Jiang rely on people to eat there,There are all the first line, insert an outsider can never expect. You do not sell nothing to fight from eating; a fish market, will have to go through the tooth row. You did not post the fish, how willing to sell on your behalf? This simply can not help. Go out of his place, too; not as good as the other targeting, avoid sleeping dogs lie. ' Girl: 'The basis of this to say, but unfortunately I was not discussing the fish are made up, they called you is put, earlier speak well, but also an ill thing how??' If the two met the next day to speak bad fisherman, disharmony or two words, cursing her mother say 'old bitch', eating maiden hand palm overthrown. The second man up, but still turned down. Next came coincided with several fishermen to catch Zhu Quan, but not how close, I called for a seven top eight down, then things become big. The first line and near all fishermen, I heard someone downtown river, is very tyrannical, one holding a harpoon sticks, litter wind came, she was also ready to tussle mother and daughter, to come forward to stand in local, without blinking an eye. People see the two women, increasingly undervalued. About to be marked, but fortunately the line head Kenshin long, well-informed, to see her mother and daughter heroism, people have been seventy-eight her down, not a good measure phase, the disposal of the poor little one, there is a multitude of lives Well out, quickly stepped forward to stand, the first block of the crowd, and then, and she and her daughter theory. But her mother and beat protesters, however, is the lived meter long bamboo chest. Let me talk about the girl being beaten mouth should not curse, leaning more to win, Women Current oppressed; a chance to squeeze words, give everyone a step down the first line and the point; pushed the line head and say 'not only landed the fish, do not make nets, they promise you sell ', then asked everyone out, no objection, then