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without a trace. Time passing by. Once upon a time in the land, and most do not care for is the time, these people a retreat Cultivation hundred thousand at every turn, and do not know how long to live. Said to be within a hundred years time, Once upon a situation would be delighted to be stable, but the insight of people know that this so-called stability is nothing but quiet before the war to trace it, jambudvipa defeated the demon clan. Among the prestige not only to expand a lot, is the strength also expanded a lot, the Dongsheng Divine sides with West cattle Hezhou million troops at the border, while the North Island Lu Ju Wu family is in development efforts, imminent war it; for cultivator, this is a century of change is not small, not to mention the famous Three Realms Shushan was besieged, but this time in a hundred years, but still strong aura Once upon a lot, indeed, be accounted Once upon deities great deal. Repair is continually advanced. In this case, although some people feel strange, but never expected to deep thought, only some mighty people, mind uneasy. Unusual will be for the demon, this phenomenon could there be signs amulet upgrade to? Within a hundred years between that Zhen Fang in Tianzhu Mountain sermon also spoke hundreds of years, but nether the besieged leader also Shushan centuries. Lane is filthy sea of ​​blood daily to the ongoing impact of the two appearances dust array. Although two appearances but ancient dust array array name. But in the absence of the person presiding the case, a large array of power is gradually being weakened. That middle Taiqing rune exudes dim glaucoma, good too pure rune above has also been cracking of the state, as if to break the general. This day, above the endless sea of ​​blood, the dead leader is sitting with eyes closed, constantly adjusting interest rates which own land soul, coming centuries, if not mistaken, Shushan astrotech dust array will be broken into You can go down together to kill time, but if a large array remains the same, I'm heartfelt praise, Du wind was just cold authentic: 'ass multi-shot is not worthless.' Companion almost angry vomiting blood, Du wind but faint authentic: 'But if this ass away from your mouth to say the same for the world's three ancient weapons Xu, barely a little weight ......' easily take from the side of the freezer a can of beer thrown at each other. Man named Xu Yuan catch beer and did not open, but dumb lost smiles:. 'You mean this is not that hard to me so flattering component to the value of beer cans, alas, since we must take flattering in the end, Independence Day Du wind, knife god brother, beer knife on me to sign a name okay. ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Yes, but I'm also very tired, a crooked hand will sign elsewhere.' His voice is still cold as ice, but the finger pointing, but it went away the next file Hsu. A warm spring breeze as laughter, suddenly burst out from the lab. Xu Yuan can not help revealing a slight smile, he ripped off a ring-pull cans, drank beer and said: 'Du wind, I really did not think you would say a joke, no wonder no sound no Yang Ying ring to put hand to the bubble. ' Du not see a trace of expression on his face the wind, indifference and said:. 'I'm better at the things duel on Yang Ying, if you have any dissatisfaction, we see the outcome of the duel.' Xu Yuan speechless said: 'I'm not like the cold so stupid Lee will fight with you, you put that cut Shendao, born to a duel, uh?' He suddenly felt a warm body, and turned it into the warm drinks in the heart infuriating, run over his body meridians. That cans of beer apparently rigged gas Du wind in the air magical beer bizarre chemical reaction occurred, a can of ordinary beer, has become well-healing efficacy than bubbleThe tiger bone wine are not much better in the big tonic wine. Du wind has moved to the laboratory at the edge, like a wall-like first to get in between the crowd and the soaring hole, cold tunnel: 'flattering alone can no drink, Xu Yuan, cover them.' His eyes immediately look to the boundless sky, Hung understand what he would say, quickly said: 'Father is a good opportunity, but also Chen Jian Chen and his wife also brought even more unexpected good news, my father was worried enough manpower, the three came, also need a lot to draw on something ...... 'Yizheng were then: 'The son of the meanThe special rights as a trifling matter it? Just plane containing resentment color, yet so salute him, Rao is general seen countless scenes, but also engage in mind while General Chang absurd, anger is not, nor music yes. See General Chang looking quite speech color, that the monks how the mind, there will be distributed to them exquisite gifted heart, blowing hot and cold tongue, immediately smiling, would then lead to clear the way: 'Originally, this thing is really top secret, but today saw General Chang Laona Hu Mu gifted Hawkeye, the amount is Emmanuel hoisting, indeed, among the dragon, called: upright and can ward off evil spirits, exorcism slightest Emmanuel can estimate alone, but also that the general was so patriotic loyalty, you know. this, only good. ' General Chang listen to him so that people do not fight smiling hand saying, not to mention the other side so praise myself, you see the other students Fangmiantaier, Foyan Star project, two browed Chuijian, a kindly look, wearing gold silk robe, holding Faron Buddhist monk's staff, just as those skilled in the book talks about enlightenment, then smiling, even said: 'Master Miao Chan, Master Miao praised Moreover, if a matter of national top-secret, Zhang should know! Zhang never As for asking. ' 'Oh (pronounced three times) ......' is that wearing a crown of seven dragon, fairy dressed in Taiji Bagua clothing, hand exclusion of a middle-aged Taoist Tai whisk, whisk toss he will ride in the right arm, suddenly Virtual Room raw white lights glow from a whisk. Qiu music. And who is the first park of Confucianism, called Tranquility ru of Ji. Wudeng already Masquerade mountains, practicing millennium, What, then suddenly induction world will change,