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Heard real breeze, odd and asked: '? Daoxiong, what say' 'If the monk does not mistaken, that the Pope is not only the left hand, and among the Holy See, also in possession of a master, the magic and the supernatural still Pinseng over.' Physiognomy monk suddenly verbally road. 'Yes.' Zhen Fang nodded and said:. '? According to divide my Divine comprehension sector, I am afraid that this person has mysterious Wonderland world of the gods but the West really so powerful it' Zhen Fang brain reminds Nabing Lee Sword, with their subconscious shouted the phrase 'demon sword teacher!' 'Daoxiong, Daoxiong!' All the monks square Chen frowned, hearts are alarmed, Xi Yi Zhen Fang real gingerly pulled to robes. . 'Is definitely a conspiracy of the' Lonely Road suddenly smiled and said: 'As long as Daoxiong restored Root, tragedy befallEven if the other side there are numerous conspiracy, but in the face of absolute power, all the conspiracy are paper tigers, useless objects. 'Heard it Yuxiu Shi also have nodded. Good luck on the hall also Okayama, Zhen Fang Zhou stars early in the two big fuss open, and ordered Kun-yuan fairy king, trees and Han Chi demon fairy trio ready. Then release Ding Shan, took the ring, the stature of a move, but it is present in the air above, suddenly a loud shout, and said: 'Sunward utmost universe, poly Dragon, Dragon now!' On the right-hand shot a golden light, hit in On Shan Ding, sound big ring, ring Kyushu. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people who seem to feel this sound like a hit on himself, could not help but kneel down, and suddenly heard the sound of rivers tripod soon Dragons, straight shock sky, a golden arms flying from Zhen Fang, since it is flying on the ring, not into rivers tripod, and then see also three gold respectively, from the northeast, southwest, northwest together to put an over, did not enter into the rivers tripod. All of a sudden, Ding Shan rumble, booming out countless golden light, surrounded by scattered into the surrounding mountains and rivers Ding was weakness cast this big mistake, apologetic Promise. Fortunately, Shun China Jirentianxiang, not only saved the day, anti-achievement a happy marriage, from Jinwucangjiao, should men have to celebrate, congratulations. Following is described himself stumble forward, difficult Mifeng. Other abnormal rebuke, sooner or later there must be ominous fear, family Huangji, disturbed sleep eating. Iron veteran before your visit, I discovered that not only does the female concubine door, the heroine, but also with Tonggui valuables. Iron veteran to this treasure, looking for many years; recently I discovered the whereabouts of known Liu, Yu Shi Qi Laoqin two, especially Ken told his letter, willing Chongchou transfer. Knowing that guilt as a mountain, then there should not be presumptuous request, but unfortunately the crisis has forced the whole family, young and old, non-ferrous veteran can not save. Moreover, such a fetish of the most coveted Master rivers and lakes, curios than Kim, I kind of people you can non-tenure, adequate stay strong into trouble. Although Takeo concubine, eventually also save live. So sooner or later, its victims, how about transfer out, both eligible Chongchou, but also security and peace. Forcing yourself thing hung upside down, Left, for letter Bong Su, Service liberal Qian Qian Wang. Shi Qi read in many years of love, Teci Shuyun, this treasure is about to come personally, uh deep recycling. Iron veteran, now the paladin, Kunlun, Yaya-class character, had taken such exploration capsule to know Dement philanthropist, unwilling to take strong, so make the letter interface Ken, to pray for detailed consideration, careful Kaiyun. You really want something, do not you will be able to escape the timid, it would say so good, save as people Hucai. 'Shun China also followed questioning. The young girl said: 'Like I said, all is not due to his wife, although sensible, not like vulgar Women Current, we boudoir dependents, the end is Wenxiu, I did not realize the political arena ferocious savage acts