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this is an opportune time to bugger old thief, unless he had another intention in the capital, Otherwise, then do not go now, when? 'Baoshu De rational thought, and he immediately turned from the garden on the roof.Just on the roof, suddenly see a few things out of the west to chase shadows, it is a escape, four chase, castration wind, little beggar aghast and said:. 'Something happens it' two times from the ramp in the west also saved face, but unfortunately too far away, you can not see is what kind of people.Bao Shude while chasing side shouted: 'flower child, they want to chase out of the city went!' Little beggar should channel: 'Yes, I am worried that escape is 'Senju Ghosts' sublime.' Baoshu De said: 'Both sides dodge are the best, especially in front of the man more astute, out of town will not be able to catch up, flower child, I would get rid of the estimated escape 'little beggar said:.' I saw the back four of stature, that like . India's fifth evil one finger, Tan color space, the domestic net, cable WuHun 'Baoshu De exclaimed:' Could it be that in front of A super 'little beggar said:? 'dick understand dodge? ' said:' He did not understand, but in an emergency but Shenqingruyan, it was his potential function automatically issued, often unknown even he confused. 'Little beggar shouted:' We stiffening chasing shadows in front of a very small indeed. 'At the foot of the Western Hills, was seen fleeing in front of the wrong person, it is not Baili Chao, actually was a little smaller than a beggar, dress more tattered little guy, he does not escape this time, stand in a strains of large trees, hands on her hips, actually Aung enemy strong hold.Baoshu De feels that she took out a small beggar said: 'It is the 'Tigers' Bashan!' Baoshu De aghast: '? Twelve-year-old king to kill the three rustlers 'Tigers' it' little beggar pointI do not like you Erxiong, but just too easy to break, this is common sense, not to mention Zhu Xian Jian could not suppress air transport, therefore there is off to teach disaster to help, because she is the first person in the world since Xu, if not necessary, it is also in the public disdain widowed hit! Blue Meng injured wrist movements are getting bad, and Qiong Yao Yuwen Jici sword, he parried behind, forcing roll to escape, only to escape the danger THROUGH!Qiong Yao Yuwen followed the chase in the past, and even got the chance to Blue Meng did not, Montreal Luangun, Broken Sword Flurry, who has suffered several Jianshang, killed around the corner! Qiong Yao Yuwen sword more urgent, has been gaining on account of his wall, it is a leather sewn into the tent, at both ends with two wooden support outside with a rope pull tight.Posted by walls located every Chixu, people have a nail Muchun underground, so Qiong Yao Yuwen and afraid he escaped to continue advancing Tingjian.Surprisingly, given the heart of the Blue Cross Meng, one leg Yi Deng, the whole body to the tent wall collision, although skin Kenworth account, he can not withstand the collision.Immediately pulled off two pillars, the whole tent fell down, the three together cover inside, outside people anxious, rush forward to pull the skin tent, I saw a figure Jishe out!Dim do not know who is to bear the brunt of the Bi had flashed blue side, until the back is blue Meng see, he has come all the way out of it! Xue waited Doushou Xiujian also played a tube, although most of the nail on his back, blue Meng negative pain regardless, still punching people in the vast night away!So we hoist the tent, and the release of Yu Shi Yuan Qiong Yao Yuwen, blue Meng has crossed the fence, disappeared, and some people have to catch up! Even Own use, will be put to death the day after Don. Don immediately knew fooled by day, a palm press down a lead, resorted seventh Genelec, good one , exhibited extremely dodge side rushed up, but in between this moment, the same day of the attack by Tang out three strategies This three measures are Xiepai Joe martial arts secrets on the North sea, one refers to the yin and yang, one is to destroy the heart