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hidden weapon, really is bold to the extreme! After everyone was shocked, were secretly thought: 'This is really Vamp act recklessly, even to his contest with these three martial arts skills to spare her the ability to be higher, ever escaped of Longjian, can not stand within the family! Genelec; not to mention one last hurdle:! That Tianshanshenmang the disaster through the body of the throat poke 'someone asked:' If made it clear thatTry these three powers, so if using poison to win, whether it should be banned? 'The presence of the guests to the Shaolin Temple of the empty prison deepest look great teacher, the moment, said:' In the old Carolina's view, if the use of poison weapons and hidden weapon, though far from honorable, Li has not been exceeded since the girl go games range, if However, the use of poison poison, you seem to be disabled. I do not know how severe the girl thought? 'The empty words, on the surface seems to beneficial, but it is covertly helped Tang Xiaolan, to such extraordinary powers to Tang Xiaolan so, how can he give weapons hidden weapon research the shot? The empty Master Li just worried Another victory in the race suddenly make it Lisheng Nan Ming Qi Du drug listened, hey sneer, said:. 'The empty master, you blog underestimated me! 'The empty masters together even said:' So, Li girl is not going to use poison? If so, even if it is nothing like the old Carolina verbally to belly sinister heart of a gentleman, indulgences, indulgences! 'Lisheng Nan sneered:' in front of the world in front of a hero, if you see me shot using poison, I let you mess sword points? Not only that, but my weapon hidden weapon, nor the slightest dip poison. 'Everyone heard her say so, are put down in my heart, but secretly surprised boulder Tang Xiaolan heart:.' This is so great Vamp tone, she does not poison, what skills I win? Is this just two among, and she really has mastered the weird world of unparalleled martial arts? 'Lisheng Nan sword sold out, standing Xiashou, Fu Jian said:' Please give Tang into the yin and yang, the five elements of the five elements of the first wire gas from, so also an innate. And it is a hibiscus wood Zhen Fang of the ground in front of the body. Year after taking a shot after nine branches, East Huangtai an evil not only after, but also implicated in the hibiscus wood, is preparing to destroy its roots, but it wants to Harlingen Harlingen, know in advance their own crisis, turned it out his body, hiding it DongfuAmong the side through which the fire recuperate, on the one hand it is to avoid the disaster. Unfortunately, today, eight out, killing many, hibiscus wood needs to Heaven, and met Zhen Fang, became in the hands of crutches. Guanghua flash, the original crystal red to crutches, suddenly became dark red, although the body has not changed, but as the owner's mind and change, after all too obvious red crystal. Fuso holding crutches, Zhen Fang smiling, slowly out. 'Seen real good fortune.' Hole at the figure emerged several years, but a few old man, who Qin body robes, square Chen out arch of the hand. Zhen Fang look for a move, smiled and said:. 'The original is a group of elder dragon is coming' Zhen Fang dragon naturally know their group access file can not conceal these guys just do not know these people dare over. Mindanao crown Bo with an old man headed Zhen Fang's mind seemed to know in general, quickly hand over:. 'Wu family day witch strong good luck seen live' behind to several old man have also reported that out of their name, there mat income, sentence Mans, co workers, Vulcan, Houtu, Tin Wu, Xuanming. Zhen Fang look for a move, laughing: '?? I do not know why this twelve ancestral witch of' 'Real magical wand, Yamata no Orochi come to deal with this, I had to come and so.' Good strong Presbyterian wry smile, Zhen Fang came up with this earth movement, more importantly, the absence of cloth maze, where the air can resist The satellite, Zhen Fang that clouds the supernatural, Yamata no Orochi ugly body, magically eight head, which is now on the web survive, and even their own Buddha Lang Sith Intelligence Department were all hand over the. 'Oh?' Huang Qin thought to do a little surprised, 'as much as it is such a thing?' Three men loudly: 'true ah.' 'But I can not just ...... Letter side of the story, what credentials can Haier? ' Three bishops a dark look, the heart has always been fabricated at the moment myself and others have also in the hands of the people, human Daozu, I fish, how can what credentials? Si Qin Huang waved to stop his words, heart cursed, fox, Mongolian, I also think, but what? Hey ............ 'This ............' Buddha Lang Francis speechless, leaving two people have nothing, if not himself on the line. However, to hand over the weapon, which is holy vessels, but it is very wrong. If they leave Hallows, once they release this mysterious oriental magic ban, by virtue of the power of that holy vessels, if not kill them, but they should also push back about it, and then bad can protect themselves. But if it is the holy vessels to surrender themselves to fight back a little force may not, and see if he had just said Holy Knight told him, it is estimated not to be false. Buddha still struggle of mind when Francis Lang, Huang Si Qin smiling at him and said: '? What is your name' 'Oh ...... Oh? I called Buddha Lang Sith.' 'Very good! Buddha Lang Francis ......' Huang Si Qin two eyes into crescent quick smile, he looks like an amiable road, 'then I say do it, will you wait for the body to produce magic, Look out, you are right on their heads. ' Francis Lang Buddha face with a pained, just about a few rebuttal, the whole side of the monk was like a pair of angry, that fat bald face like a wave, like this time jitter, as a raw cannibalism butcher general , immediately dareStamped his foot and said:. 'Well, well, well, I did not care, blame me, blame me much, blame me talkative, okay.' Burly old man said: 'No one to blame you, you have to think about the Lord of the year, then God is how a patient come in, is to show