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narrowed a lot. Although Tang Xiaolan still prevail, butKatsuo also can barely deal with. Tang Xiaolan certainly aware of Lisheng Nan is in sharper trouble, but she just said that 'never shot using poison, 'so now she vomited aroma, not a breach of promise. And Tang Xiaolan internal strength has picked up all evil does not invade the realm Lisheng Nan he was ready to use poison: To prohibit Lisheng Nan so toxic, it is just this empty master Morohito meaning. White, mouth suddenly oozing bloodshot! Katsuo lemon laugh loudly from her palms over the force of the attack suddenly greatly enhanced, Tang Xiaolan surprised, fight efforts to resist, to uphold not withstand a little, once upper two Akira Akira! This is really incredible things, the skill of the late Lisheng Nan Tang Xiaolan, but also clearly has the gas decline exhaustive occasion, but all of a sudden weakening of strong will, even more than the Tang Xiaolan! This way, not only the presence of spectators were surprised several martial arts masters, even the Tang Xiaolan also baffled! Fortunately, Tang Xiaolan extremely deep internal strength, when sinking lived gas, give full payable, Lisheng Nan offensive like mad lice rain, but not lasting, after a while, Tang Xiaolan gradually equalized about opportunistic counterattack, but also a cry suddenly Lisheng Nan Ning laugh, a cold seems to be an invasion of his skin from the cold millet, blood is difficult Shu! The original Lisheng Nan used is a very toxic Xiepai most bizarre internal organs, called 'The Omen disintegration Dafa,' which is only used to prepare and enemy, you can put all the energy the body to gather together, to make a thunderous blow. Meng Shentong had previously used this evil ways, after injuries, before dying, in one fell swoop and killed Ouchi Explorer Kou Fang Gao. Now all familiar with Joe Lisheng Nan North sea secrets of superior Heart, use up more powerful than Meng Shentong, etc. as skill enhancement suddenly tripled, up to cope with two Lisheng Nan Tang Xiaolan, so they regarded as ants, crazy I, I did not angry, you guys weekdays human aspect, like best in the world, like how, today, but a little frustrated by the chaos of propriety? ' 'Brother, my brother and other decision-making is not doubt, but now that a religious person to rise again, in the future this world is probably more than a matter of injustice, and I waited for the Wu family guardian earth for thousands of years, we can not let this ruin my world, etc. hands it! While I wait for some strength, but compared to those who Lonely, I'm afraid there is poor on one end. Vulcan impatient, just nonsense to say something. 'candle jiuyin said quickly. 'Brother, Vulcan grumpy, but also they must not blame your brother.' Vulcan heard good apologize quickly as strong. 'Brother, what can they do that? I have no possibility of Health and other company commander, with the air transport can they do?' Xuanming elders coldly.'Who says we can not longevity Wu family.' Elder good strong mouth hint of strange smile, smiled and said:. 'I then witch family aspect prehistoric millions of years, a blessing is a simple-minded generation of some of the previous years, not longevity, but a chance yet reached the Bale, let those bigwigs heaven, that I bear the Wu family cowardly, not achievement Avenue does not say, commander of Health had no chance, so that the two communities can not be deprived of the Buddhist gas transport. do not know, this I then set the Wu family ancestors strategy. Today, look, this is not even the Lonely certificate mystical look down upon me and other people can see the time is ripe, I thrive Wu family day just around the corner. ' 'I dare brother, what can be done?' Asked mat income can not wait. 'A person who is thriving.' Mysteriously strong Presbyterian good laugh. 'Who?' The crowd exclaimed. '! Houtu Goddess' strong elder Liang Chen Sheng said: 'As far as I left the Wu family heritage description, when prehistoric past, this is the Lich line in the world, and later made Nvwaniangniang Terran, and