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When the practice of not know how many difficulties and obstacles, with a hint of merit is big and good, which means their lives another layer protection. 'They merit more naturally do so. Just do not know so much merit do not know how long to accumulate, how much do good deeds.' Another man exclaimed. 'So Dade person, down Get to know something. 'These heterogeneous origin, if they wanted peace in the future is the strength of high-strength, without any tragedy, but since all three hundred years ago, a small city that never sleeps main hole Ao Antarctic crossing the robbery failed to abandon this idea immediately by others;. The second is to have a more defensive magic; third is merit, there would be little merit Taken on its own lot, or is put under great merit who then cut so there are only ten thousand saints teach cents to North Korea's situation, on the one hand. is cut saints teach teaching without thinking, but more often these heterogeneous silent monks envy Dafa. and can merit under the blessing of the saint, escaped disaster. 'YouRepresentative kunyuan Asgard it? Or in the future, such as soaring after the fairy king, and then too late for this sentence. 'Zhen Fang light, said:' There are many places in our Turkey dude and you almost fall. Body without much skill, but it is only through the grandfathers of potential. Although able furious moment. But I can not be insolent. 'Zhen Fang see merit gold to restrain the other side of Aurora, will calm down. 'Well, do not think you can restrain the young master of the aurora. To think that today can all share one dead. Well! Look at me means!' Kun Yuan Little Lord face flushed with shame. Ferocious eyes, revealing a trace. Suddenly a loud shout: 'ice crystal coldness, sub!' Carter. I saw the sky to greet the sun issued dazzling light, shining near and far, all the monks did not prepare, have burst into screams sound. Zhen Fang heart jing, eyebrows a dynamic, compassionate eyes shot a white, suddenly see the sky is clear, the original fleet already finish the long march of the two hour pain, will slowly die! 'Yu Shi Yuan surprise: 'cut the head also know the pain?'Qiong Yao Yuwen cold tunnel: 'Martial arts is not good when the supervisor is looking for the dead, nor frankly, I do not have the heart to start, do yourself a favor right!'Yu Shi Yuan slumped deep sigh, gestured toward Yu Zhong!Yu Zhong hammer down, upper body bloody, became a plasma, it is more than the lower body still trembling, Qiong Yao Yuwen mournful voice cried: '! Fix it, not left at all.'Yu Zhong had another hit a hammer, the whole person hit into a pulp!Owen snapped Qiong Yao asked: 'Who is the next hand?'Miss Tsering grinning: 'Nature is the butterfly old system is maintained to her, after the treasure trove of stolen butterfly old thought she was bound to hide them, easily found her whirlwind ranch thing, how can so easily stolen!'Cutting Qiong Yao Yuwen said: 'I caught Na Laozei, must have all of their body thousands of times!'Tsering Wu laughed: 'I'm afraid you can not escape this encounter!'Qiong Yao Yuwen Tingjian on the red, two Han Jian waving sticks branded block, Qiong Yao Yuwen Kanfan a sword, Yu Zhong-hand from the hammer down, smashing another.Wu Tsering laughed, and withdrew from the back of the house.Qiong Yao Yuwen also catch, Yuan stopped and said: '! They cooked the road, you can not single scraped, or together with you, then go to them now, not to mention you're looking for the blue butterfly dream' horrors are currently too scared white face, and quickly said: '! Miss Owen, we go out, here's incredible.'Qiong Yao Yuwen tearfully looked at her, and then won a hand ball Canshi worse, into the furnace, smoke emerging against Zizi tears, said: 'supervisor, you have always been open-minded person, hate and death often too ordinary, and now you get this die, can no regrets, you could not always be a given person, often a sense of death, the only area of ​​three feet, never have a cornerThe merit. 'The middle-aged Mei Fu laughed:' You really do not readily speak, I