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from Jian Qi. If we can move small Raytheon will proudly smile. The knife and the body of the moment, she and Du hint of wind to make the exchange. DU wind suffer knife ban was Qian Kun Da Nuo Li Han moved to the body, the body of the Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Li Han Jian Jian Qi Du wind it all been sucked away by the North deep magic, Li Jian Qi conquering that has become the DU Wind Li Tuo walk around in fast time, deliberately hit Flying drip blood flowing in the ground. Sweetness Shang Fang Jian Qi, must master the most powerful weapon of the people touched by the universal goodness only issue. Righteousness and do not need to sacrifice themselves to save others or so noble. Guardian, which is the easiest righteousness! When the extradition will and against the world, in order to guard Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Liu Jian Qi Ji day with the extradition will be enemies. When Guang silence, Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Jian Qi never once forgot to guard Liu Ji days.Du is no longer suppress wind power, wind power and became Du! Independence Day ceremony chop God seven second type - glorious rain! Du wind vapid endure so much remember the knife was actually to take the Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Jian Qi from the body, and to expand their own power into the blast Roughs. Du body nailed to the wind Lieyang knife, nail ejection slamming open. Li Tuo sharp contraction of the pupil, when just been attacked by inch Du Mans wind, he felt Du wind lifted the body of any object-inch Mans most powerful moment he see the true face of that thing. Quintana a silver flute. Flute are buzzing roar that sounds strange, so God Mans slightly dizzy feeling. Whipped cry, flute wind out of Du body, fell behind Shiyu Zhang away places. Hold the flute people look confused, covered with wet, it seems to generally just remove the water, it just knocked the Young strong man. Flooding original owner Don Magic Flute soul love! She instinctively leans flute lips, gently blowing, even God Rio Lee 'Teacher, since the mysterious great uncles were all made by Red Cloud Shishu ancestors rational speech, presumably also in favor of the saints Shizu.' Qi Shu Ming said again quickly. 'Humph! Shu Ming. You say that Red Cloud saints and ancestors compared to a person who is not sanctified Daoxing high.' Zhang Mei real looking gloomy, unhappy Qi Shu Ming a stare. Sneered: 'If big old Jude Classic in favor of the Red Cloud speech, probably already have the big brother to send mysterious messenger, it is impossible to say that Red Cloud ancestors to mean, well, you're left behind vast mountain bar, Pindao first. Rate people to inquire about it. ' 'Shishu, that all Luzhou North countless fairyland, and so if I go ahead, I'm afraid that has long been dominated by the long eyebrow.' Jiang Shu face hint resigned. 'Idiot, you did not hear the words of the mysterious Grand Master it?' Bliss real sneered: 'If the North all Luzhou really so easy to get, I am afraid Chiming three Dao ancestors had already spread the Divine door, where also Zhang Mei, who negotiated the turn. Once upon a time there entirely Buddhist two North Luzhou position all important resource countless Buddhist two are tightly pegged to go, but not the slightest movement, is not a strangely thing? That was greed Zhang Mei live dazzled even the most simple trap can not be seen. Hmmm, I did not expect to be confused by the greed of mind Zhang Mei wild but that's all. then calculated Zhang Mei real world probably does not exist. ' Zhu Mei diminutive suddenly said: 'Shishu, if that yearRed Cloud ancestors really called Zhen Fang, I am afraid I do not shallow Qingcheng relationship with ah! A century ago, the disciples received a door, call xiyi, that is coming from the human world, worked with Zhen Fang affectionate. ' Bliss heart a happy boy, said: 'Since all the other mysterious Grand Master Chen Shishu respectfully heard, presumably the Zhen Fang certainly not mortal, if its really catch a relationship, I'm afraid until he Chan sanctification, I character, otherwise it is impossible to become two thousand years, since the characters Wudang Zhang San Feng only ascended to heaven, and I saw a flash of Wu Guang, into a snake, towards ten golden cut off all over, their stature back a few feet. Ten all off face became pale, and he did not expect the other side a little flower girl looks, actually under such a ruthless hand, you see yourself a trick fall, handsome face showing a trace of grim, cold shouted: 'It's to the face shameless, toast Monastic, the first pack of you, and then you go and look at the door division accounts. 'Then I heard Lenghe hands shot a golden, about baizhang length, carries a terrible died instantly and to, you cut to the chest toward the Crescent Moon. 'Heaven and Earth Promise, the universe by law, tai chi yin and yang, of!' Crescent Moon Fenlian containing cream, but to draw a sword in the hands of a Guanghua, formed between the moment a pearls of yin and yang fish stand in front of their own. One black and one white light in two, but a faint revealing a snake turtle, are handling the black Baier Guang. 'Boom!' Bang, bang Canhu Crescent Moon stature backwards, although still standing on top of the cloud head, but pale, apparently under a trick, was seriously injured. Ten all off the face of cruel hint of a smile, and then the next pending delicate, suddenly stop quickly while the Wu-Yang said: 'Your Highness, mercy, but she Zhenwu sects.' 'Your Highness, mercy, but she Zhenwu sects.' Pending further ten perish under delicate, in one fell swoop capture the Crescent Moon, and then carefully tortured, Yang Wu sudden, I hear the words, and looked startled. Heaven four Royal, Myrtle Great palm Zhou stars, earth imperial air transport, although high status, but in the end in itself but by Gods and enlightenment, he did not much strength; and the former but illustrates teach hook Chendi Jun Ha, its strength is also really tough, but unfortunately his death as the lamp, even the old dilapidated tuck hook Chen Gong, the Jade Emperor Lu whole a sleepless night because he repeatedly advised him to sleep a little slice. Francis Chin a thought, enemies secretly trailing dismay, after Yanping, wild desolate place more, at any time can be an accident, take the crowd unawakened, slightly nap, Yang Yang Ye gods, he asked Lu -: 'As such circumstances , it will not even be there in case something had happened, I woke will be quick, cope with, gave birth to avoid minor 'Lu - should the. Francis Chin KAP is yellow and Li read, the tone of the letter is very straightforward, old friend was convinced that Young Master, rivers and lakes, a hidden disabilities predecessors name. What has caused this, it can not tell what is embarrassed to. Last night he gave encountered something to say, only to come teasing Lu - a hidden from not mentioning. Asked: 'Last night messengers that kids come in, ever know?' Two did not make a fool knows, the heart was a little safe. Francis Chin Snoop north side Zhao Renqu cabinet room guest acts, acting side reconsidered. Francis Chin Tang Zaishou is again reported that another four northerners looking around in the street, his mouth straight to say 'really strange', like yesterday Daodang gang, now falls on North Hongfa stack. Francis Chin heard, felt that the case themselves trailing pedestrians, must not be lost of the reason, the material is Lu chase chase money, the other three of the dial Wei, somehow, it will get lost on the way. Mud claiming that human veteran, said the original difference between the two pedestrians only three dozens of years, chasing his both appeared in Yanping, people will shop in Yanping undoubtedly fall. Last night two touches sharing a shop, since early in the morning all the way from the attention, but alsoTang Zaishou forward the military, without setting goodbye, we can see this side of the enemy was afraid he found his Kozo. According to him this secret, but the material is not easy to kill people. Because Huang and Li shop too bad meals, listening to Riverside House clerk says famous