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fleet across the gray one, all the monks not react, on a dark eyes. Everyone not react, all of a sudden surge of monstrous flood blowing, and shortly will be submerged entire Chun-yang concept, from time to time the sound came again and screams. It turned out that water is the water of the Yellow River. Sand child prodigy refining the Yellow River, which itself yuan tire sustenance. Again added countless vicious things, very vicious. Once itself is threatened, there is likely killed, the Yellow River water that own refining, also lost the control, not only flooded, while the insidious presence of water, and also took the opportunity to mix in the water, drift, livestock touch and those who die. And this will be recorded in the imputed causal sand child prodigy person. There are so many causal and killing, not even think about immortality, tragedy every encounter a man enough to bang into the scum are not left. This is also the year the child prodigy sand perseverance will spend big dollars tire himself with sustenance and the Yellow River water main reason is also because of this, the year when the battle of good and evil, heinous though sand child prodigy, but just seal it. Today sand child prodigy turn this trick to make out, because no one wants to have forged numerous causal, no one wants to own the next tragedy will be the legendary ninety-nine tragedy. 'Good Zeizi, actually so use malicious means.' Fairy light filled the sky in deep sub, his face grim, his right hand shot a red light, the awe-inspiring righteousness, poison the water will fall one by one disciple Chun-yang concept rescued, but unfortunately sand child prodigy extremely powerful poison water, blink of an eye, you see hundreds of Chun-yang concept of four generations of disciples in deep black, exudes a pungent odor, mouth spit out a mouthful of white spittle, apparently can not live. Road looking ashen sky to see the child, did not expect to actually perineum ditchCapsize. A master of the late angel, angel will deal with several