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ghost, sufficient to meet the people?'Zhuge Fang said: 'Not really, I'm quite self-knowledge, know not what you say that when the world's most figures opponent, but I'm sure you can not reach me!'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'is not it?'Zhuge Fang said: 'Of course!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Good one, of course, you have nothing Zhangshi?'Zhuge Fang said: 'naturally, or else I would not say it lying!'Yan Mufei stretched forth his hand, and said: 'How dare you come up to me to see?''Busy!' ZhuGe Fang shook his head and said: 'Let me ask you, is that you play the ghost, ghost murmuring night sky, a gravel east and west a gravel, should not be for you, who would that be?'Yan Mufei indifferent a chuckle: 'I tell you it anyway, that's my friends!'Please Ge Fang said: 'Your friends, probably is the 'one-legged side Mongolia' begging Hanako of those men!'Yanmu Fei said: 'worthy of a 'small Zhuge', a phrase Road!'Zhuge side cold a chuckle: 'These begging Hanako who, in addition to begging begging outside the tube can be really something in the future I want to take them to charity charity!' said: 'Since the Mongolian side, next to each 'Qiongjia Bang' Brother, you will appreciate this side of the main hall only, the main hall, sir, you have no future to speak of.!'Zhuge side sneer, said: 'It depends on the case!'Yanmu Fei said: 'mouth says no use?'Zhuge Fang said: 'Yes!' said: 'Zhuge side, I do not bother to tell you to say that your guilt I have just had a breakdown, I'll give you hands-on opportunity, within three measures will capture you.'Zhuge Fang shook his head and said: 'I do not with your hands, if you kill me, you will never stop trying to find DUANMU Fang, those three!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhuge side, I already know where the DUANMU party!'Zhuge side 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'Where? Tell me!'Yanmu Fei said: 'There is a big Wanping the gold.'Zhuge square one nodded: '! Yes, that is the surname Kim DUANMU party'Yan Mufei EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR Feishan heads, said: 'Today I can confirm it!'Zhuge side was shocked, and said facing the wall, hands up one finger, according to the way that the previous group Guanghua sank, now cover the mysterious jade head. See the three mysterious jade, clear edge all have such magic, praise exceedingly scared and did not mention. Tong Xing asked: 'This is where, as I guess, when we first came, how come we have not seen this good view??' Yu Xuan said: 'This is the left side of the valley to the mountain cliff, in fact, beside you antecedents apart, but 34 feet away, because when you do not want outsiders to master her homework interference, again there is a temple Jiao two snakes, all of nature is evil, ignorance, fear of outsiders, trouble angered, Mana banned the In addition, as a precaution, in turn withheld this mountain valley line method. You saw the clouds among the bushes, thorns extraordinary piece of steep, naturally, went wrong. ' That canyon this in black, river, near the foothills of the antecedents of three children, has been quite steep terrain. Fortunately, all three have a dodge, mysterious jade, not to mention the clear edge. Miller says the crowd and the line, since they flash across, Chi go downhill, on the road to Huangshan. again Xuan Yu said:. 'Jin feijian two sisters all this go to Huangshan, namely dazzling flight to escape the sword, and I have three trek, this road is not injusticeWhy go in vain? Sister if no matter what, when only went out, accompanied by still: as for accommodating us some more of this journey, would not have had. ' Clear edge laughed: 'You little niggas how something so loquacious nature we go first, who you are polite and not a??' Clear edge jack said: 'I understand, but to who the old woman, and her head thing here, you want to shock her speak it?' Xuan Yu said:! 'What do you know casually talk nonsense, no wonder that you Shishu bales, in a little small, and sometimes still from bad, really bad. word hide. there, then why is busy at this time say that? ' If not yet finished, I heard over and over again Heming, separated by nearly. Everyone the weather was cold, and later stayed up year after year. I came, the best climate, there are four seasons undefeated flowers, section eight evergreen grass, snakes and would not harm us, that time really is paradise general. Now the climate is hot and terrifying, Well, you know what this is the underlying reason why? ' said:' How can I know, do not sell on the fast talk. 'Jin Shiyi said:' Because under this Snake Island, there is an undersea volcano. 'Lisheng Nan surprise:' There undersea volcano? 'Jin Shiyi said:' Yes, undersea volcanoes are plenty, but the sea in the center of the volcano erupted at most cause tsunamis, affecting fish and salt, but a few days away from the coast of the island voyage, if it is below the volcanic eruption, but the consequences is unbearable to imagine. 'Lisheng Nan dubious, asked:' how do you know on the island following a volcano? 'Jin Shiyi said:' I'll take you to see. 'Eaten a meal, Jin Shiyi with her through the dense forest of strange trees, walked the center of Snake Island, the whole color code in the tall mountains Madame Ke a cave, although the room is bare mountain in cave What a great surrounding land is barren, even more is that there are numerous snakes frighten dead beside the cave, issued an Jiaochou taste Lisheng Nan over her nose and said:. 'I do not read, go I. 'Jin Shiyi remove two flower in the' Jatropha 'to pick flowers, this flower is the provision of a strong dark and quiet air deodorization of good things, a sniff flowers, once a spiritual path to Jin Shiyi: 'You're looking at again. 'She pulled into the hole a significant, but see below issued by dark red rock glory, there are numerous cliff dead snake. Lisheng Nan dead snake stench afraid this time though, but breaking heat emitted a cave in the red, but almost fainted in the past. Jin Shiyi This hastily dragged her open. There is a small lake in the woods, is the island where the most refreshing, Lisheng Nan bent his head and let cool for a moment lake floodingIt could speak to, cried: 'really