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now I'm just a man owes Independence Day.' She suddenly stood up and whispered:!! 'Armor of God on earth I'm going and I do not take any power to go, you can not do this for me, but also vowed not to leak any secrets open circles, do not communicate any information about the robbery, If violated, the ashes. ' Magical armor: 'The mood induction show your emotions is very strange, what are you going to do?' Yang Ying sweet: 'I just know where heaven seal, but I just went for my selected personal care of my husband, armor of God, you believe me.' God was silent for a long while armor: 'The days of shadow princess, all logic program have shown that I should not promise to help you in this busy, but logic program shows that you have a firm commitment to the world than all, even when the seal of the Emperor, now questioning soldiers When God, I have not seen such a mood, day shadow princess, can you tell me what is called? ' Yang Ying faint authentic: 'That is something beyond your logic away, and fear, as you have to destroy the power of logic programs the kind of thing called feelings.' Outside of heaven on earth, sitting in Black Mountain Du wind among the day staring at a knife-shaped lightning. Jinzuan hilt in his hand broken hand has been damaged, drops of blood drip falls to the ground, looking at the sky lightning morphological changes, or hard to think, or himself, but finally just looked calm authentic: 'This is not a trick.' He stood up steeply and said: '? Well horsepower tie, tell us where the thirteen sub-base, what do they use to heaven.' Du wind bound body along with Mrs Black Mountain wind changed the shape of the action, as if to create a personal tights, entirely along Du wind action moving. Mountain God sent forces to make every knife, finally has become a talisman wind Du body care, horsepower tie can feel the body of the other two restless souls go completely silent, but only horsepower tie excited, screaming like beasts said: 'Du wind! outcome is not divided!' It only remaining one foot lift, kick to Ying thief left wrist. Ying thief scream, body turn back the hands of knife throwing wheel together, littered the spot. Jiang Ming readily picked up the moon and eleven round look, and Ge Ying Ying enemy of the thief also killed, Tan Fang and progenitor Cunzhou said. Front of the main stage and off stage to the east have been Hema people, leave the sky, wait to be played for the front and rear dial several people dead and injured revenge snow anger. The west off the stage Xing some senior party expert swordsman, take only a few Yaoxie eyes looking at the main stage of experts, sneer without saying, without incident. Seeing in the east, about two more than twenty enemy party rushed to break out, the immediate concern would be to the ring, Suddenly Poluo also wish shouted: 'You do not move me and the old thieves also dating too! Today is not his death I die. You want to make, and so I say old thieves foresight over victory or defeat. 'Everyone saw from the main station and the West aisle passenger station in the middle, Xu Ran as a vertical flying halberd old man, separated by about three central clearing near eighty-nine Zhang Yuan, who played with the sound, if not finished, people have to vertical, like a bird volley Dropping, agile skill exceptions, no virtual end of the name, surrounded by the audience attracted good to have cried. Richard Hung body on the floor, rushed toward first appearanceMan put his hands a minute, gray-haired stud stood, imposing tiger, the mighty already has behind it a never seen him put a weapon used. This wayward human nature, to say they do not disobeys, they know Geying is a good effort. Last night, the two fought being anxious, eating Tianshan old juvenile geniuses Ma Xuanzi heroes came, lead to the rescue, not a close call, but also a two-meet today, everyone wanted to see this all battles, open horizons, so came to the edge. People who want to be under nineteen vertical stand still, Sarkozy said: '! damn damn old thief went to both veteran except him, I'll . But can not do anything. Chaos bell repression obscurity. Today, a little to the suppression of monks. Is a fairly simple matter. 'Humph!' Suddenly I heard the sound of the Zhen Fang Lengheng to ears. Chaos seems to have a godFried in his head like manner. Zhen Fang pale. Soul shaking. As if in front of a blood-red color emerged. 'Dangdang!' Chaos bell barely launched, a powerful sonic waves hit the gas surrounding the wicked and wild roar straight on, into a ferocious beast only, bursts of howling sound. At that moment, whether it is wind or Zhen Fang Jin Choi, as if tens of thousands of years is too general, barely hold their own stature, Kim Bi wind not neglect, and quickly withdraw flash in the past towards a space, in the hands of twelve large streamers are awaiting several days mythical give all loaded into it. Suddenly ear is chaos bell a few times, then an atmosphere of desolation chaos blowing wind Choi Jin fled after looking toward the past, was surprised to find a huge Zhen Fang printed on the back, and Zhen Fang deadpan, empty eyes, but his hands are among a group holding blood, the same color space and the color and seal their own teacher. Jin Choi, the wind seems to be thought of something. Like crazy, jump into a mysterious location, while behind him, a carnage not into space. After a while the sound of rumbling, many of which fall into the golden light. Between the faint, you can hear the sound of a few sound unwilling sky. The air leaving a tightly luck pale face reality. 'Romania was amazing ah!' Tianzhushan hall on the good fortune, Zhen Fang pale, there are trace of color between the eyebrows, circled, as if the bone is not usually covered. Although Zhen Fang With the all-day Shensha large array of both days of the mythical body and blood trace of Pangu, Pangu experience reinforces the seal, but their loss is not too small. 'Master, you call the disciples? Ah! You injured?' A soft voice called out, Zhen Fang glanced nodded to those skirts fluttering white, tall and graceful,