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southern suddenly haha ​​laughed: 'itch dead my friends:' keep to backhand Yifu, fingers Qi Zhang, Jin Shiyi he is preaching a private acupuncture effort, though the late Tuzhao Ming fully aware of the subtle, but they see a case of superior effort acupuncture, southern sudden laugh, has made him aback, according to See southern acupuncture with superior effort to fight back, really is none the less horror to the extreme, and quickly a 'step down seven-step' came the shock position. Rao is his dodge quickly, and because the opening of the acupuncture points, also put a little south of the fingertip, once the body grow numb, even shipped three times infuriating, blood can only flow. This is because the southern end skill enough, or else only the means to be able to break his closing hole qigong! Jiangnan some respite, sword Yang empty flash, and hee hee laughs: 'OldSledgehammer edged hammer blow to that step, of course, such as Lei Chen in!Wu Yu Shi Yuan Tsering no match for the divine power, copper hammer sell.He seized the opportunity to counterattack afraid Yu Shi Yuan, quickly jumped toward him.Because this side fighting tense, South Qi Biao and automatic red even break his hand, specifically changes in the sight of God here fighting, South Biao laughed and said: 'Miss Tsering, you conceited force is matchless, brother fight the world wants to Yu Yong force first title It erupted in a relatively high or low, you damn heart! 'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I agree with this point, but even the best in the world you did not expect the Warriors, but not try to fight the world's first master of fame!'Wu Tsering said: 'I do not want to make the first person in the world, but also fail to get you!'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'Do not Meng will turn blue?'Blue Meng slight chuckle: '! You are the first swordsman in the world, is the best in the world warrior yuan, these two do not like me, but the world's first master, I was unwilling to future generations.'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'Why?'Blue Meng said: ' less offensive, not defensive count is good, but it is acquired for the birth of a cell function, enough people envious, not to mention, this thing can suppress air transport. Generally, non-congenital treasure can be compared too. Unfortunately, Heaven balance, Hongjun Taoist sage which never gave all this treasure. But in the end, or was this tough guy Yu Wang, with their gilded its refining, divided into nine, suppressed the Terran air transport unless the supernatural power of the people shot again, to restore it to its original appearance. Unfortunately, no life Hongjun, the universe who have dared shot tripod. Zhen Fang is only temporary use Jiuding to protect his fundamental human world only three realms. At the moment, the universe tripod around, but some people emerged in twos and threes, all born tall and strong, but led by a person but it is a beautiful young woman, her face if frost. If an iceberg, riveted to the front of the tripod to the universe. There is a monk at his side, he's kindly face, large lobe shoulder. Over Ni Wan, injection bright brilliance, but it is the Western Pure Land whirling main Theravada Buddhism Sakyamuni Tathagata Treasure the moment, it looked surprised tripod in front of the universe, his face showing a trace of dignified. I saw. Air Gangqi overflowing. Continue to have drifted to the outer meteorite, or a meteor hit too, but unfortunately, according to the course of events over the human world is what fetish tripod, which time and space debris have been blocked in the golden tripod outside the universe, all into a Road Gang Feng Chaos , blowing void burst of chaos ring, as if a giant hand had countless slapping waves. And as if one shares smoke rising. But no one dared to look down upon it shares temporal turbulence. Gang Feng blowing, the repair person underneath it. Or blowing body does not exist, or are mourning blowing soul, even a trace of the true spirit are into nothingness. 'Everybody says that the old Red CloudThe nice guy but primitive, it seems, is wrong. people, according to the white from the big witch said, planted a large array Shensha all day. I saw just a big fuss. An evil spirits sky, filled with a radius of hundreds of miles, a giant prehistoric monster is now out, I saw it the image of the fish body. But long like a snake's tail, but it is a tiger face face, purr like a duck call. Sky and crisp sound, but the vibration of Kyushu, the Wu family seeing everyone around. Mind is shocked, very surprised hearts. Lined side suddenly look pale, crimson eyes, above the pubic region, all of a sudden surge of hot straight 12-fold floor, even in the hands of amber Shendao also bursts of crisp sound. Now he has to repair the witch peak, just hear the words all day natural Shensha large array, now see the prehistoric monster from the air condenses. Today Rao network developed, there is no decision in the matter and asked his wife, Foreign Affairs decided not to ask Baidu said, but had never seen such a monster. I heard the sound of screaming. Actually have such power. Present and xingtian elders looked at each other, and quickly ordered the Wu family far away from the crowd. After I saw the murderer air scream loudly, mouth shot a Wu Guang, hit on the ban, the air suddenly shot numerous golden light. Scattered out to the sides. And that Xiongshou air but also disappeared without a trace. Seeing off the ground everywhere, the heart is just AntanA strike failed. Suddenly an enormous coercion pass over. Seemed like a relentless, scratch and drop, heart was shocked, awaiting revolt, where they come from and legs can not help kneeling on the ground, this is the case, if the heart is filled with blood, like banging jump stop, Jun on the face, but it is flushed. Strong pressure since the moment the hearts of discomfort, blood-red eyes quickly glanced at the front. Enlightened look surprised, where the original twelve elders can look to the separation point, all day Shensha big fuss over the evil spirits, but also can sense very clear, at this time, what are days where seven dash eight Ling chaos, positive wrangling, Lu Bai Yingjie hero duo have heard evicted, Jin Shiyi handedly one, grabbing them, 'Lu brother, Baixiong. Take me in, I did not come to make trouble! how you Deng Yanjing for what? recognize not find it? This spring, in Beijing to go outside to play and that is my personal Meng Shentong disciple! You remember, right? I do not have to believe it malicious? 'That Jin Shiyi posing Shaolin lay disciples, under the terms of Duzhang Hung Hao Hao saved two white road, Bai Yingjie was already suspicious of his identity, his comment at the moment listening to talking, and suddenly. Road Aviva cried:. '? Well, the original benefactor who you are, but I'll take you in, relax your hand a little okay' So Jin Shiyi a hurry, grabbed their hands unconsciously resorted Jin , almost to crush their bones after a day Yizhong Mu Tang et al. Hear outside noise, invariably come out to see what happens, I would see a rise of Jin Shiyi angrily ran, surprised Yizhong Mu Tang sword after days have been shouted: 'Jin Shiyi, how you want?' Kim Se Heritage cried: ' it, how to see her:' Don by Heaven: '! You have to ask her, your friend has already killed her,' Jin Shiyi It surprised no trivial matter, suddenly transfixed, says Fortune, that When fast, Tang sword to him through the day is striking, Bingchuantiannv busy: '! can not' reach out and grab him, only to hear the 'delete' is heard, close to Jin Shiyi Longjian body piercing, but for glacier So one day women pull, almost necessary to poke a hole in the body! Tang by Weather Road: after '?? How could you help him to speak at the end of that sword in my father rescued the Vamp is bit, you do not know,' originally Jin Shiyi Feng Lin Tang Xiaolan has been seen through, they have Tang told Chung exhibition by day and only one person telling Li QinmeiAlready. Bingchuantiannv said: 'You see him this manner will not be complicit with Na Yaonv!' Jin Shiyi shocked, suddenly screamed, waved his sleeves, put Don fell almost by the day, and then a