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shock, resulting in a great loss of efficiency Lianqi terms, this is called 'Shen harsh intractable.' Three stars above ancient weapons, you can master the skills to see through the low-grade ancient weapons neifu airflow operation. Du wind more do not even look to see, touch hands alone, you can zero in vivo induction into the Young traces of old bones tendons staggered, I do not know how many times hit neifu received. This stubborn girl, which is very courageous, and who fight it really is not life. Logically, this ancient weapons, this should have become a basket case. She did not destroy, purely because of luck. A handful of ancient weapons, the body has other ancient weapons are no character. For example, can automatically absorb others infuriating 'absorb'; able to position itself into evil, destroy all the feng shui FIGHTING 'breaking Phoenix'; said to be able to use ordinary ancient weapons can not use the UnderworldBreath 'Rahu.' This girl's body is more special, it is difficult to meet a number of years, 'Terry.' 'Terry' Ancient Warrior constitution, the body of the tendons and bones, have a self-limiting automatic reset function, is all ancient weapons magical dream physique. Du wind had no special physical, but twenty years ago tragedy, destroyed his tendons and bones, but is also part of Xian Qi Du wind desperate struggle under digested, Xian Qi absorption qualities, into Du wind into the body. Du wind will also become has 'absorbed' constitution ancient weapons. 'Absorb' Not only can absorb each other's infuriating, even the constitution can be absorbed. To once again become invincible ancient weapons, we must first rebuild tendons and pubic region, to aid the absorption characteristics, the 'Terry' physical absorption Yang zero over, is reshaping the easiest and quickest way gilded. Du wind suddenly thought of this sad moment, twenty years ago, he has also met an ancient warrior 'Terry' constitution, that person is the only woman in his life - Yang Ying. Young zero a little thought the use of supernatural powers to fight Kamimuchi, grabbed over, I am afraid too late Lianku real breeze. True heart secretly despise the moment the breezeNarrow-minded people. 'So, I'll wait for it to go together, beating the good fortune to see the Western barbarians Daoxiong pack these people, how?' Xiyi real first to react, though he did not live breeze hi man, but at this moment, not not for a cover. When Chen Hu had nine strokes below demon, let the public be heterogeneous comprehension over three thousand Red array after preaching 'Polaris bible' in Dafa, they themselves are the minority faction towards Western monks Tengyun fly past the headquarters of the Holy See. . '? Daoxiong you this cloud' xiyi looked real square foot Irene Chen, suddenly said:. 'Daoxiong, you travel this thing does some backing.' Zhen Fang know that these are often human right way to look at the other side of the surface will be able to decide the other person is not the right way, and now they have a fairy realm, the first step has turned it into Irene, if not his own boundless, but its nice to, I'm afraid the other party has himself as a depraved human up. Present laughed: 'magical door division, Pindao is helpless.' 'Daoxiong to door division is different.' Lonely Road naked eyes in a flash. Suddenly said: 'It seems like things have a natural right to travel, born to chance.' Zhen Fang naturally know each other is saying Sendo had himself unsuccessfully, but has been able to become an immortal. 'Hey. Daoxiong this case, I'd mention classics Kunlun a division door predecessors, and Daoxiong same as the surgery but the clouds are born with, but also a deep person Crawford.' Breeze Live suddenly said. 'Daoxiong, said, but then explain to teach the famous Waterford Immortal Sin neutron cloud.' Lonely Road shocked face. While ground truth becomes a monk face has changed. . 'It is this man,' Breeze real face showing a trace of pride color, was very proud when he said:. 'It said among the three realms, like I was the only Gang busy: 'Little Lord, Ji Gang should be willing to pieces, fresh Li Bo can hate hate.'Young said: 'Do not say that, I heard you say so, I found myself uncomfortable.'Ji Gang did not speak again.Wang Yan Mufei turn young people, said: 'how did you find Wudang come?'Yan Mufei put through from beginning to end that again.Listened to young people busy, said: 'Regardless of came, her elderly in ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'She HealthCare, dangerous situation, I did not let her come to Wudang.'Young excited authentic: 'How many years have not seen her grandson also remember the old men in the house, she stopped often hold me ...... alas!'Yi Tan shook his head, then said: 'This is a flash for many years, and for me a man, tired with you ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your Majesty can not say, I told her good friend with grace by the Emperor, although insufficient brains Tu newspaper, not to mention whenWhen in the palace, I personally promise auxiliary juvenile master. 'Young said: 'I say it, you do not have this obligation, even with Zhu this world, but also that your original.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your Majesty, these words are tantamount to a felony.'Young said: 'uncle, then what I know my grandfather said to me, but alas often said, to bring his grandfather, if it is His Holiness, I am afraid that in the palace of premature death...'Yan Mufei stunned and said: 'Your Majesty words ......'Young said: 'You do not know, di-tert-owned heavily in Beijing, when taking into account the weak grandchildren grandfather, for fear of Di-tert was riding, on his deathbed gave his grandson a kit, Threatened timely vetted later Di-tert troops. emperor to abdicate, palace fire, grandson open kit, see a Sengyi mitral heart immediately understand his old grandson to escape disguised to Buddhism temporary habitat for this body ...... 'Huo Yan Mufei said: 'Too Zugao Zhi, who are difficult and, wonder of His Majesty the first place went to Kaifeng with Temple!'Young said: 'Yes, it is because of this reason.'Yi Tan shook his head, then said:. 'Say,