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Well, your Danzaibuxiao, won!'Just that crashed messenger guards came over.Yanmu Fei said: 'On behalf of the host, as the host ......'Nongmeidayan discoloration old man said: 'Your courage Officials Host big ......?'That led the way guards suddenly said: 'Intrinsic foreman, he forced under lead the way, dare to address him by the host.'Nongmeidayan old face became pale, and said: '! How dare he can bag day'Yuehua Jian, that has been pushed to the front of the guards, carrying palm Dangxiong to catch.Yan Mufei indifferent a chuckle: 'offend the princes, upon complaint when cut!'His stature did not move, highlighting a finger to knock in the past, this correction knock on that guards that guards the pain on his face changed color, Menheng soon hold Baotui wrist.Several old man shouted pale, thick eyebrows Jingnu old man shouted: '! How dare you dare Zheru valet'That eat the loss of guards groaning loudly, sidewaysAgain toward the Yan Mufei.Yanmu Fei laughed: 'You are afford!'Yung was that guards beat up close, his stature on one side, while the helm, quickly fasten that guards Wanmo just said something that guards all the way downfield staggered, then fell Gouchi Shi, eat a mouth mud.Several old man was shocked, but also dog eat dog, rebuke sound exploration palm rushed up.Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows, said: 'We look at the whole Who is Who?'He lightning shots, only two strokes, the old man with his arms Nongmeidayan retire, another stocky man sat down on the ground.This hand, shook a few offensive Dayton man's meal.Yan Mufei immediately said: 'Let me make it clear that this is what you mean?'Nongmeidayan old man, his face ashen, fiercely authentic: '? What does it mean to cut you find on Wudang go!'A rub your hand, and several other old self again pounced.Yanmu Fei laughed: 'imperial assassination attempt, one by one all the behead you!'He shot twice, not any of the three measures, several of the old man fell down again, back in the back, did not touch his clothes.This way, not the way a few old man, old man out of flood of snakes swarmed, the four devil even if we have big guts did not dare . break snake array Jin Shiyi laughed: 'I say these Sheer is a good friend, you do not believe, I believe, right now? ' opened his eyes, and said:' World Heritage brother, until after the snake bite them, you call me open my eyes, I can not bite the horrors of snakes. 'Hu Shao Jin Shiyi blowing rain, smiled and said:' Ah, so you are not bad heart. 'The whistles together, suddenly sprang four snake, each have two thirty feet long, wrap the four devil, devil scared the four heart gall system, doom stand with your head, let him bite down, and that four snake Titanic, thick scales, mulberry race as razor nails basking in snakes poking tear chaos, half snake did not catch even split, but angered the snake, an expensive snakeheads , once spit Chixu long red letters, almost ?? to face basking mulberry, mulberry wood baskingScreamed, fainted before, but strange to say, that they are not four snake bite them, just wrapped them tightly, as if to add a few cramp like them, they are impervious Chande breath. It turned out that all four snake when you play boil Jin Shiyi childhood, listening to Jin Shiyi command. Jin Shiyi often took them to capture the beast, only to allow them to live twisted beasts, not allow them to bite. Just whistle Jin Shiyi that rain is commanding four snake signal. Jin Shiyi is to deal with the beast way to deal with this devil of four. Jin Shiyi haha ​​laughed: 'Now we look, in the end Who is Who mercy?' Apart from mulberry wood basking first have fainted, other twenty-one devil to be dead in head sea, suddenly heard Jin Shiyi This language seems to reveal a glimmer of life, when they where still trembling too strict identity stack, immediately cried: '! Jinda Xia, mercy, mercy,' Jin Shiyi laughed: 'I forgive you, you may have to listen obediently My words, 'the three devil replied in unison:' If Mongolia mercy, if there are orders, million dead without any hesitation, 'Jin Shiyi rain whistle blew again, and that