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probably not even as simple as a little brother. saint. I am afraid it very carefully. ' Heard town Motoko face changed, Zhang Zhang mouth, but did not say it is a good long while before they sighed:. 'If you really be so anxious, does have a place to go to find the industry might be able to find unknown ? ' Zhen Fang eyebrows a move, suddenly speechless:? 'His brother said, Luzhou North all the time to go thereI am afraid that something is wrong with it! 'Now all Luzhou North wild just seen, the so-called foundation of instability. Natural idea that people who play more. Like all Luzhou North that, if not Zhen Fang was out of a twisted mind. Provoke a saint wears the heavens, faint among other hostile forces threaten, plus Zhen Fang's thunderbolt, I'm afraid this time, the entire jambudvipa have renewed a beacon. And all Luzhou North is different, though Yaozu forces more powerful, but in the end is all just occupied north Luzhou, shallow roots, even Kuangyin not like, how people will not peep. As long as someone's place is bound to be fighting, Zhen Fang Ju Lu moment visiting the North Island, and if all goes well, the natural unharmed, but the cause will certainly be stained a. 'Xiandi also cause fear?' Motoko town suddenly Zhengrong said: 'Xiandi may differ for the brother, but the brother is among the world's a Sanxian it, but it is the road Zuqin Xiandi given saint, as we have to sanctification, naturally afraid of cause and effect. Moreover, Xiandi think you can sit at home and not to cause it? Xiandi chance of survival in the palm of Heaven, but also every amulet out on Heaven should all causal world will be in the amulet in the end, every robbery Xiandi out who is destined to cause things to do, hide is the escape, unless thicket to blaze a new trail, so that it can sweep aside the clouds and see the moon ah! ' Zhen Fang heard the bells in my ears sounded like the general, his face showing a trace of embarrassment, said:. 'Brother too well these days, and also invited his brother indulgences' in the left side of a small peak, although Lee has terrible howling, but full of gas, the internal forces chewy cracked stone clouds, straight stop sky!Jinyu Qiong Yang eyebrows, smiled and said: 'Sure enough, I was under the white eight paternity ......'Immediately on his back also Qing Xiao soon! I hear howling, eight white shadow since the hills turn out, lightning ground skimming over, all the foot without touching the ground, as carried by the wind rows.Wei Han Ying blurted shouted: 'Good skill ......'Jinyu Qiong laughed: 'Sister praised!'Talk between eight white shadow that has been shot down the cliff top, is the 'white Eight Samurai' under the seat, long hair loose, sagging arms, with that attack white, as ghosts! He saw Yan Mufei eight, plus a gorgeous woman like fairy opt hesitated and immediately stop living in dozens Zhangwai, eight pairs of sharp eyes, try shooting shocked to look over to the side.Yan Mufei smiling, said: '! Afford them eight still know me.'Jinyu Qiong smiled and said: 'Which one can forget 'Yulong US Hawker'!' Micro Dayton light drink: '! Today I told is friends nor enemies, you have eight over it.''White eight Samurai' This free front swept over, near to bow down stature: 'Eight Samurai seeThe main door, I do not know what the main door to summon instructions? 'Jinyu Qiong lift Haowan said: '! seen with 'Bing Lady' Wei girl''White eight Samurai' ceremony to turn down the line! Han Ying and Wei Yan Mufei busy also a ceremony.Jinyu Qiong said: 'You have received eight where 'blood makes insanity' is?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'So you eight people in the vicinity, who are renowned for someone else can?'Jinyu Qiong 'Oh!' To cry and said: 'They went to the room Jackson doing?'That were left white waiter said: 'Housing Johnson mobilize military forces along these days frequently, like any major accidents, but also to the many masters Guard, he would like to see what happens two ......'Jinyu Qiong Yan Mufei the eyes look surprised.Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Wei Zhou, pondered and said: '? This is a very channel. That is the arrow Happening. Happening Arrow has reached the general's chest, general body shocked,And arctic breath while two kinds of penetration of the body. Arrow is on the hot bite of millions of warrior blood, cold gotta be like that of the polar ice murderous. General violently stomping feet into the ground, issued numerous magnetic flow on the body. Who is super powers and ancient weapons and one of the generals, using their own unique ancient martial art, 'earth', the integration of the body and the earth magnetic force. 'Boo' to cry, Happening arrow effortlessly cut the general's chest, stopping after three inches deep. Bolt can break open days, after lifting the earth does not open the entire road. General Tiago big mouth spray of blood, at the expense of his own injuries, it only took the Guang stone. Du face the wind, such as iron, extradition will be the ability of the most mysterious people, that is the general Tiago, who can be a stone's throw defeated generals, the strength of the terror to how exactly the point. Liu Ji day but laugh to cry and said:. 'Lee actually be able to take over half of arrows, extradition will be some really powerful.' General body shocked and said: 'Half Arrow?' Guang hand still resting on the bow, he pulled the bow wave, issued as the Dragons Earthquake. General feeling of the body only with arrows embedded hot up again, as if to immediately out through the body, from the swish of his body can no longer withstand the pressure and countless Xuezhu piercing out. In general the surface of the blood coagulation up miraculously, the spread has become a sticky film of blood, blood film constantly live out Xuepao stop the forward direction arrows. Vampire king of D + = current sharp bumps, they still can not actually force Dangxia Guang arrows. Xu Yuan also swept over, cold tunnel: 'General, hold back.' His hands appeared edged giant rifle, aimed at the general boom bulge back to that shot. Under the impact of armed vindictiveness, was finally