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hall, and the town of Motoko Zhen Fang sat on the cloud bed. Motoko town sleeved floating empty, lifelike cents; Zhen Fang indifferent face, above the forehead, vaguely VECON faint, above Ni Wan, but it is the red one, if Yiduohongyun some, being vaguely, but see the countless stars. Embellishment, addictive. Red Cloud was surrounded by dozens of flashing brilliance, shine throughout the hall, it Dinghai beads shining bright stars. Multicolored haoguang little down, like a golden light numerous, but that seems to be constantly dripping eaves, very mysterious. Side of the town Motoko face also hint of envy glory. 'The retreat Xiandi. Daoxing sophisticated, even for the brother dare to shame ah!' Town Motoko touched his chin to silver to be laughed. Although he Daoxing, and Zhen Fang Daoxing not reached his level at the moment, but between centuries. Never rose to the large Luo Jin Kim Sin Wonderland world, which is in the prehistoric period, this could, but now it is impossible. These practice myself, which is not based on the hundreds or even thousands of years a chance to move forward slowly, where Chen is so well-camel speed. Zhen Fang wry smile on his face, and said:. 'Why joke brother half brother to have today is because of all the old memories restored, Daoxing look past life has reached there have Dinghai beads, each one is a dollar refinery will mana. How can the average person can be compared. What's more sophisticated now though Daoxing faster, but later on, where there is so fast. Do not know when to have that opportunity. not only made the year when prehistoric beasts toward Zodiac left Cang veins when, not contaminated with cause and effect, it is still too calculated. 'Xiandi, now a hundred years period has elapsed, then you say at the moment vary secret, one of San Juan will be born, I am afraid that today was the one you want to embark on. For centuries, thy disciples do not know how much trouble the Pindao times. 'Motoko town suddenly laughed. Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'Yes, it will be Chrysanthemum, it is difficult to undiscriminating, Fitch it as Aromatic, not too much.Everyone lust, which is located in the remote town actually come such a person, how can one compelling, and far more than Yanmu Fei can not help but read two.She was beautiful, but a bit like a cold frost, the actual occurrence, except when the Bank said Yan Mufei the most of the characters, but no one would dare to see more of her third eye.When with folks spoke, she stood behind , it seems that after waiting with this inn folks Then she say.Yan Mufei want roomHe makes funny guys try to be smart, grinning authentic: 'two live in the same room enough is enough, just two of the Tai Weiqu shop!'Yan Mufei hesitated and then intended to be too busy, said:. 'Dude, you are mistaken, I told the girl not the way.'He glanced at her corner of my eye, she was very calm, his face expressionless, like a little shy and no, this mind, this is not where tolerance.Dude was blushing, embarrassed laugh: 'Oh, oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was two when two are ...... ......Really nonsense, the Dazui the Dazui fact ...... 'Hey smile, then said: 'small place never seen two such characters, all of a sudden came two, but also at the same time the door, so, so, hey.'She suddenly said, Huasheng very plain: 'Excuse me, you better rooms it?'Huasheng her sweet, surprisingly sweet, maybe too sweet because of it, actually make feel a sense of the familiar.He let the open, she walked in front of the step, and said:. 'Man, I have a room.'Folks busy: 'Yes, yes, there is one, there is one, but also a bit too small.'The business of the rare honest, he was the most honest businessman.Her light, said: 'Never mind, I only stayed one night, you can improvise.'Busy folks nodded and said: 'yes, yes, yes, two please come with me together!'Then he took the key out of the counter and walked back.Yan Mufei walking side by side with his buddy behind, but no one to see who, talking to no one. Originally Well, who do not know who.Yan Mufei inconvenience accosted by a single laughed:' You think I can not be away from fishing nets in the river stand what you are good, watch me catch a few fish xiajiang you see? Look, 'he finished, to the hands of her mother to live a small, wrapped inside a thin coat of water or two, I can not see what material the system, color gray, bright and slippery, set out clothes; to the hands of the people to cross a rope, off shoes socks, smiling, standing on the river dock mooring Shizhuang, shouting 'you good', down a slight squat body, also seen how hard, they and arrow, Pingkong more than ten feet, my heart jumped into the river to go, just a little bit of noise,How did the waves splashing, until the rice has a scene of Dayton, no trace. Everyone is waiting to give nothing happened, he heard the sound of the river bank call Long, Maiden and mermaids may also wish to jump ashore from the water, carrying a string of first hand seventy-eight live fresh fresh Yinlin Zhu big shad tail. Each fish that has sixty-seven pounds to the weight, in the river when a great power, but also the spirit of patience, slippery abnormal, how much water a person can never expect it maintained an empty-handed catch that much fish, one that is not four or five weight pounds, I do not know how she caught. This has surprised everyone, but some people find her covenant vertical Shizhuang, also left two footprints, half an inch deep into the stone have crumbled into powder. Such a large skills, which everyone was afraid of her, afraid of hard accounting piers are stopped. This mother and daughter, but it is got luck on the end, is not proud, but said:. 'Thanks to a lot of you, let me eat her daughter since whiz, we are Nvliu home no brothers, nor will pick selling fish to the city, on the river to catch some fish, such as passenger ships crossing that do business, presumably always be right? 'first line did not crash with great difficulty, and we swept his face, bad business practice, naturally got the message promised, and brought the matter to her, and said:. 'We were not much