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moment two consuls have a strong illusion - this is hell. DuAfter riding a five or six times, solid surface has become miserable, came under numerous Jihuang to crack sound. A panic female voice sounded in the air: 'Enough, Du wind, do not destroy my hard to create a base.' Du wind did not stop mean, coldly:. 'Joan - Luo Feile, I know you're up to no good, I want to test is a price to pay.' 'Hey, Du wind, my base is almost Trampling you, ah, stop ah!' Du wind simply ignore the move regardless of fog appeared a strong cyclone stand in front of him, what he sensed from the network to the outside in addition to the three consuls fourth ancient weapons, unable to get a glimpse of the figure of the ancient weapons who exudes a strong gas, energy reaches a level of at least four stars, but the action a bit clumsy. This move angered Du wind sneer, which obviously is a bubble out of scrap foam drug ancient weapons. Joan - Luo Feile not know what the hell they are playing tricks, I remember 20 years ago, this little girl has only seven years old, had been showing the extraordinary talent Cong Rui, misbehave in the end the extradition will, in addition to wind her Du Who is not afraid. Today she has grown slim, presumably it is one hundred trick. Mist suddenly spread, those who get in the way of wind hit the front of the knife against DU. Du wind dare challenge the ancient weapons did not, but so far, no one dared knife in front of him, not to mention this is a flawed clumsy blade. When he was ready to hit the other one crushed, suddenly slightly surprised a moment, stopped. Though awkward shot each other, but in an instant Daoqi formed numerous rain like silver spilled out from the blade, forming a huge cyclone, the Du surrounded by floating wind Daoqi maelstrom. This trick Du wind familiar. It was cut seven gods [Independence Day ceremony] first type - blast Roughs! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- - Recommend a friend off the works of God