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Yongkang Fangyan Hanako much, I owe them gratitude, you must also try substituting them rather talk about faith, and never worry Laomi light interference twenty year, they make full and the 'sun people busy:.'.. some to be trivial, Younger obeyed, please rest assured that the old man 'race Han Kang smiles: Reed Village, Shun Shen Jie China nor seeking, reward Miaozhu 22 silver, hurried along with him embark mentoring. Han Kang mentoring race only to sit down on the bow, refused to enter the cabin. Let twice, had any of the. Between two of his disciples canning beggar, shaking his head did not answer. White public pier not far, one would shake to. Han Kang mentoring three match up, do not make people go along with. Reed Village, Shun people to his place to look, the pier is full of trees, huts already removed. Han Kang come under strain tournament Chueiyang old wood, hand picked up the side of a mirror shaped like old things, hides into the Huai, Tianjin Guangyao head, flash that is hidden. Meanwhile glimpse bad bad bad tree thinning with a bunch of things, like a leather scales, of finished yet, strange fishy air from time to time with the wind blowing. Race Han Kang shook his head, removed from a soil Shenpan bottle fell down to the ground, accompanied by a broken foot flower child is taken to put the tree side of the grass cover, Jizhi angry, meaning quite resentful. Reed village knows him eccentric, asking not answer, the desire to please him go home, gather less a day. If only export, Han Kang will only match he said: 'I lay edge method only person that I am here, this will spell the water come and go, no boat bowed, please lay on my behalf for the construction, by crossing the job. someone mentioned, works convey hope, that I will sell drugs to practice, not Yaofa, feeling warm enough. That is the one crossing, yet it refuses to white interference, dare stay Zunfu then hundred feast? 'Then again Chuanniang paying lip service to move forward a few move. Chuanniang immediately face pale, Nono kept retreat. : 'Your mouth did not say, did not indicate on the form, color, too, but definitely thought your heart, if you really do not have, you can not only kill me, but please gouge out my eyes, punish me senseless , identify unknown thing! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao's sword has held up, but put down and said: 'Okay, I admit!'Wu Yunshan said: 'That's right, that's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, the world besides, there is no second person will let you see touched upon it!'Qiong Yao Yuwen exclaimed: 'But I do not want him, he is your ......'Wu Yunshan said: 'I admire his intelligence, also admire your martial arts, but he was cautious man, know me first, you do not dare to keep the heart of Ho-kau, in fact, his heart is like you!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Do not lie to me, his martial arts taller than me, how will I see!'Wu Yunshan said: 'I do not lie to you, if he did this, and I will not force match for you, and his heart is very proud of gas, as my intellect, he can endure, martial arts better than you, he would not exist climb up the heart, because of his martial arts high you a raise, I was more than this thing! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen bow in silence, Wu Yunshan and said: 'Yao sister, you are willing to give up martial arts supervisor cause is right, the woman is the greatest achievement in life to get a worthy manPoint of course broken ribs fractures million people without physical, he was hit by that Zhang Feng, ranging from disability to become seriously injured, while neifu shall concussion, were spared. Hate is not a vendetta places, Jinu hearts and minds, how under the murderous? Fan side desperate desperately autumn, Heimo Le Jingsi did not care how. Underground passage 'bad', just about displaying hidden weapon, He Yi has been perceived in the next, busy winks stopped. Just at that time, fast! Just sister united in mind and fretting between the twinkling of an eye, fierce listen snapped shouted: '!? Fan dick really do not face it,' but it is also a sound with the people together. This time it was improved to retreat, different, different accents, bustling, diverse, this call he call, end the burn downtown extraordinary. Hei Mole looked interesting, he gave the pace slowed pilgrims rushing pedestrians, by way of Tian An, crossed streams, through Wufeng, the line through the mountains. Zhu Reading the previous years in front of Wufeng College, pilgrims and visitors more money to people begging Hanako also many. San beginning when accidentally met with a broken hand, middle-aged beggar, sitting on rocks sunny prehospital palpable lice, stood beside a missing point mouth, polished burnished tin jug, see People do not walk hand. Heimo Le see his love of wine, others wanted money note number, single out a two give him, in front of the appropriate beggar walked two, and so on to the money Huan Zhu finished, find that arm beggar, only this a dazzling work, I did not know how to. Asked the two beggar, replied: 'this guy is not within our area, because he was crippled pity, since the people do not discuss that with the lobbyists and, and he did not think it had just had a few care about money, but also buy wine Chiqu. a. 'I thought this Hei MoleGood people recognize, busy casual finish, good to met Jiang Yu home mother, about Jiang Ming out with lunch, a swig, it would not find, still exudes all the way going up. Heimo Le once for a seven ounces of silver, seven or eight thousand Kangxi made money back in the shoulders, one, scattered along the money in one hand and hold the strings down stroke, met a beggar gave. Small young man, looks like thin dry, money is plentiful and heavy, a head almost buried in a pile of money. Be light as agile, Shoujiyankuai heart busier: partial one will not void, too Geyuan that comes along too slow, they self-ordinate the charity in the past, could not flee the East Rift west, hop in, attracted pilgrims and visitors all all attention. Buduoyihui behind urchin with a large group. There are those meddlesome see his young, full of pilgrims bring that naughty children, adults do not know of such a move, . I waited all human right way. Today Magic prosperity, what to do? 'breeze swept Lonely Road a reality, although the look of sorrow, but his eyes showing a trace of joy Que. Moment straight hearts sigh, Shushan is the first year when the right way to think. Although Magic rampant, but the strength of the right way but also very tough, two swords, three British, as well as dozens of older masters, to deal with since Momen, it can be said easily. Kunlun now finally able to clear testimony Shunde leadership Divine right way, but why not say D leads the world, but more importantly, this time out of a Great Satan. Tao momentum, Where is that they can be compared. Master Tian Ling's first cold breeze swept live long and Lonely Road glance, secretly sneered: 'are already feel the burn, and this time was still intrigue each other to ponder how to solve those devil, but to compete. The chief title, if the cooperation with such a person, I am afraid that in the future even my comprehension overseas no good, 'thought for a moment, smiled and said:.'.. Though just kind of monstrous evil spirits, although the momentum Daoxiong Pindao think of you do not have to worry, Although this terrible evil spirits, but the atmosphere is different Momen, Pindao guess is probably not demonic human, does not contain the bloody murderous gas, or more properly known as fierce air a little, as long as not to provoke it live, you can live in peace . ' Breeze Road, Long frowned, secretly wondering said:. 'In the end is the overseas person, practice it, my mind is confused, floating in rivers and lakes, where there is such a good thing as long as the rivers and lakes where there will be a cause and effect, as long as Some places, there will be disputes, there are killings, where there is so easy to imagine that you are really Although most overseas repair, but how many people can attain the soaring, although magic strength, but did not go through the Red this off, are really a lot of money to repair, how soaring immortality. deterred