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exciting fight, when four touch-like weapons, not only emit deafening sound, more smoke Puff Mars!Yu Zhong and shorter weapon, the contact is also relatively close, but wrestlers fighting, composition is relatively more than the power of technology, they are also moves to the other side of the weapon as an object, bent earthquake off each other's arms, little body attack, but it had been especially dangerous! Because they are heavy weapons guy, once disposed of, other weapons out of pressure down, bound to be destroyed, so is particularly thrilling! Sometimes war, though not under Yong Yu fierce loyalty, but not as good as his tower of copper hammer Zhong Yu solid texture, after dozens shoved under Bash touch, getting the sound right! By Ding ding ding, the sound of breaking into a tuk tuk's dumb, there are obvious cracks and Tuwan Fu eldest longer endurance can compare Yu Zhong!Blue Meng quickly said: 'Wu Xiong, old Tu afraid to die, you greet the point!'If still unknown Bi, of course bang, Tower of God Tuwan Fu hands only half tower, flying all the way to the other half, Yu Zhong is still anxious to drop the hammer down!Miss Tsering stature radical, actually with a single hand, lift up that hammer hard, the other twin only a knock on his back and said:'Get up!'The copper hammer wins easily to hand, backhand hit the Yu Zhong!Shari figure also flash, but it is Yu Shi Yuan flying forward, raised his hand´╗┐A 'lose' word just export, to find Feng Lin left instep a step in the right foot, then strip between the physique also uprooted thirty feet out of thin air, so three ups and downs, finally fell to the ground like the Master Password, This followed the toes to put Feng Lin, once a round of applause. Game when the two of them, had made it clear who should drop the ground so that is considered lost, so although it is strange tree growing on Feng Lin born first off, but like the first floor Master Password, the winning party is still Feng Lin. But oddly enough, as good joke to Feng Lin who won this, but not the crooked over the side, that at that time, fast, immediate proximity to the sun straight red symbol, the second trick Bianxiang chest grabbed if to give him realistically, is the disaster of thoracotomy cesarean section ! Yizhong Mu suddenly hit a circle, fell to the ground, turn end a warped, anti-red sun symbol refers to the chest, 'the more cavitation', this move was exquisite with a very, very spicy Chen, should the male character is still red bow inserted under the body will inevitably suffer, red sun symbol can speak confidently odds, Yanken with him recklessly, only the first step in days away from Romania, and then figure back. I did not realize Yizhong Mu Lun round of crutches, a cane as forest , played in front of a wall of steel cloth, red sun symbol resorted to several successive chio martial arts, was actually not join the attack, destroy it is not destroyed! is the secret of the door division´╗┐Wand law to make out. This is a Demon Zhangfa, but Mangshan faction Shenni arm created by the founder of the candle in the middle and after due monk, Ganfeng Chi, Tieguai Xian Lu Qing, who lapping, evolves into one hundred and eight road tricks Each one has a crushing strength lay, and battle head can be used to pinpoint the end of the rod, wherein the ring clamp sword large ones, end is extremely powerful! Yang Fu to see him Zhangfa ferocious red, had not seek quick victory, the moment moved away a few steps to issue Pikong Zhang, Yi Zhongmou make Demon Zhangfa, is very labor-intensive, but also the use of 'less Yang Xuan Gong 'to resist the invasion of skin piercing female evil gas, a little longer, gradually they feel powerless, like a thick soy shed sweat a bit, but at the same time his teeth chattering, trembling. Both the facilities secret, the more intense the fighting, so that the Demon battle Yizhong Mu law paragraph about thirty-six strokes, buying power with panoramic sea from. Although the room is brick built, very strong, but under these two masters of fighting, also shook the walls shake, cracked