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wide open, a mysterious force down from nine days, did not enter into his own Purple Palace, among Zifu SG flash, past do not know where, suddenly come about Ming Wu. 'What is this power?' Half empty Zhen Fang is immersed in the wonderful feeling that a trace in a good long while before exhales, the 'good luck really, really good luck. Ah, the seat is also a real good luck!' This time it asked to hear the high-righteous, just casually made up a name. Quiet room among the Hongwu shrouded fire red gourd suspended mid-air, Zhen Fang Weibi vertical eye, mind being immersed in the Boulevard, after this war, as if on a more profound understanding of the Avenue. Aura absorption speed a lot faster than before, let Zhen Fang is strange. Hongwu around as real, as if a big marshmallow flower, being parked in the quiet room. 'Huihui Huang Huang, Avenue unlimited.' Zhen Fang suddenlyThen move the giant mind, soul breakthrough Purple Palace, as if into another space in general. Endless emptiness, countless stars, little star, hanging down and the next, a young man dressed in robes of red fire hunkered void, before it stood a case of a few, but a few cases above, it is a fire red gourd. One after another mysterious character from that of young people in the mouth spit it out, did not enter into Zhen Fang Purple Palace. 'Merit gold, breaking with emotion evil ways. Chik!' Suddenly I heard a large void in the ring, if the bells sound big Lu. A multicolored photochemical fell down, according to the Zhen Fang behind. 'Merit gold, breaking with emotion evil ways, Chile!' Quiet room among Zhen Fang eye wide open, if the sound of thunder. Carter, a move Ni Wan, an abstruse gushing out, a pearls Kingland now Zhen Fang behind. But color bleak, if not carefully watched, almost invisible trail. Zhen Fang had killed one fell swoop today peep China Town pirates treasure, God lowered merit, although merit golden bleak, but better than nothing. And therefore glimpse Zhen Fang Avenue corner. Zhen Fang mouth smile, said: 'So they