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Ling flying rat rat island main island, I heard that treasures can identify hundreds of miles in radius, as long as the good treasure, he did not hear insightful. ' Zhen Fang heard a sigh, probably his nose Shang Hao Wen met there to treasure, so can not wait to drill into the so-called as also Xiao, also lost, because he has a deft nose, so that he can known treasures within the range of dozens around the achievements of the fame of his spiritual mice, but who knows, today, and because he places his nose, so that their lives were lost so too! Man-made financial dead, dead birds for food, has been true. Zhen Fang sighed. Other monks saw that gold is so powerful, have been silent, scared, but the eyes are exposed trace of excitement and greed, not the main thing, who dared to be. Sure enough, the sword in the past, only the bite golden dragon, slowly press down. All face slightly a hint of surprise. Busy rationale sweeping glance Nabing sword, hearts started toward xiyi live Jishou said: '! I did not expect Qingcheng sword days are actually born, gratifying ah' Lord of all the monks did not know at this time, and Shushan purple blue swords par days are sword outA. No wonder there are so powerful a. Zhen Fang and gold rally is also looking at the days are sword, hearts secretly surprised at the door of a large faction of the countless magic, although the feeling Zhebing day eyes are not as good as his fiery sword gourd, but over their town demon tower, as it iron bars in addition to adding a little gold merit, but simply can not be compared. 'Oh!' Zhen Fang suddenly feel the danger approaching, Ni Wan a move, red gourd emerged in the body, protecting themselves with purple and then in his next, and Kun-yuan fairy king and other Daoxing people have also felt an Destruction The strength of the two rushed over, have brings his amulet. I saw being abounds with golden days are a flurry of sword whine, dragon slowly disappeared, but also into the original appearance, fall into the hands of xiyi reality. Then a lay disciples came and said sorry not recognize the road hero Jin Shiyi, so this thing lift. And in his mind, he really is the one that with Deng Jin Shiyi as Asamoto to Mangshan participate in the conference, the Shaolin lay disciples. Jin Shiyi heart chuckle, but put on a remarkable tone, said: 'The road brother good memory! That the General Assembly, to a total of five hundred sixty-eight personal, do anything you remember my face! ' said:' No wonder so clever Gan brother martial arts, Shaolin brother turned out to be the high school! Gan brother invulnerability, will afford is already excel at the Guipai of King Kong is not bad magic it? 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' practice is practiced when it comes to 'excel', and that even close! Brother at most three or four minutes a fire waiting. ', it was a fine man, listen to the words of Jin Shiyi, feel doubt heard the original of that Assembly, he is ordered to receive guests,' one Zhi Ke ', although many people about, he has been credited incomplete But for the most important Shaolin, Wudang, Emei several major sects of the disciples, it is particularly observant, but how would also like to have such a person does not exceed Jin Shiyi: And he knew little of King Kong is not bad magic pole less pass lay disciples, even the first lay disciples of Deng Asamoto, this door effort, but also some knowledge of fur, the moment mind: 'If so, he is really a lay brother in the Shaolin school, with his martial arts terms, already should greatly celebrated in the political arena, but why did I have not heard that name? 'However, despite his doubts, but do not suspect to Jin Shiyi is a bad person. He Jin Shiyi most critical time in his hand extended, the mind is very grateful. Road Kennedy brothers see apathy, quite strange mind: 'Hugh said people saved your life, that is considered only a fellow martial arts, you should not treat people put a cold face. Hey, brothers usually love to make friends is also a person, forThis day greatly lost normal? 'The road side since Kennedy