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kinds of infuriating not even Phagocytosis, but quickly convection with, the direction of the word continues to make unlimited liquidity \u003e\u003e limited, and that is the highest level of the ancient martial art. Roughs unlimited blast! Xu Yuan Du wind aimed his gun on the ground, with an acrid odor of gunpowder from his body weeks infuriating curl. Du wind suddenly looked up, he has felt far promised to use out of the armed vindictiveness. Kaka sound, the countless golden glow against Du wind pouring down, the wind in a place not far away from the DU bullets have burst open. Flying shrapnel heat and crushing isolation layer formed, stand in the way of pace and vision Du wind attacks. Under such circumstances, even the wind Du closed his eyes. Eyesight has been useless, only by virtue of his induction to capture distant promise action soon, Du wind pace slightly slippery, sliding to the left a small step, metal shavings scattered around him, appeared as hives on the ground holes, each have a depth of ten meters. Then, like many meteorites landed like hail of bullets, the wind began to Du's body to cover. Du wind frown, Xu far there is no need to determine their own position, he just attacks that road isolation layer, thicker defense, armed vindictive additional attack range, which will be automatically extended channel channel attacks its own body. Xu Yuan, like hidden in the universe satellites in space weapons as a barrier layer to isolate, attack the enemy can not attack. Xu Yuan in the day, Du wind on the ground, in the air travel promises far as space weapons in the universe far as he could wind bombardment Du, Du wind but can not fight back. The best sniper gun fighting skills have two away, one very close, one very far, Xu very far away now occupy the commanding heights of the extremely unfavorable wind Du. Young zero tightly bit his lower lip, has not help bite out of the blood. Deng and Yang Lie gazed at that layer of leaden isolation layer, you want to see some really, but that layer of the hall looking frightened. 'I do not know how to call a fairy?' Enron heart of a dynamic, if thought of a person, and said: '? The real fairy, but good luck.' 'Fairy not deserve it, but a Lianqi Pindao it. Even today some sense, specially come.' Fortune smiled real. 'You're not?' Secretary Snow suddenly mouth smile. 'Yes, it is the last waterfront Pindao.' Creator reality took the words, smiled and said:. 'That is destined to meet, I have one thing, the labor court today contact you personally, not neglect, not false in the hands of others.' Then you see a statue of Yuxi flying out of thin air, before the snow falls on the body Division. Secretary Snow is preparing to speak, ear Suddenly someone said:. 'Does not take over, I do not like being sick,' Secretary Snow surprise, squinting his eyes, suddenly understand something. Quickly took over, also Xiangmoxiangyang Jishou said: 'Thank you live.' Eyes still squeezed toward a real good luck. Seeing all the people on fairy feel amiable, only two buildings looked suspiciously a feeling something was amiss. Yes, this is a real good fortune claiming Zhen Fang, probably Qingliangshan a war, let lined seen all means Zhen Fang, this time into the River City, to have this means only Zhen Fang, not to mention, a move Secretary Snow Fang Chen Hath not come truth. But guess owned guess, but in the end not seen the real face of good fortune, but was not sure. 'I am a person here is enough! You have to go outside!' Fang Chen waved, shot several times, inevitably something to let others QiaochuHand, hammer after the solution has to go, yuan slowly hammer their hands on it to unlock, laughing: 'You think he is wise measures tend to suffer, is just one example, if you obediently take over the hammer, I will not play at you, because you are always suspicious, I will let you know the results wiseacre is not wise, you still honestly approached, with real skill than fighting it! 'Duron Holy roar loudly, give anxious to drop the hammer, hammer yuan is also shipped to greet,