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penetrate the eyes, William can not help but closed his eyes. Middle-aged man looking pale, snapped: '! Be careful, William' Before William opened his eyes, 'Boo' to cry, and with slender finger food in the three-star, buttressed by strong infuriating, penetration of William's eye, two fingers of a hook, digging his left eye out. William screams, fist to knock Yang zero, stumbled over his own back a few steps. You can clearly see from his right eye vision intact, Yang went flying zero again climb up, supporting himself with rifles weak body, covered with bloody muttered:! 'I can say the Independence Day, in my leg as a fulcrum, rifles radius unfold, you can stop the high school star ancient weapons! ' She fiercely spit toward William Xuemo, weakness authentic: 'I will not be met you this sperm!' In the nick of time, she had spent twenty years ago against the same technique wind Du years when tragedy to evaporate at the expense of their own blood, with the disintegration of [the demonsLaw] in [solution] to force blood erupted own infuriating, living goat William destroyed a left eye. Young brunette frowned slightly distant, his mouth murmured:. 'Independence Day Du wind around them really is great, I have to have the opportunity to compete against him.' William had already dissatisfied Yin Xiao into ashen face, howling: '! Go to your X's.' He stretched fist pick, H slamming, Young zero body are strong airflow over the hood to the defense of the guns are shot to pieces. Young zero airflow tightly wrestled to the ground, William pulled it off his tie, suit side edge off grinning: 'You rouge horse this horse, I rode today is set up.' Always hiding behind the fat shaking suddenly jumped Joseph Liu, Yang rushed toward zero beside William plop knees and said:. 'The uncle, small, small pleasures of labor willing to effect' Then towards the Young Zero is a slap in the face, curse: '!! bitch dare rude uncle.' Liu fat fat face shake a few times, fiercely yelled: '!! I'll smash you Shuigan Dong Hun she quit, eye of the enemy Duzhang going to be hit, unexpected things happen suddenly, only to hear the Dao An suddenly screamed, according to a Tibetan child is heard mad turtle olfactory, two Personal actually like two wounded beast, barking roar, are extremely shrill, Lin Feng yet to figure out what was going on, the two men have been rounded up Feng Lin, general flying over the wall to escape! Feng Lin walked inner peace, exhaled chest stuffiness, dedicated the whole galaxy, the moon in the sky, Motif ethereal, trees levy move, eyesight, in addition to her, had no second person. Feng Lin a loss, very puzzled. Because the basis of this case, the set is secretly rescue expert, but he does not reveal why the body, and this person will be able to make a shot that wounded two devil fled, strong ability of, so why not still in pain on Zen people, golden master above? In a world that only Meng Shentong or be able to have this, but it will never be Meng Shentong save her people, then in addition to Meng Shentong, Carpenter several times of martial arts, which still these figures? Feng Lin to stay for a while, mind: 'No matter who he is, in short, who is on our side, since he can help me secretly, of course, be able to secretly assisted Meier Dao An and turtle hiding child this and other martial arts. , are not enough when he was a hit, and that men are naturally more Bailiang Ji goes without saying. I'm also for Meier why worry? 'This would have been very rational inference Feng Lin, I did not realize until after Wai, looking around, but could not see the shadow of his daughter and Chung exhibition, to the quiet room viewing, even trail has gone wholly unnoticed! The northwest corner of the garden came the faint rustling of sound, from the Feng Lin suddenly province, in the northwest corner of Xuannv hall, where there is healing twelve people, including nine of Wudang disciples, they are by toxic fire burns, hurt very heavy, although deposited a gold record oratorio, not to fear for their lives, but in the short term but followed by a silent, tense climate of hostility between the two first eased. Even this seemingly absurd remarks are believed to woman. Regardless of how the appearance of disguise, hidden in their chest in. Is a crystal heart. Luo Feile grunted again and said: 'Well Well, it started doing experiments. She clapped her hands. Four weeks suddenly was illuminated in the dark parts of the radius of a few tens of meters glass. It is astonishing that the glass in the cultivation of a small world, there are towering mountains, a steady stream of the river, lush plants thriving. Even insects, fish are readily available to be reduced several times to attitude there. In addition there is no trace of humans and modern civilization, this is the whole story of a small planet. Luo Feile miraculously come up with Du wind from the body that sent her to the small cone, her naked body. Lu Ya did not even see it from where the small cone out to be. Luo Feile pressing a knob beside the glass within glass suddenly diffuse from the strong arms enveloped the whole little world to live. Luo Feile gently small cone near the glass, fog cover totally disappeared at once, all the scene recovered a clear and bright. Luo Feile lift small cone and said: '? You are ancient weapons, should know what it is now.' Lu Ya nodded and said: 'flesh refinery with ancient weapons manufactured to something.' Luo Feile small cone tightly in his arms, conspicuous authentic: 'Independence Day gave me.' Lu Ya frowned and said: 'I have to go If she really wantThat in terms of kilograms of iron gates for Lu Ya really is like a dummy. Luo Feile lowered hands pull that discontent authentic: 'You'd pretty jealous row, promise, look at this.' Lu Ya fully recognize this from the mysterious world to bring BI quit, frowning: '? Stone Rings' 'This is a way to take us out of that piece cents.' Lu Ya micro-current shock tolerance, open a small hole in the glass, the petrified of BI ring thrown in the midst of the forest, the command: 'You put the body of