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wait for the match will be a obeyed.' Lord of the main stage early eat flower four Yaoseng diabolism Regardless stabilize, given poisonous meter, ready to wait until the night, the human caught Xing party, now the two sides just by real martial arts fight; heir see the number of array Cai party game losing streak, while also anger, did not think that the fight. These people rushed played with a mostly east stands, this is implied by the Cai turtle heart anger owner does not speak out earlier, this desire to play, causing melee. I do not know all the other investigations Hung intends to preserve the old, knowing his temperament staunch, lest the lead, took Sigu crash and burn when subject to roost, as early as a good discussion in advance, first Sincere anti-room to be discouraged, until the appearance, then by Thief Ge Eagle lure him out of the village to go. scheduled to come out to see him play again, he saw the thief Wenguang Zhang Ying, Friends remembered kill enemies, and fear ancestors, two river ignorance, poison dart in the Mi Hong plot, so before playing catch, kill Ying after the thief, The cable named wanted war, he saw the. East from two enemy party, parties simply want to kill a few further care, see a flood of unsolicited check, exact mind, almost two less on the skill, such as on the witty eloquence, natural world difference, even excited with cheat , no more words will be said Fish move. Unsolicited cherish hero hero, Charles Hung although when enemies get Geying treat heart, but this and other favorite characters, potentially speculative nature, eating Geying a bar, than we have everything obedient, obediently with the left, both the arm, after the station no place to walk, straight like Charles Hung and people fighting, they became friends as well and tried to mediate, he strongly urged the scene away. Flower Sigu saw on stage, know Geying scheming, Charles Hung fear fooled, human plot, Mangming two henchmen accomplices secretly tailNot to mention go peek. Two teenage fathers kept weeks wears his gilded relic lotus, his two brothers care in the middle, and as for the soil behind the empress eyes round wide open, his face showing a trace of surprise color Zhang, Pangu Chaos gods are mine first collide with Pangu streamers. Where will win in the end is, both sides can not be guessed. But the opening days of a thing, break open chaos, but it is an epoch when the Pangu ax comprehend supernatural magic bullet. Non Pangu a pulse can not use it. Well quite a while. Houtu empress just look better, under the soul, feel the thunder god are numerous road chaos Jian Qi broke open, hit the top of a Golden Bridge, although the last did not play a role, but it is a strong proof of the parties. 'Oh!' Houtu Goddess face became pale, his hands while chaos point in the world. I saw the world, cloud top pressure, flower pearls Ching Lin is now out, and towards the Zhu Xian Jian Zhen pressure down, but it is the year of chaos in the treasure, gave birth to the three realms of the first strongman Great God Pan Gu to chaos Ching Lin, countless In all this chaos Ching Lin Po transformed from progenitors of all things can be said, but the finest defensive weapon. The other side of the escorts and quasi mention Taoist Taoist now also seems to feel like one of the bad moment or two Amitabha. I saw a relic square escorts Taoist element of light, round after round of golden shine obscurity world, escorts buildings in the hands of God, but also constantly tapping the large array, each tap once, Zhu Xian Jian Zhen into the sky clouds are purple, but it is murderous reducing a point. The quasi-mentioned Taoist also reveals himself wears gilded, eighteen hand, twenty-four. Executive set Ying Luo canopy. Flower pot guts, blessing God pestle, Po filing, golden bell, gold bow, silver halberd, streamers, flags. Yuguang shake. Have all kinds of magic pound Zhu Xian Jian Zhen. Large arrayAmong Taishanglaojun other three brothers are secretly crying, I did not expect a moment underestimate the enemy today, actually trapped in called the Wu family left vein, is not a simple matter. 'I heard that in the hands of the empress, Wu Ying Zheng large veins, why not make the lower bound of the first, the first to occupy a place, when the return of the witch to be public, also good to have a place to stay.' Quasi-mentioned Taoist eyes a turn, soon out of an idea to come. Since the Wu family returned too early, it will not let Beastkin Luzhou North all family occupied, the Wu family must have a place to stay. Heaven balance, then the interior of the four saints have to maintain a balance, what is the most flat, natural triangular relationship. Even the powerful demon clan, Buddhism Union witch family can not. That Houtu empress nodded, waved his right hand above the main hall, the party emerged to seal, shiny jade, there Kowloon surrounded by top seal, engraved with 'mandate in the day, that life Yongchang' eight characters, it is a treasure passed emperor Yuxi country. Under Yuguang, but a group Occult Blood, chill of the air, filled the entire hall. Houtu empress gently Yi Tan, said: 'I fell on the fate of the Wu family of your body.' Then gash in front of the gap, throwing a hand, a golden light suddenly fell down Luzhou North club. Within Wa Palace, under the cloud bed, but it is kneeling two Taoist, a young and handsome, dressed in red robes, faint color grievances between the eyebrows; the other side of the flyover, looking gloomy, revealing his eyes from time to time hint of cold brilliance. It demon division Kunpeng demon division, just do not know who in the end is the story behind the next one. 'The disciples obeyed it wants as long as the demon teacher assistant sincere disciples will not pursue the matter then.' Lu pressure Taoist looking for a bitter, but also helpless, family hatred is small, the demonRevival is the most important thing, beyond the control of land pressure own mess. 'Roc, you have to remember that today has put aside the old nine, if you sincerely assistant, I am afraid I can not protect you too.'