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the first mountain Aries Red Cloud, the aid is actually the first mountain Aries own blood, taking the good with the Red Cloud causal, more importantly, to create some trouble for Red Cloud. The thought here, think of the original Miss Golden Tiger and press send sharp scene swallow dog days go jambudvipa time, if I knew all these words, their hands on more weight, and so need to worry about where that Red Cloud servant. The thought here, Roc was pressed on the apex of Tarzan did not know where to go to disappear. Suddenly a burst of evil wind blew open the chaotic flow of Sa thirty-three days on earth, it drifts toward the ground came upon a time. 'White Pond Daoxiong, you know good things Sunday, may have seen the first mountain Aries? Pindao the orders of the empress's to come for the first mountain Aries.' Demon division Kunpeng on gloomy faces, first emerged in a ray of sunshine, a sharp fine voice at the moment seems to have softened a lot. White Pond touches the hearts of shocked. Pending general ridicule, but suddenly heard the orders from Nvwaniangniang, also put down. But the look is still cold, coldly:. 'After Pindao since beasts towards Cang, set the zodiac, you have not seen the first mountain Aries the night I do not know where to hide, perhaps early meteorite body , otherwise, how could trick the demon streamers appear. The first mountain Aries have never appeared. ' 'No, the first mountain Aries extremely intelligent, but also to predict dangerous. Where there is so easy to lose their lives. Once upon a time in the land is still inevitable.' Suddenly the door went into a big monster, it Yaozu Story provider sheep. Gloomy face, glanced coldly demon division Kunpeng, sneered:. 'In the end people are afraid to die today for their own lives have become so obsequious to the' 'Well, if it is the empress pass book to come. I will not tell you this traitor. 'Business sheep sneered:' After the war Lich year, I almost his death to escape ill-Hill, all Luzhou avoid further north, in the days of the