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not beat him!'Skylight wind smiled and said: 'You just made two strokes, then crushed his non-defeat is not, just that the two strokes he has been unable to fight back ......'Chen Jian hurriedly shook his head and said: 'You are wrong, he blocked my two strokes, unusual calm, which shows his martial arts is not so far and I can just four strokes, although greater power after two strokes, but I think not necessarily. can beat him. 'Yun Tianfeng smile. 'Anyway, the sword in the palace without defeat at home, you still are the first person on this point, you have enough pride, and you look at those who are far away, on their attitude, only respect ......'Chen Jian looked to see if this time, although the crowd gathered a lot, but no one dares to speak loudly, and no one dared to hand pointing at.Read the crowd's attitude, Chen Jian can not help but laugh: 'Palace home known as the first sword, is indeed a well-deserved reputation, to see their place in Hangzhou, and you can imagine the general.'Yun Tianfeng sneer: 'Looking martial arts, nine Jianpai both fell on the sword has feared Palace Siu Hung, the chatter if chilling ......'Chen Jian Yi Tan said: 'How can it be just so, just that a few people are renowned the world over fencing masters, but willing servant living in partial testimony to the palace home of fencing there Harbourside trend.'Skylight cooled laughed: 'But you are intimidated by their power and influence.'Chen Jian Stern said: 'What is this nonsense we went to Hangzhou, and does not want them just to do a shorter length??'Skylight wind smiled and said: 'But we have done it for a long time playing on the lake, although the palace Shaoxiong encountered, only to hit a half-rack, not a close call on the loose?.'Weie Chen Jian said: 'That is because he in a hurry ......'Yun Tianfeng said: 'We can not have him in a hurry, and you're defeated prince sword, is not able to recover Wudang reputation.'Chen Jian somehow wonderfully authentic: 'how do you say it?' light laugh: 'foiled Jian Huang is the real you, you are single-handedly brought up Valkyrie, do not guess whether that person if you really Valkyrie Valkyrie not really sure he would cut, how God gave him seven type . ' Lu Ya haggard eyes deeply and said:. 'I do not know whether he is my master, Or maybe not..' Li Han's hand is always gently take the pulse of the landing Ya, calm authentic: 'I can only tell you that Valkyrie is by no means to be able to simulate cents, regardless of who that person is, at least not a replica cents.' Lu Ya soft ground looking down at his own feet do not speak, Li Han sadly said: 'Independence Day Du tomb wind has promised far and cymbals hand in hand.' Lu Ya body startled, Li Han continued:. 'According to the agreement, if the wind and Xu Du died not far in the other hand, our plan is going to continue to steal the magic Radial Fortunately dead, we only At that time a person needs to stop Valkyrie. ' She looked at Lu Ya said:. 'Does not need you and your master fight, as long as you had appeared, blocking his shot on the line to us.' Lu Ya Li Han stared and said: 'I have a question.' 'Ask.' Lu Ya mood seems upset, she shook her head, simply Bankai finger and said: 'If it can not know where six people who are the real horsepower tie, then by convention planners will catch three of them, Independence Day, Tomb gun just to deal with the remaining three ...... ' Li Han seven Bankai her fingers softly: 'So you need to stop Valkyrie.' Lu Ya scowled and said: 'Why can not you stop my master.' Li Han seems to be unable to find a reasonable excuse, lightly:. 'Girl, who has his own secret place, I can not sell.' Lu Ya gruntedBare, there are five beautiful red strips wrapped around his body, like a very kinky way, before the statue sat a middle-aged man, face as red dates, Huang Bi must mesh body clothing King Costume! Xuenv whispered: 'This is the old Duron, behind him for I do not know what gods ......'Duron saint laughed: 'Snow Snake how even this world do not know the first deity it is no wonder that the palace