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to the premise that he will never again risk using three poles Chuansong Zhen, first alone rather deep, to beat the world manipulator. Took two steps back, Du shocked wind stopped. Plenty of gas to a sound Oh man said: 'Little Princess, I said, do not take that thing 20 years ago and he was joking.' Charming female voice angry and said: 'I scare him and that, even if the princess to get a hair enchant everyone on his side of life, the princess will not dry.' The old man chuckled again twice before: 'I'm sorry the young man, as long as you can cut open my old man of gas, no need to use three Chuansong Zhen, we will reward you ten BI ring, used up to then reserved commemorate it. ' The other is that the name impressively acknowledged gas enveloped the city of ancient weapons, Du wind indifferent said:. 'Whiz' Sound man proudly said: 'Oh, my old man under the cloth, although there is no more gas is strong, but can be cut open my old man's ancient martial air curtain in the five-star status, I believe that no more than ten people, young people are you ready? ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I said, a deal.' Suddenly thrust his hand caught in the cut Shendao hilt, countless purple pubic parade began in the body up by the heel, knees, heart, heart, large free arms to arms at the elbows and then began to Before laying, Du whole wind left, looks like a purple crystal coated with a layer of the same. The old man's voice alsoTook to the floor of curiosity: 'What is infuriating?' Slamming bass, leaping from Independence Day Shendao cut in half an inch of white cloth wrapped. This distance is only half an inch short, Du gas figurative style that made even infuriating fairy fire can not destroy it crashed white scabbard was cut in half, scattering begins to rags. Du nothingness of space in front of the wind slowly cracked a black line, edge distortion. Soon, the scene began to collapse around the scattering of green branches off hinges, houses collapsed, and some scenes were not actually exist became a colorful gas Shentong still Hengzhang Dangxiong: look extremely heavy. About an Zhancha midnight, Tang Xiaolan Qiaochu Lu Meng Shentong vision has intrinsic pleasure, then suddenly between sword stab out! To know them both offensive and defensive, is to spend the most Shenzhan martial, the first thing this side of attack if not considered very accurate, a beginning to get an overwhelming advantage, then out of the offensive, defensive about his own consequential certainly weaken , the other can take advantage of. TANG Xiao bar fencing really quiet as at the child, such as moving from free, but see his Long Yang Chiu empty flash, once filled Huanchu Jianying, in this move, he has been through a Gong Meng Shentong about thirty-six large hole. However, one could hear the sound of Chichi Chi, followed by pole is a somersault spills out. Tang Xiaolan anxious on track, white, such as training, tightly close Meng Shentong vest, dust and sand on the ground roll Zen pain on man-pulled himself together, exhaled, for gold master said: 'good insurance, good insurance, but, after all, Tang Taixia prevailed up! 'So Meng Shentong income that half martial arts secrets, the most important part is to be used against the Tianshan swordsmanship, fortunately Tang Xiaolan make this move by his own Shizu Ling Weifeng The new tactics, it is many years after the death of Joe North sea things, coupled with changes in Tang Xiaolan, while Meng Shentong Shaolu pleasure when suddenly resorted to. Really killing him by surprise, he slashed the sword under his collar long beard, and on his gown punctured as many as seven. But Meng Shentong also really amazing, although he did not know this trick, they know how to learn the principles of Tianshan Pai sword, between that life out of the Eqing intends, actually give him 'day Luo step' with agility stage 'Dengyun track' came to dodge off, and move on to avoid the occasion, also resorted to 'Xuanyin means' Kung Fu, Xiao Tang sword bar bounced back a bit. Although the bombTang Xiaolan can not do nothing, but hand on his loin, coldly: '! My fingers say also sharp than the sword.'Coke rushed busy day changed, said: 'There, there, is the club's come to us!' said: 'But you know why I'm looking for that club it?'Coke Uranus shook his head and said: '! I do not know, just listen to the little club said to defense.' said: 'I am the anti-anti-Who??'Coke Uranus nodded and said: 'Yes!'Yan Mufei shocked a laugh: 'So I'm looking for, and he should not have named Kim!'Meal, then asked: 'Do you know how much you that club?'Coke Uranus busy shaking his head and said: '! I do not know.'Yan Mufei laughed and said: 'Is it?'Coke Uranus literally afraid to look at him laughing, busy: 'Yantai Xia mean ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'What is his name, what is it?'Coke Uranus and said: 'I know, his surname Kim, called ......'Waist suddenly has said: 'Really, I only know his name is gold, and the rest do not know, two is to kill me, I only know so much!'Yan Mufei a slight chuckle: '! Well, even if his surname Kim, he's going to guard me why?'Coke Uranus and said: 'Probably he knows you're looking for him.' said: 'He can be at home today?'Coke Uranus and said: 'I do not know, maybe, maybe not!' said: 'how to say these words?'Coke Uranus and said: 'We, nursing homes, etc. twenty-three never seen him!'Yan Mufei Light 'Oh!' Loudly and said: 'There is such a thing?'Coke Uranus and said: 'Do not believe you can ask another one!'Yanmu Fei said: 'No, I believe, so that you do not know what he looks like without it?'Coke Uranus and said: 'Yes, I do not know!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Who knows?'Coke Uranus and said: 'Only the First Pan Zongguan with ten nursing homes have seen him!' shook his head slightly and said: '! So mysterious, he should not be an ordinary person.'Coke Uranus: 'He never ending weekdays only or Snappers alone, he heard a strange disease victims can not see the wind ......'Yan Mufei slightly YizhengSaid: 'There is such a thing ......'Look Wei Han Ying said: 'Han Ying, heard of this disease it?'Wei Han Ying said: 'Can not see a lot of wind,