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short-sighted. That is really qualified bloomer bad? Nature is not, he is just a pawn Primus, had this piece is quite a successful piece, bloomer is taught illustrates made a great merit. Primus reward him a large Luo Jin Sin is not impossible, but unfortunately, he was on the land when pressed, that nailhead seven arrows book very insidious, who used to be sacrilegious nature, do not know the actual situation bloomer high Xing happy to use a lot, at the endKnow fooled, but it is too late, desperation, had enjoyed a decade of wealth, then reincarnated rebuilt. Since then nailhead seven arrows book began being known in the three realms, for such a vicious thing, naturally take precautions, therefore no one dared to start a feud with land pressure, but no one dared to use this nailhead seven arrows book . This stuff is too evil, who are used who are subject to the curse to see a late-bloomer, at the end not only to his own reincarnation rebuilt, is hard to establish their own country also usurped by others to go. That land pressure naturally know the consequences of using nailhead seven arrows of the book, but now also had to use, as long as the killing Kuangyin, jambudvipa also rudderless, will be, as long as get jambudvipa, their emperor cause there is half the battle, where also need to be afraid of what the curse. Miller says that the neutron cloud drifts to tour the Palace of Pitt, Pitt now tour the palace comes Tongtianjiaozhu explain Yuwen just finish the moment, since the door on a remake of the disciples returned after exhaustively supernatant days and restore the original lively Although there had been ten thousand cents to the scene when the DPRK, but not visible to the presence of three to five fellow Jin Ao Island Road Act of debate. People see the neutron cloud came, naturally know he was taught illustrates sects, suddenly all eyes red gas, not to mention the year cut the number of teaching illustrates teach master died in the hands of a single Zhu Xian four said it Tongtianjiaozhu Sword still some afraid of. 'Humph! Bitch good meat.' Kyo black bear born extremely handsome, open Xuepentaikou, laughing, with a burst of mace Gang Feng hands smashed down. It is the power split Huashan appearance, gas unstoppable. Longevity was shocked, hands flurry, could not help but shake the hands of the fakes quickly Pangu streamers, chaos Jian Qi saw a fight over, above along, actually emerged wind water and fire, as if the world were to split a gap in general, Chung countless places to wind water and fire. Taoist looking pale black bear, black bear as though he is fine, but it does not represent a very stupid, on the contrary, he is very smart, it is impossible to become immortal late payment figures. He had heard people say that people explain teach two sects, at the outset Destroys will send a Yongshou up, beating the actual situation, vent out large array of evil spirits, the second time he had sent up the main characters, therefore the first black bear a rush came. It was made up his mind, as long as one person killed himself after completing Shajie, entry and exit immediately, anyway large array is composed of numerous small array composed of these small array according to Zhou stars orbiting a big fuss to not know When will the second time it appears their turn. According to this calculation, is a can not lose the sale, where there is not the truth, the moment the first to jump out. He did not know, Laojun today not only to break the large array, but also to find some means of subglottic disciples things, critical time can be used to Lidaitaojiang good save a life under the disciples. So do not play by the rules, one up is the main character, after all, a big fuss in the end, the main front of people is getting harder. Laojun have to send people to send in accordance with the other front-line Destroys authentic. 'Bang!' A loud noise, chaos Jian Qi aspect fleet, the mace smash hit, and black bear is pale, hastily hid large array, looking forward to running fast Zhou stars a big fuss stand up. 'It is not