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idlers!'Green shadow sadly and said: 'Do not miss us?'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'I was very difficult and I do not miss the future, just an ordinary village women, coarse Levin light meal, to work hard to get to his own mouth!'Green shadow and said: 'We can do it for Miss!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Of course you can, but do not necessarily agree with Yu Xiang Gong, he wants is a pro Jingjiu parade housewife, since I keep him, they must do my duty, which is kind of fun, otherwise Yu Xiang Gong position today, where as those who want us to buckle down and bitter, so you must not be grouped my job! 'Green shadow and said: 'Then we had to take a Maopeng nearby, embroidered textiles, like the use of labor to feed themselves, since we never left the young lady!'Qiong Yao Yuwen intentionally a frown: 'Dear husband, how do you see?'Yu Shi Yuan is no way, shookLi Meng, a potential emergency, Jiang Ming is deliberately, they would have much real power, but suddenly out unexpectedly Ying thief, how can when? Just listen to the sound, the two soldiers, touching, Mars splash, the thief left tiger's mouth Li Ying were shattered, sun wheel Dangqi up, get rid of almost flew out of the body was shook several steps backwards. Thieves Wan Ying think the other side of this one, you know well, Yudai resist, the body has not been laid. Jiang Ming hit success, but do not neglect the potential long with this block, an 'Eagle take Rabbit', plus 'dial grass snake hunt' of the situation, both man and sword, flying over vertical chase. Ma Ying Zhen thief already left arm, the tiger's mouth disease pain, barely holding the moon and round, not force, to see a person Jianfei, scared rush, when vertical knife block, eating empty Jujian wave, crotch bang slid the knife, then stabbed distracted, oncoming swift falcon, very smart. Ying thief surprise, dazzling glimpse Jianguang, already imminent, knowing not spared, with the sun and the moon when taking the strong fight to round up, Jiang Ming Jianyi pierce the hands by the throat, homeopathic right I'll kill you so you can be less a mortal enemy, but the total catch Zhili not post vacant for too long, every two days I did not have a sworn enemy, is not it?'Compass Tan said: 'It is also true, though you live in a large desert, Known as the 'Desert Dragon', but the capture of 'Desert Dragon' mission will always fall on the shoulders of Zhili total catch, because Zhili total catch is the world's best to eat rice official, told the court in the eyes of the most Zhili Governor important for the same reason, I have a few disciples, has been acting as my deputy, I was going to die in your hands, one is of course the Zhili total catch them, you want to also add a personal grudge than official business, they will miss you? 'Mr Yam said: 'So I killed you did not use a tan Compass, vain provoke endless retribution hatred, I do not kill you, but I want you to know, I am not not kill you ......'I have to go, you give me a ride. 'He stood up and took Tan Compass.Compass Tan said: 'Futian Hao, how far you get out.'Mr Yam said: 'You would not mistake what I mean, so I let you give me a ride, it's just I do not want more hurt, not afraid that I could not walk.'Compass Tan said: 'I think as long as you put to me, you will never get out of this place.'Ren indifferent smile, said: '! Tan Compass, do not shock me, I do not have that courage blood of every man, not easily sword, and go,' he was going to turn around.Suddenly the blind man cold, said: 'Futian Hao, what you called a hero.'Ren shook his head slightly and said: 'Futian Hao dare call themselves a hero, a hero of the non-word too easily, and ruthless enemy Yong aggressive people, this is not a hero, with Daren, wisdom, Dayong considered a true hero!'That lame hum sneered:. 'Unexpected 'Desert Dragon' is such a coward cowardice of the total seats, no later then shut alien, and to deal with people beneath your identity.'Like the fact that he did not hear, like, pulling Tan Compass turned to four residues suddenly approaching a few steps.At this time, there have been