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, nor Jiequan, only shook his head and sighed beside. Zhou Ping dismount one, Farmers said, 'That black one name field, his father was reading some other place people on a five-year-old parents stained epidemic, have died. There are a large local Liu real life, see his family as well as dozens of acres of land. A neat little house, friendless, as though well-intentioned orphans, occupied the go. First year or two has seen how significant the third year to see no one had room, before and mean, and then abused, put black blue daily life. Black is small, but remember parents, know the subject of bullying, naturally sad, often when people go back to the grave to steal crying. Helpless age, size, strength is not in the past, no one dare to offend Liu for his cause, suffer pain for a few years, and now eleven years old talent, but a child born too brute force. Liu is large, many nephews, perennial beaten bully, call drink, others to be inappropriate, the recent bold black elder, known revolt, whenever unbearable, they fight back against the enemy, outnumbered, naturally suffer , black people never to complain, fortunately, there is a teaching Zushu Liu poor black one, every time he came Hezhu, Liu seedling know yet not. Zhou Ping heard the eye to see no less than, the occasion of their legitimate emergency, the other is a ho, I'm afraid to stir up trouble. Party hesitated, suddenly from behind the roll-out of a walking child, twelve years old, Zhou Ping said:. 'I have something now, and he can not get involved, the villain hid station I know you have something, but you That thing will never bear. I went to the Black Bull rescued, just as you and me all the way, other do not have control, then there are off the field. 'When he finished, not as soon as Dayan, he ran into a pile of children, have not seen How to get involved, then the black rescued from the crowd. See all the black kids were rescued him, the former kicked him swear. He did not fight back, only occasionally flash on it. Black see benefactor for his right close looked at me, I'm going to save him out anyway. You should not be near me. ' Du wind hissed: 'Valkyrie Valkyrie!!' He was seriously injured and was brought down to the ground Valkyrie also heard Du summon wind, slowly stood up, toward Willow day zero. Enveloped his body with hot air, turned out to be wanted blew apart and Yang Ying Liu zero days. Lu Ya cried and cried: 'Master!' Valkyrie cough with blood laughed:. '... The girl in the end each of us is your master, forgive forgive master chef who wants to kill you.' His hand has been gradually burning flame near Willow days and suddenly an invisible force from the defeat, Valkyrie body suddenly closed gas explosion would blow themselves up in smoke. Lu Ya screams, collapsed in the past. Du wind slowly to face the blue, staring destroy Valkyrie hand. With Yang Ying's body gradually dissolves, invisible seal second heaven is also exposed out from the Emperor's hand has been through out is which hand to use a little strength remaining, defeated the Valkyrie. Always looking to stay near zero Yang suddenly rushed up, shaking violently and Yang Ying Liu zero days, trying to separate the two. Yang Ying hissed: 'Go away, you are the incarnation of the tree of life, will be absorbed!' Curiously, absorption Liu Yang zero day zero but then useless, but she pitifully weak force, they should never be put Yang Ying and Liu zero days apart. She still desperately shaking. Shaking shaking, Young zero to the body and turned it into the crystal clear to white color. Constantly shaking, she seemed dizzy, then turned down the days and Yang Ying and Liu who was asleep, the body slowly shrink, and then unknowinglyBecome a two-edged sword covered with colored glory. Yoo Ji-day hissed: 'Mystery is she sacrificed herself into a mysterious device, Independence Day, pick up the knife!!' That seemed to give the knife Du wind power, as Ray knife Gang and Liu days and positive cross hit the most heavily injured, he even stood up unsteadily ...... Heaven seal