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is also very rare. So here, although broad, but without the slightest signs of human habitation within the range of hundreds of miles, full of weeds, garbage piles. This circumstance was good for strong elders and others avoid a lot of trouble. At this point in the range of hundreds of miles, brightly lit, full of incandescent lamps lit with powerful, although during the day, but the strange thing is the air also has a thin layer of white mist shrouded in long flat top, but it is used to block satellite aerial specifically established. Strong good witch clan elders led hundreds of people, and his face looked dignified under construction opposite team. Wu family after finishing the transformation Chi big witch's blood, each looks Emotion strong, Kongwu very strong elder generation is good heavens witch strength, equivalent to the existence of anti-false, and the high justice, who has also been a In order to witch, the most surprising is everywhere, with amber Shendao role, this time is on the order to the witch, the witch clan elders to become good strong first master except generations, if cast from amber Shendao come, Di Jiang, who is probably the industry very carefully, otherwise it really possible with his Dao. However, there are a hundred people in the absorption Chi big witch essence and blood, body explosion and died, so strong and so good big witch who feel dejected, like the Wu family this on fertility is low, otherwise it will not be taken with ancient Terran such marriages Strategy offspring, although the cause of the impure blood. Mana is also far less than previous generations, butThere is always blood on the Wu family, supernatural chance of waking up is also great, and time is very short, magic, after practice, but also to achieve the level of big witch. But all this is a thing of the past, but now it is different, and the Divine billion people. Waking up hundreds of people, but also it can be said that each one is the Wu family to treasure, and now more than a hundred fold, and how strong shark skin' Liu Yang towards zero fat snapped: 'dead fat, you fast hands!' Liu fat bitter face and said: 'how is my ......' Young zero hum: 'handle big fish small fish, shrimp, fish handle ......' while quietly with eyes glanced Du wind two. Du and wind along the months since, she has been a great change in attitude has occurred. By Du silent at the beginning of the wind, into a pair of relaxed attitude. Independence Day Du wind breathtaking body that cold, Liu fat believers of this ulterior motives, is an invisible force of oppression. Yang has become the safest in terms of zero ice shield. Her only feeling is that as long as the wind and his DuKnife edge of death, he will be safe and sound all around you. It is a deterrent beyond all - Sense of security! In order to deter the strong force of others, lack of wind which often is DU gives people a sense of security protection. No matter how many people around the strong side, as long as the power of the day appeared strong hint of the gap, the people around him will collapse and disappear immediately. The wind gives people the feeling of DU, but it is as long as he breathe, the kind of protection force will never disappear. Young zero believe that even if that cunning fox Liu fat, but also must have this feeling. As long as there is breath of wind Du and Liu fat dare not playing any idea of ​​betrayal and use, the only thing they can do only loyal service. Lueqi breeze, Du Yang zero wind came around, did not bother her cheeks burning with a strange expression, but a touch of kinship Junior Road: '. E, bloodletting' Somewhat taken aback kinship Junior Road: '? E' immediately reacted immediately over, smile. Kinship supreme legend is then added to the end of the extradition would vampire king --D. Du wind with 'E' the letter to call him, is undoubtedly him as the King of Ghosts 'D' successor. Independence Day Du wind a praise, worth far more than the daughter. Excited to trembling kinship juvenile 'E' immediately cut their Wanmo to kinship 'You want to go the Jin Shiyi already perished inside the fish, how could his daughter dreaming, dreaming and you follow it???' Feng Lin picked up candlesticks, lit the candle, surrounded by a photo, did not find anything to lose himself, smiled and said: '! If so, I have to give something stolen, it may be a joke,' Li Qinmei suddenly exclaimed: 'Mom, I lost something:' Lin Feng surprised, and asked: '? You lost any' said: 'I am the head of the Okanagan Medical jade hairpin, yeah, here, here, how have to ? 'Feng Lin with her daughter's eyes looked and saw Flanagan jade hairpin upright on the side of the pillow, Li Qin regret:' I remember clearly, when you go to bed, I was old in the head! 'jade hairpin moved from things that can be proven that someone stole Lun been to this room, and Feng Lin no longer doubt their own vertigo, but the heart of suspicions even more aggravated. Who is this person? If Ji Xiaofeng, then, why he would pull her jade hairpin head down, but it does not take away? What does this mean? Feng Lin overthrew first thought, this person will not be Ji Xiaofeng! When the master of the world, only a handful, with their identities, if this capability, it will not open such a joke. Who exactly is this man? Why act so weird? Feng Lin side so puzzling! At the end of your mind already, sudden, I hear Bingchuantiannv cried: '! Aunt, come,' Feng Lin opened the door and asked: '? What' Bingchuantiannv said: 'You come to my room with, the occurrence of a ! strange thing, 'Bingchuantiannv immediately opened the door to see her daughter, strange, and asked:'? You have not slept yet, 'Lin Feng laughed:' I have here a strange thing happened, as if we had been to a Traveller . Here 'Bingchuantiannv more horror, said:'? Is it that we have someone there to over a 'Feng Lin Road' is notLost something? 'Bingchuantiannv said:' No, it is someone we have something coming. 'They walked that Bingchuantiannv then entered the room and saw the upper end of the book case stood upright one thing, it was stolen bird jade