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sleep, immediately dodge, though it is pounding a bite, but the end was injured. Ukrainian tannoy concentrate all, slowly stand up, said: 'Meng brother, just let the beat just right, but also the end of theHave fun, we are still continuing on the palm How? 'Slaps a shot, and then the sound of metal clanging issued a Mars scattering the crowd, I saw his red palms, they are just like the just-released iron in general, we are left aghast, trail:!' Is he really excel King Kong is not the finest soil footer? 'The original black tannoy not excel footer King, soil, for a period of Yin Wu wind tunnel, there is a production of silkworm from the sky, better than the best asbestos fire, but yield very little, he spent thirty-three years effort, the collected silkworm from the sky made a pair of gloves, but also sets out a very thin layer around the alloy gloves do not come out of thin, metal gloves to this color and flesh, like the others, and he thought he was really any His hands were burned by the fire, but he also sets although there can fire Tiancan Si metal glove inner gloves, metal gloves were burned red, such as high fever that still is not unusual for people in the martial arts can withstand So it's magic body care, although not as painful Zen Master or golden master 'but is also regarded as one of the first class. Meng Shentong not know his secret double gloves, to see him palms red, hot nine lovers, but also feel a little surprised since heart:. 'No wonder people say this is very strange powers Laoer really shows.' But he but also not afraid, light, said: 'Since you draw Road children, Mengmou fight is hair move it!' Ukraine tannoy trick 'Pegasus vacated', palms together out palm strike to the chest Meng Shentong , beat Meng Shentong shot to face the door, palm law also defended vicious tyrants also fills his pair of hot hands, if to hit him, would be equal to the red cross branding iron? Although Meng Shentong magical wand, but it can not fail to have a third of scruples, the current virtual beat beat, not whither layer gunpowder on a cover, according to the common phenomenon of acupuncture points, will also throw him to the top of gunpowder. Looked up and sawKou Fang Gao that class of people high on the hillside, the rocket shot to dense, but fortunately they spread in order to avoid, as far as high on the hillside where, in addition to Cole force Gao and several great master had sent, not the rest of the rocket to the bottom, they came to a place in the hillside. Once the sound of screaming everywhere, good and evil factions, there are a lot of people have been burned a rocket! This is a sudden unexpected event occurs, at once so that the audience chaos. Good and evil factions masters are Youjingyounu, have to force Gao Cole attack that class of people go! Kou Fang Gao led a large within forty guards and Guards generals, entrenched in a hilltop position above the crowd, condescending, still kept throw! At this time, Tang Xiaolan and Meng Shentong reached a critical juncture now, both in concentrate, deal with each other's attack, if a little one who is lax, they give each other the internal forces of shock death! Despite the spin around upside down, both of whom Jingsi blind eye and a deaf ear. There are few of the rockets falling around them, have already burning up the weeds, poor Fortunately, they have not burned body. That heap of gunpowder Rockets goal Jin Shiyi not spare, seeing Tang Xiaolan going to shoot rockets, the underground fire is also melting melting toward him off, leave immediately gunpowder heap, rolled into the fire among rolled them The next play quite a carp, jumped up, and even the general skill, palms were a plug, about a minute, at this moment, only to hear the bang bang, loud, and that pile of gunpowder had to shoot rockets Kou Fang Gao in an explosion at once! It is: take credit only for the reward, the disabled party then why not? Very smart, he used martial arts secrets in unloading force ingenious effort to force both sides to unload the two, had still not separated, but just at Emperor nursery those out, but in the end, but by virtue of its own instinctsHas, where what other supernatural powers, no land when the Virgin, although not as big demon that I existed in ancient times, etc., but also a disciple of sage, magic hands of cross-refers to as cut melon vegetable like the ten boy cut off his head, took his life. I land in the hands of the scepter, and it is thanks to the magic donghuang year. Heaven peep nursery to deter people. I saw an upright gas blowing from the scepter, like a giant top-day stand in front of everybody, the hearts of everyone shiver. Can not help a bit on the weak momentum. 'Cloud in hand!' Cloud neutron seeing his face while flushing, Ni Wan a move, the air suddenly come to form a white cloud, clouds, but we have into a big hand, big hands, but if there are numerous among the stars, the stars little bit. Stars horizon, as if the whole Zhou stars are now in control in their own hands, as in the hands of Zhou stars orbiting trajectory mysterious, as if in a proper way in which neutron cloud ^^ feel as if his presence at the moment there is a wide Avenue, the end of the road is a palace, while he does not leave the palace steps only. This palace is the Word. Cloud is the cloud neutron hand in attendance at the Tianzhu Mountain Avenue Zhen Fang explain realize the supernatural, although the power of infinity, but in the end is not enough Daoxing can trace borrowed power of Heaven. Is the limit of the neutron cloud. Upon seeing the immortal, as if at the moment stand in the endless emptiness, vast and ethereal, as if they share mysterious atmosphere, urging his soul growing, soul at the moment seem to be able to penetrate time and space in general, bring pressure for land The surge of prehistoric atmosphere, the moment has disappeared without a trace. Mysterious Grand Master took the hands Tiexuedanxin feet, loudly shouted:. 'The vast Heaven, help me tied to spiritual divinity, Chile!' Sound if the bells big Lu, looking mysterious Grand Master is flushing, Broken dome ten style ninth type - the world of impermanence! Fire circle Valkyrie Kuangtu blood, cried: '? Independence Day, which style can beat Heaven' Du wind lightly: 'Which type is not possible.' Valkyrie blood seems to have spitted his heart even to spit out the five internal organs, which mixed with a little bit of God, soul, clutching his hand wind Du said: 'Independence Day, I promised to take care of the girl, marry her wife. My soul is interspersed with hundreds of people to the soul, many people before this era, promise me that you are going to marry. ' Du wind indifference: 'You say to live.' Valkyrie miserable smiles: 'robbing God congregation Thirteen off, I'm dead.' He put his hand violently grabbed Du wind chest, the Du wind held up, a blood spray in wind Du body, the body that might no chou force, a little bit of wind penetration into the body to DU. Broken dome-style final ten style - runner. Each generation Valkyrie heritage through this way, Valkyrie has given up everything, he just would force himself to fully implement the body to go to Du wind, with the wind in hand Du overthrow God in heaven and even kill the Emperor, he was mad laughs : 'Independence Day, with this force, even King head and body fit, you have nothing to lose!' The head of a powerful force towards me, Valkyrie knees a soft, Du wind with extremely heavy fall he pressed into the ground. Du wind actually refused to force his own, he snatched the whip Butoh implanted Valkyrie's body, gossamer began countless microscopic eye constantly connected to God Valkyrie remaining soul, Du cold wind tunnel: 'The power is useless Valkyrie. You want to know how to kill the Emperor it? ' Valkyrie constantly coughed up blood and said: '! Robbed out, destroy all thirteen God, Heaven must' Du wind lightly: 'This rumor come from?' Valkyrie cough and said: 'From the year when the second generation of heaven Princess Tin Ying Liu was born, while a number of tree of heaven heaven princess was born, but some fruit from the tree of