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but as the first step of Hongyun like electricity shot out. 'Chasing, how far he can not escape.' Garnett looked white flower red clouds in the sky around, shouted:. 'He did not have much strength now, not to mention that the clouds are not so easy to consume more than we Sword much more. ' 'Yes, Big Brother was right, but look at the direction of his flight southIf let him out of the continent, on the ocean, numerous scattered repair, we will have to suffer chase. This person is crucial, and must not stay. 'Spooky black Garnett said. It also asked out from the side of the mouth of the whereabouts of Hu Mei Chen family too! Polaris bible is more important. No matter what point, must be caught Zhen Fang. Do not know how long the flight, appear no longer Zhen Fang foot mountains, no longer debauchery, no longer skyscrapers. Instead rippling, endless sea. Zhen Fang is the first time I saw the sea, except seagulls flying, except for the occasional visible outside the wheel, and dotted on the island right into every ocean, but never seemed to not see any color. But even if there are other colors, Zhen Fang did not appreciate the effort. Behind with four head witch, as if eating like Viagra or drink blood, like, like a sticky skin like sugar, stick behind, thousands of miles away from the River City, has been tracked here, actually the moment did not stop. And this time with a single step Zhen Fang Red Cloud has become clouds, one to the air, the wind speed is great, white clouds, wind and drift, a lot of effort, although the speed is down a lot, but we are not consumed not less, not to mention, the first step though clouds, but the clouds are not considered, as long as the clouds, even the lowest grade of clouds, but also faster than your Sword flight then a star on the slightest. 'Damn it, like so many people do not follow the line was ah! Even if he relaxed point, but after all, not gods, really towards to the North Sea, to cangwu twilight, the moment can travel all over the world. They have to find a way to this monastery buried underground explosives, fuses connected Eight Ruanta he goes, but really?'Black guy startled by startled, said: 'There you are anybody actually dynamite??'Yanmu Fei said: 'Listen Xiaodan Hong said, but then listened to your words, I understand that it is nonsense Xiaodan Hong, Han Ying, wait a minute!'Turned into the temple, just listen to the monastery where he slammed repeatedly, and shortly Yanmu Fei came out to defend Han Ying said: 'Eight Ruanta I have been ruined, let's go!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Mu Fei,Something ...... 'Yanmu Fei said: 'He is here to stay, let him fend for themselves!'Carrying Xiaodan Hong walked out.Through the backyard, over the front yard, a huge mansion in the village, the night knowing, Jingmei then saw a man!Just out of the gate, street shadow flashed three people, one after the first two, is azurite, with two lusty young Hanako.Azurite a hand appear, and immediately came forward quickly, said: 'Yantai Xia, is for him?'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'azurite, have you a great service.'Azurite saw a Xiaodan Hong, said: 'You are not saying what he was not very young?'Yanmu Fei said: 'a lot of his sin, beauty with wood, so it appears that people still like thirty promise.'Shiqing Cong Ming, is that through, said: 'It was a good full of him, I cut off his ......'Han Wei suddenly remembered that there is in Britain, blushed, busy turned away and said:. 'This guy took it.'Two young Hanako crashed forward, took the Xiaodan Hong.Yan Mufei saw an azurite, said: 'I put him temporarily send in your Fenduo, the left Lingyange future site of worship in the days of the souls of all the Friends, do not hurt him, understand?'Dan Qingyan too do not understand! Busy blushing nodded and said:. 'I know you will do well.'Wang Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei turn said: 'Han Ying, then they had better sit Fenduo go?'Wei Han Ying said: 'Thank you, Ray Fenduo should go to the main.'Azurite and said: 'That's not when, welcomes two to sit.' Turned to lead the way.Yan Mufei busy: 'azurite, Wait, one more thing light, teacher and student were just break down. Looking at the Orient that a trace of red, Zhen Fang explore breath, move over Zao said: 'If today dimensional door closed, we had no comprehension Terran tragedy comes, no tragedy could not break through a few of several important comprehension mark. Other major sects are used artificial methods tragedy, but that method is good, but it is gone Xia Cheng, a pulse as a teacher, do not walk tragedy, and go merit. ' Zao heard surprised and said: '?? How to earn merit teacher merit,' said the merit of the illusory, Zao naturally toOne asked the. Zhen Fang smiled, just a move Ni Wan, Zifu among the colorful brilliance sky, the entire River City are printed up half the sky, but the blink of an eye, they close up. Although the blink of an eye is also stunned to Zao to mouth Dengmu stay, good long while before they woke up, speechless said:. 'Really powerful master, Lord Buddha, I am afraid there is no such power and influence of the Master, you merit it is how come, go so badly. ' Zhen Fang is not hidden, the thing itself that again, Fang sighed:? 'I'm different from you, I always had a feeling the stones in Red Cloud, the spiritual son listened to Green's remarks, uneasy hearts , in thinking about how to break one off Red Cloud, and later a lucky coincidence, it broke through the Red Cloud, dragon form saver. As a result, it touches gives you experience in your future practice, we must also carefully accumulated merit we go. ' Zao Lianlian Chen is also frowning, said:. 'According to the Master's words, to break through the Red Cloud saver actually want so much merit, looking to the future, where the disciples' Zhen Fang laughed: 'merit actually on your side nothing worth mentioning, since you do receive my apprentice, not less of you..' Then remove the seal to the party, it is 'Siming Yangtze Aquarium India.' Delivery and Zao said: 'This is what I got in the middle of the Yangtze River underwater treasures, give you today with a use, if what you are after when shock, resulting in a great loss of efficiency Lianqi terms, this is called 'Shen harsh intractable.' Three stars above ancient weapons, you can master the skills to see through the low-grade ancient weapons neifu airflow operation. Du wind more do not even look to see, touch hands alone, you can zero in vivo induction into the Young traces of old bones tendons staggered, I do not know how many times hit neifu received. This stubborn girl, which is very courageous, and who fight it really is not life. Logically, this ancient weapons, this should have become a basket case. She did not destroy, purely because of luck. A handful of ancient weapons, the body has other ancient weapons are no character. For example, can automatically absorb others infuriating 'absorb'; able to position itself into evil, destroy all the feng shui FIGHTING 'breaking Phoenix'; said to be able to use ordinary ancient weapons can not use the UnderworldBreath 'Rahu.' This girl's body is more special, it is difficult to meet a number of years, 'Terry.' 'Terry' Ancient Warrior constitution, the body of the tendons and bones, have a self-limiting automatic reset function, is all ancient weapons magical dream physique. Du wind had no special physical, but twenty years ago tragedy, destroyed his tendons and bones, but is also part of Xian Qi Du wind desperate struggle under digested, Xian Qi absorption qualities, into Du wind into the body. Du wind will also become has 'absorbed' constitution ancient weapons. 'Absorb' Not only can absorb each other's infuriating, even the constitution can be absorbed. To once again become invincible ancient weapons, we must first rebuild tendons and pubic region, to aid the absorption characteristics, the 'Terry' physical absorption Yang zero over, is reshaping the easiest and quickest way gilded. Du wind suddenly thought of this sad moment, twenty years ago, he has also met an ancient warrior 'Terry' constitution, that person is the only woman in his life - Yang Ying. Young zero a little thought