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said: 'Yes, many cloud home population, although we are not afraid, but a fight, and those who will inevitably disturb, running around barking, I used Magic will of his family were in a coma, you catch those three old guys, can interrogate them quietly. 'They act separately Needless moment, Jin Shiyi they found that incense Court, trace tile back, close the roof, inward spy. The three men although martial arts master, but Jin Shiyi dodge excellence, how can I let them hear the slightest sound. Court yard and saw a total of four people, the three old guys sitting at a table near the window, facing the pond in front of each soak up an alliance tea, lotus pond, lotus fragrance, gorgeous scenery. Jin Shiyi dark laughed: 'This surname cloud really know how to enjoy the old guy, quite elegance of it.' In the cloud that now stood beside the man, seems to be his housekeeper, just come in soon, intrinsic said: 'This Multi-runner was sent to help the county magistrate, accounts have been collected, the county master with LST please donate a little money. 'The butler is his apprentice, good management accounts, overnight report to him. Cloud now groan mouth tea, light, said: 'This should be, it will donate five hundred and twenty you take tomorrow, asking them to use my name, to be distributed to the poor hands, you give me monitor, do not let them embezzlement. . the 'Liu Erchun haha ​​laughed:' Cloud brother really good long benefactor five hundred twenty one held the money shot is generous, generous 'Wan should be said:.'.! I said cloud brother would be a man is true. county magistrate gave him a reminder accounts, poor households can not blame him. He pulled out a hair so ago, there are many people should be grateful to him. Liu Brother, I think you should also learn to him. 'Cloud now haha ​​laughed: 'Give what you said, I rather like the fame, the hypocrites.' Wan should be busy: 'my brother do not suspicious, I just admire this approach Dude, I heard that quite a number of self-proclaimed chivalrous