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meal! 'hand from the turn off to Lu Tao phosphorus forehead lay, Lu Tao phosphorus was he compelled to use a' bend Willow 'The agility, overlooking the waist and turned oblique flash, Jin Shiyi precisely to him that, but to hear the' Bu 'is heard, Tieguai been heavy on his ass struck a note, fortunately hip muscles rich, Kim Se Heritage also not spend Genelec, Lu Tao phosphorus also suffer withstand, but also pain Wawataijiao. Lin Sheng see brothers humiliated, furious swiftly, he was proud of the way people looking disciple, Lu Min Zhan previous generation of 'Jiangnan Seven Chivalrous' among Merry Xiaojiu, and since the Thai government and drive par, Lin Sheng just like his master that year, but see him in anger, waving a pipe Yu Xiao, is still wonderful agility, Xiaojiu freely, not impatient chaos, launched a school of acupuncture superior tactics, his martial arts in Mangshan faction among the third generation of his disciples finished fourth to join the fray, power surge. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'Well, playing a little taste, there is a yet why not come together??' It never came up in a prison but Shaolin Temple Master hundred humble pupil mound Nguyen Giap. He is a guest identity, did not want much, now see four disciples Mangshan School and Tianshan Pai's not Jin Shiyi opponent, but also with his name Sok Jin Shiyi war, no matter how good his virtue, can not stand, the moment said: 'Jin Shiyi, you both so furious, I let you to experience means I Shaolin disciples.' He does not have weapons, volley leaps to Jin Shiyi will hit a record since Bodhidharma, a thousand years years, through continuous improvement of ancient monks, power of the strong, unparalleled. This mound yuan A pupil but Shaolin Temple prison, but see his stature together Quanfeng already come face to face, Jin Shiyi used a 'primer' Yu tactics, along smoothly, the sense of strength suddenly Shazhu, Jin Shiyi want to 'leveraging the power' was not successful, but give him a Bianzhao arm of a street, fist suddenly called cross inside. Jin Shiyi do not need me . donated medicine with 'It is: Who can make magic surging day? Mang cold carnage everywhere. This time is dusk, sunset, such as blood, Cao Kinji losing streak a few games here, everyone frustrated, southern Tang body after day thinking: 'Just pointing secretly ice E Jin Shiyi man if he should have already appeared, ? Is it really dead Jin Shiyi 'golden master stood up, slowly said:'! Meng donor, if the donor gave a courtesy sleeves just beat up, and now you come to experience the magic masterpiece 'does not see how he runs as if, but only to say these words, he already to field the heart. Golden Master and pain is the martial arts with Zen Master of Mount Rushmore, and driving par decades, never fight with others, a play, really is no trivial matter, once the audience's eyes are focused on him´╗┐Body, feelings are like a bowstring tight shed to Zen Master as pain in this field, when the contest began, and Meng Shentong clap covenant has been slightly under the wind, if defeated Meng Shentong golden master in this case, the Zen Master painful than the last count field, most also bear could not persuade, and so this is a golden master duel Meng Shentong not only face death and the Central Plains martial arts, but also a battle of life and death! Meng Shentong said: 'Master look, Mongolia wing, real sense Rongchong effort if not the Department, but also look pointing..' Palm drew a half circular road, slowly introduced to the 'pointing' This word export, Zhang Shi suddenly intensified, Thunder sufferings, he spoke very politely, this beat but no mercy, he established the heart to try golden master the skill, using magic Wisdom firmness and flexibility than just deal with Xin Qi duo, the pure power of masculinity with the Jingang Zhang, even better than a bit. Golden Master towering mountain, until he got left palm is also zoned semi circular road, seemingly without a focus on gently captures, Meng Shentong just like the wind in the branches like, shaking a few times, one after another Quit three