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sister apprentice. 'Gu Zhihua helped her a drink Ginseng, her breath for a while, again, said:' The second thing, this, this, I'm stronger than you, or is difficult, and you, and you would be willing to promise you, But, I, I have to say it is! 'Gu Zhihua said:' But please tell senior sister apprentice, no matter what embarrassing things, fire and water, without any hesitation! 'Cao Kinji said:' The school is one of six martial Chia, you both agreed to take over the head, and I hope you pay attention to the identity of the head of Mangshan faction, not to dealings with that devil! 'Cao said Kinji struggled out of breath, stared at her, cough incessantly. Gu Zhihua one, of course, referring to the devil knows her but Jin Shiyi, can not help Xiuyou angry cross from the heart said: 'senior sister apprentice assured that my life will never get married! 'Words to say, but back tears, the heart, such as cutting Cao Kinji cough a few times, smiling, said:!' This, I feel relieved, but not marry well, which do not have ...... 'was about to say something, Suddenly get the wind and rain, the noisy sound like Cao Kinji surprise:. 'What's the matter? Is, is Meng Meng Shentong came to kill? No, not the kind of thing, right? You, you call Qin MeiAsk the. 'Cao Tang Xiaolan Kinji Although it is true, but today's war, the relationship is too big, she was sick in the vertical hill, a sign of trouble, he could not help but suspect a ghost doubt God. Gu Zhihua not yet out of the door, only to hear the self Aviva has shouted' senior sister apprentice, 'hit the door in a hurry to Japan Cao Kinji busy and asked:' Aviva, what? 'Bai Yingjie out of breath and said:' Cao senior sister apprentice, overjoyed overjoyed! 'Cao Jin children and said:' Hi come from? 'Bai Yingjie said:' That Meng Meng Shentong is not to survive, let's wing brothers personally gave him a Tieguai! 'Cao Kinji spent a certain, said:' His words really? 'Bai Yingjie said:' To be sure, it has been reported that Ping Qianzhang news came, they then went to Tang Taixia! ' clean white clouds emerged in the body, holding Zhen Fang Ping, on the Ni Wan, also emerged a fire red gourd, wisp of mist from Hulu Kou Zi Fu Zhen Fang slowly injected into being. And slowly but under clouds ass red, do not know how long, maybe one or two days, perhaps a year or two, becoming reddish fog, fog throughout the bedroom, the Zhen Fang tight wrap tightly in which, unseen among the actual situation. After quite a while, the fog among the whales seemed like a suction in general, have invested in one of the black hole, a moment, a houseful of Hongwu was sucked completely. Zhen Fang proceed carefully scrutinize the gourd, the old gourd, red paint, and a little mottled, do not know which is the product of the times. If not Zhen Fang at the chance knife pierced the fingers dripping a drop of blood on it, I am afraid it is impossible to know gourd Zhen Fang magic lies. Hongwu cleared, Zhen Fang went to her bed desk, in a pile of antique books have been out of a slightly open, a piece of paper fell on the desktop! The next morning, went into the Bao Zhai Dong Wenqing, there is not even found Zhen Fang, Dong Wenqing bit annoyed and shouted: 'Little prescription, you're dead gone!' Zhen Fang suddenly appeared in front , smiling, said: '! Dong Gong, you really are right, I was going to resign it to you.' Zhen Fang Dong Wenqing was the sudden appearance, and his words startle the half speechless, stunned for a moment, then asked: 'You say you want to quit?' 'Yes, director of public, I can not help you much help here, but also make you lose old, I think I'll forget to resign.' Zhen Fang said, laughing hall go forward.Dong Wenqing anxious, Zhen Fang is his Treasurer Yeah, how could he allow Xufang Chen Sou yet. Dong Wenqing stride caught up, piled face smirk, 'Zhen Fang Yeah, is not what the difficulty, and Dong Shushu talk about.' 'No, thank you, director of public!' 'It was not anything against low pay it? You have to appreciate the difficulties uncle Yeah, antique street and everyone we do not make