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hint of surprise on his face, but more anxious and afraid, suddenly face a change, said:? 'Sister, why you promised Red Cloud ancestors Na Zhang Zi Ran it is just a mouse enlightenment, how Sister Woman She can be worthy of your body? You know, that place the Queen Mother of the Jade Emperor. Although very distinguished, but the cause entanglement, if the glue of this cause and effect, even if you quietism my mother. But I can not have you quietism of the body. You do not know if I can get through this amulet. ' 'Brother filtering.' Three Virgin faint:.. 'Red Cloud ancestors pedant calculations Warriors of Heaven, and then goes on purple is his disciple, how could let him Gods Zhang Zi Ran Although mice, but can be received as Red Cloud ancestors disciples, How is the ordinary qualifications to be made, he is a saint disciples, identity is not much worse than you and me. He did not marry with the bad. touches brother, and then forged a causal Monkey, Monkey King has now is a quasi-saint mid to master, and his brother once hit. have to be careful to do. ' 'Sister, I'm doors law enforcement, some things can not quibble.' Yang Jian sighed. Physique of a move toward Yuquan Hill Jinxia hole away. And behind, three of the Virgin's face is showing a trace of melancholy. The Tianzhu Mountain, the immortal gathered Kongxuan's first sitting in the remaining nine fox demon, who have followed and sat down, while the opposite is sitting with four dragon. No wonder the good fortune sects are rushing over. 'Wandering outside the family division, two retreats wife also ponder the Dharma, but please forgive me four Dragon King.' Kongxuan looking indifferent, a sweep of the four dragon, four dragonCame naturally understand Kongxuan ground truth. Today Dragon for archosaurs blood, had already spread the Three Realms, how does the whole world come to meet dragon blood attributed to universal archosaurs. 'Dragons did not dare. Touches dragons is not the time to come, just do not know when to return Hongyun saints, dragons and said: 'Naturally, I am coming.' Yoo Ji-day climbs quietly, stroking the cheek and said: 'Only the Valkyrie, the world is now covered by the law upon a time, all thirteen of God, God fifth beast, Valkyrie ......' Valkyrie lightly: 'At this time also scruples, Valkyrie policy only stronger than God, Once upon a time in the law of God, I can not afford to fight the beast.' Yoo Ji-day bite: 'Flying the third, fifth beast God, God beast down we will kill it!' Suddenly a voice shouted: 'No!' Liu Ji days can not help but surprise, they actually prevent Yang zero, she frowned and said:. 'Why not.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'beast power of God in the world how much?' Yoo Ji-day breaking a finger and said: 'Thirteen God congregation, except Mans God and Valkyrie in the world can play two to three percent of the power of God in their play than other semi, do you think me and Lee Why hide among the world. ' Young crazy zero body trembling, cried: '! No, no, no.' Fluorescence gradually expanded to become one side reveals a strange light in the mirror, just pointed at the skyGod beast, beast God seems very fear this mirror, holding out a concealed animal claws. Du Feng, who also figure among greet mirror, you can see the faint fluttering of the energy body, Du wind shadow shaped like a knife, Li is a crimson heart, valkyrie as gentle fatherly hand of God, but the beast is an art of war. Yoo Ji-day gazing in the mirror, then looked at the sky beast God, slowly nodded: '! Well a soldier of God, false is false, almost on him when' Zero's body still trembling, sobbing hide his face and said: 'No, no ... Yoo Ji-day road her tightly in his arms, sadly sighed:. 'Indeed not, princess of heaven, God in heaven, top fighter, are not you a little woman a mere' She then his back to the day, thundered: 'Weiqing, you son of a bitch this turtle to the princess out ......' A large macabre satire sprang from her mouth, everyone stared, I did not expect this temperament elegant dancing posture has little fairy princess, actually