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Xian Qi can stimulate the body's ancient weapons fierce resistance, but only a negative role in the aspirations, the two five-star ancient weapons a hit even by his collapse. Scarface scared all wet crotch, managed to lift his hand fierce slap slap, exclaimed:. 'Du Du ...... predecessors, I did not know was there, and I do not stoop to this rubbish.' Scarface approached Du wind, cold tunnel: 'Get up battles, I have no angry!' Sin fire hot or give Du wind caused no damage, he was hit in the right arm almost fairy fire front has been unable to wield, if Scarface'm desperate courage, perhaps born out of a day to Bo doubt. Scarface where dare battles, Guikulanghao authentic:Mercy mercy ...... ah! ' He hugged Du wind feet, lick boots Du surface wind in order to save your life. DU has no cut Shendao wind hands, he reached into the back, remove the set of white wrapping into the scabbard, eyes now intended to kill Bi Road: 'like a dog on his knees linger guys, how are eligible say Warrior passed away! ' Scarface scared there rolling on the spot, just roll the foot fee. Scarface looked fees feet, suddenly picked up like a straw wildly, his eyes shining mad cried: '!! Fees, kill him and kill him.' A total of four members of the squad to hell, and the old man is dead , Scarface injured lying on the ground unable to move, and the remaining three-star paltry fee. However, in the case of wind Du also lost infuriating, ancient weapons charges which were mere three-star, has become a key figure in the decision to the whole situation. Masked girl look like ice, it seems that all this has nothing to do with her before, fee shudder, to farm. Scarface haemorrhagic mouth, shouted: '!! Do not close to him do not come near him before you have rocket launchers, bazookas bombers with him, and now he can not afford to suffer the power of rockets.' Indeed there are just wandering in front of the city to resist the massacre of civilian rocket launchers, fees hesitated, stooped to pick it up, the muzzle aimed at Du wind. Du not in this tree ? 'followed by the tree on the ground, to the top of the tree, Lisheng Nan poke leaves, there is a sunken place on the trunk, Lisheng Nan by hand by a rotation around a few times, the place looked, suddenly emerged in a hole, gold World Heritage look, turned this tree is hollow, Lisheng Nan cried: 'For me it really found it..' waiting on the tree to drill into the macaroni. Jin Shiyi too late to ask her, had followed her inside. They display their power gecko, close to the trunk slowly descended to the earth when it, I saw a look in front not the end of the tunnel, dark, cold sink, but with a somewhat secretive terror. Lisheng Nan took out a bunch of glowing pearl, one can see the land around Chixu, whispered: 'Into Go!' Jin Shiyi stood motionless, coldly: 'Katsuo, this time you still refused to actually say to me, ?? it is not until you've been here, 'Lisheng Nan laughed:' If I have been to the island, do not you come with me, 'she remembered seasick Jin Shiyi thing, indeed a late there had been sailing experience. people, heart suspicions heavier, asked: 'You do not come over, how to find a place to get this secret.' Lisheng Nan laughed. Jin Shiyi snapped: 'I take the risk of their lives, and to accompany you come perilous secret martial arts, you have everything to keep me, I will be treated as an outsider Well, now you can go to the perilous secret martial arts.Hands down, I tell you useless place, you would not say the truth, I do not want perilous secret martial arts, we broke this: you go inside. 'Lisheng Nan took one with him, smiled and said:' What do you want students so much gas? A few days ago I also doubt find this place, you can now say to you. 'Paused, suddenly changed inch heavy tone: slowly said: martial arts is not perilous secret hidden in here I was to find that weirdo.' Jin Shiyi taken aback, and said: 'Go Frankenstein? ' made:' The future is a curse is a blessing, and I know the end and if so the wrong people, and we all can not escape life I do not want to hurt you, if