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out of two steps forward, only to stabilize the stature. Lisheng Nan hurried over and asked: 'how is it?' Jin Shiyi said: '! Nothing, but it was unexpectedly light sword' sword out of the pin, once in a dark cavern emerged a glaucoma, peripheral within thirty feet of all one can see, it goes without saying waved Jin Shiyi, a quick rub heard, Xiaoduan a stalagmite, a thorn cliff again, stabbed numerous stone night falls, a few inches in depthPull out, the blade is no trauma, ecstasy Jin Shiyi said: '! Really a sword, I'm afraid that day than the Longjian by Don Sharp also much' Lisheng Nan laughed: 'You turn the sword in the sea lose, this sword with just your 'Jin Shiyi said:.'? This is the stuff of your home, how I can 'have to take it to the Lipan Gui. Lipan Gui eyes stare, micro anxiety, said: 'World Heritage, you are my nephew-in-law, is also regarded as the Li family is my people, but also points you I do what I have the well-known one-man bronze? without using the sword, you leave it. 'Jin Shiyi really do not want to suffer the Li family of grace, but was Lipan Gui say, dreaded decline will cause his suspicion, had to accept. Lipan Gui said: 'Qiaozu division of the two treasures are hidden here, presumably martial arts secrets is hidden in here, and we continue Ji it.' Jin Shiyi I thought, if Ji to Joe North sea martial arts secrets, and that they is a hundred times better than the dry times of the two treasures. The spirit of the moment everyone hanging shaking continued Ji found, almost to the grotto over, still less than the slightest Ji buried as described. Jin Shiyi sword and striking the sides of the cliff, to test the dozens, are not hollow place, Lisheng Nan said: 'Do not try, Qiaozu division if the martial arts secrets buried here, he certainly will not let us fuss Ji blind, vain, ' said:.' Yes, teacher then left the drawing, the guidelines we enter the grotto, the two treasures, he is willing to let us close at hand and won, if martial arts secrets buried here, He wanted to leave a mark on the 'Hello big tone, and I thank her for her kindness!'Yanmu Fei said: 'That would not have to, as long as she can appreciate the main door for 'Golden Gate' sake, for the sake of the main door, I think it is enough.'Huang Yiren children and said: 'That is how to say?'Yanmu Fei said: 'In her mind, the main door is God and not man, is also a bit Marie Pink, Heroine amazing woman, and now insists the main door, the rate should not have to deal with them to deal with a person to do that should not be done She certainly would not agree. 'Huang Yiren children Jiaoqu startled, and said: 'How you mean?'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said:. 'The door Lord, Zhu Di usurper to stand, people's minds in the world of martial arts, was a fairly heroes, still think highly of him.'Huang Yiren children frightened voice said: 'This is for you ...... this is greenstone you say?': 'The main door, to people I do not know, unless Mo is, even if the girl did not say greenstone, after falling, as they conceal the main door which had who?'Leng Heng Huang Yiren children, said: 'Good slut, she dare ...... the more serious crime, MO million dead redemption me tell you, I hide from anyone, I did not fear anybody know!!' said: 'This is now the main doorLike merit guilty, who Guan Dele main door? 'Huang Yiren children: 'You say this door greenstone active?' said: 'You can even say that there is grace.'Huang Yiren child princess suddenly smiles tenderly, but sounds terrifying, long, long time, she lived grabbing tenor laughter, looking cold Yanmu Fei said:! 'With short, this is how you say 'Golden Gate' thing, I was the main door, I have the right to life or death, I see who would control? Who controls? ': 'The main door, the birds do, good bow, the main door boast emotional moment, do not to do things, do not got to kill people, even if it can become, the main door to get what they think of the Central Plains martial arts secrets?? ? wise as those who do nothing without the main gate to think? 'Huang Yiren children and said: 'That you know?'Yan collapsed down, a handsome face was beaten generals and Independence Day is not a humanoid, but they just nonchalantly Ghosts laughed and said: 'My body still the flow of her blood, then IFor children and grandchildren to say, your body's blood flow with Yang Ying, ha ha ha. ' His laughter seemed like vampire blood effects like infection, Du's face turned cold wind also smile: 'If it was not the shadow of a blood transfusion to save you, to let you die and everything is gone.' Ghosts Hey smile: 'I am romantic chic immortal.' Distance came the cool and bright laughter: 'There I was, you this kind of thing people die ghost dare call themselves handsome.' Xu Yuan solidified as stone body finally reaction, just a moment, like a fountain of blood from his body like a lasing out of the hands of Golden Spear also fully opened, and was runner fairy shrouded cents after Who does not know the fairy world within what is a fierce battle took place, and now, the consequences of fighting finally manifested in many distant body. Xu Yuan injured. Runner immortal body has changed, one after another small depression in the body presented as bullet after lasing, beaten everywhere metal target as soon runner immortal body had been covered with bullet holes, had strong body, as if cut by a bullet tissue in general. It did not die, but screams. Xu Yuan did not ignore the runner immortal, but leering at the King of Ghosts said:. 'Do not try to touch Yigenhanmao, is my' Ghosts quickly to understand the intent of Xu Yuan, Guixiao said:. 'It means to see who's high, anyway, this Independence Day is not going to compete with us, and for the blood of your body do not waste.' Ghosts from the promise in a far away place stretched hand, Xu Yuan body's blood is like being invisible attraction just hold general, straight to the vampire king of mouth going, Xu Yuan discoloration suddenly said: 'You're damn vampire. ' He and hold the wound to the King of Ghosts, behind the wheel fairy groaned:. 'Kill kill me ah ......' Xu Yuan thing, totally inconsistent with the character of Independence Day. Luo Feile crazy twisted arm, shouted: '? Come on, said Du wind where you put him how the' Poor effort Ke Leizha only moan: 'He, he wounded!' 'Wounded! Ah, you have these despicable dirty stuff what dirty tricks to let him hurt!' Ke Leizha body skeleton is Luo Feile almost every twist loose, even said anything at the strength was gone too. In the distance, a large group of people are ready to hand down a welcoming ceremony, frantically running to save their mayor.  grunted:. '. Oh, want to lean more to win, it really is a group of extremely outrageous things that make you enlighten me on my bad.' Her body is automatically charged ions wander up, and on the side of the invisible communications network connection, to the main control room of days within the walls gave the order. The three consuls control room while robust, instructions shown on the screen is 'deformed.' When the wind is still Du desert oasis, saw through the final days of wall deformation capacity is unlimited. But the wall of distortion means day is not perfect, there are only three modified forms are available, desert tanks and giant aircraft carrier is one of the more mature form of the two. Today is already a carrier such as a wall form, if the change in the sea to form a desert tank, will immediately Gululu together all the people fell into the sea to feed the fish. Deformed shape can choose only one, that is the ultimate fighting shape day wall. Humanoid robot shape! 'When I became a command to repeat twice.' Xiong Wei not refute, the city goddess commands are not required to refute, three consuls uniten pressed the 'deformed' button. The calm sea, a black-tailed sea birds fly over parked on the side of the ship, suddenly had a premonition of what horror wings to fly. Produces an invisible under strong suction side of the ship, the poor birds attracted to the sea following a. Twin sisters are still on deck, one of themCzech Republic to reach a fishing, fishing