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God of War general, the mighty Titanic. Is a loud shout, King WuMing man and hammer on to St. Paul rushed past, silver fast if ponley, brought up for a while whistling. 'Senior immeasurable!' Zhen Fang mind flashed a light, could not help screaming loudly. Sound honest and peaceful, the crowd being awakened from a surprise. Perfectionist Kun-yuan fairy king said: '? Could it be able to live this way to break the ban' Breeze, who face a surprise, quickly said: '? Reality really can break this array,' although they were all pretty sure that if the use of the approach might be able to break This array, but if it can get clever way, why not use it? 'Real good luck, just the King of the master Daoxiong an anti imaginary, though supernatural than you, you had better be careful, they must not lose the power of a treasure and lives up.' Mr. Weed Liu Xiao frowned. Zhen Fang naturally know the risks, but also even heardIs grateful to each other's concerns, quickly said: 'But Daoxiong and rest assured, though weak Pindao magic, magical small, but just a smattering of the ban or two, if not broken, if Pindao protect themselves or can not break, I'll wait. Heli broken it is. If Pindao was right, and so most of my first ban can enter into. 'shocked when he heard all the monks. Blood lead gods Ding brow of a move, but have not figured out the secret to, look Zhen Fang eyes flashing a hint of red, the surface was laughed:. 'That being the case, there is a real labor of' monk heard the rest of the congregation have also curious, the surface also hint bewildered expression. Zhen Fang faint smile, if not mistaken Zhen Fang, in front of the first test ban but a congregation of monks and Dharma practice settings. Numerous ancient immortal, in order to house the immortal Emperor Emperor Chun, built heaven. Baiguan set, but immortal countless. Then again in Penglai, abbot, also Hill, on behalf of the island do not set a Temple hospital to accommodate Qunxian. And these four mountains but when opened it early obscurity. Ching point, including a loss for slaying the dragon, was not planted that? Huwei Yong use against Bowen, coupled Bowen This is only five lines were abandoned, forcing a loss for ideas to cut dared to make the world Dragon. Let me wait comprehension of the people perish for hundreds of years. ' 'Master prepare whom?' Looming hint of sweat on his forehead Yingsong secret, definitely a big secret, always thought kindly master channel is actually only Xiongshou, actually so cunning, do not know how many hundreds of years it was the opponent the murderous. But he also knows that this is Lonely pass him in the head means, so that he will be a better Shushan charge of teaching, the moment my heart is no longer surprised. 'You're about to go looking for this martial art is also the year in terms of the Collateral, but not as a teacher, but a number of emperors, the Emperor Emperor Sui, Tang Emperor Taizong and so on, all of this martial art to make the Collateral the plan, only to split into two factions this martial art. Do you know what the two sects. ' 'Chi Hong net fast.' Yingsong surprise. Chi Hong net Lent was originally a martial art, the Sui and Tang Ching had for leaders, could there be her chosen imperial China, then rally or by other means, which pushed the throne, and thenAfter dealing with demonic human use imperial power. However, after Emperor Taizong emperor Chi Hong net fast feeling too much influence, threatening imperial power, but also with Collateral measure, and Momen compromise, the two sides together, and finally fast Chi Hong net into two sects, said to Cihhang Buddhist Lent net. Road riding in Zhongnan Emperor Peak, Buddha in the South China Sea, the guardian of the Venerable Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. 'And let the royal broadcast message in the secular world, to put Zhen Fang who are over the tragedy. That Zhen Fang not have immeasurable merit it? If his merit are being injected into the magic, the time of the tragedy, Nature can safely through. ' 'Those who do not necessarily agree Yaozu but did not dare offend the monk Fa Hai. 'The thing people take, people can unknowingly death, but life just three days. After three days, princes can not charge a single soldier and contributions.' Monk Fa Hai calm demeanor, the few immortality In Yuping aside, it is handed Lee supernatural powers. Lee supernatural both hands, his face carefully, as if stiffened same. Well quite a while before sighed: 'This matter of last resort and with the lone king, the future is bound to cause heavy, then the longevity of the edge, if not rare for me Datang, but do not use it...' Between words extremely bleak. When ordered, the secret of immortality will under water after the place, ordered to inquire carefully, while they wait for news with everyone in the palace. Sure enough, the day after, there came after spies report already started the phenomenon of soldiers in a coma, apparently monk Fa Hai's plan has been implemented, just waiting for the three days you can effortlessly off the Later Zhou million troops. 'Your Majesty, this poison but gathered a variety of things refining toxic, colorless, odorless, and more importantly, is not immediately killed, probably have to wait until three days before the onset.' Danyang son watched a moment First of Kuangyin, his eyes revealing complex look, said:. 'If it were not patrol the camp, and so I am afraid I do not know this,' the patrol Kuangyin day camp, although it was the army commander Sejong emperor, but if the theory influence in the army, I'm afraid in front of this guy looks unusual in the army more acclaimed. 'Aw possible solution to this long-toxic?' Sejong emperor unhappy faceBitter, frowns as he your respect of a country, used things are different from others, even the water is the same, therefore, the monk Fa Hai Although toxic dye used and the entire camp, but only those creeps or lower generals highly toxic, but as he supreme emperor, but it is okay this way, not only is he, that is, who did not even Kuangyin in the plot. But no matter how few people will be