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character, otherwise it is impossible to become two thousand years, since the characters Wudang Zhang San Feng only ascended to heaven, and I saw a flash of Wu Guang, into a snake, towards ten golden cut off all over, their stature back a few feet. Ten all off face became pale, and he did not expect the other side a little flower girl looks, actually under such a ruthless hand, you see yourself a trick fall, handsome face showing a trace of grim, cold shouted: 'It's to the face shameless, toast Monastic, the first pack of you, and then you go and look at the door division accounts. 'Then I heard Lenghe hands shot a golden, about baizhang length, carries a terrible died instantly and to, you cut to the chest toward the Crescent Moon. 'Heaven and Earth Promise, the universe by law, tai chi yin and yang, of!' Crescent Moon Fenlian containing cream, but to draw a sword in the hands of a Guanghua, formed between the moment a pearls of yin and yang fish stand in front of their own. One black and one white light in two, but a faint revealing a snake turtle, are handling the black Baier Guang. 'Boom!' Bang, bang Canhu Crescent Moon stature backwards, although still standing on top of the cloud head, but pale, apparently under a trick, was seriously injured. Ten all off the face of cruel hint of a smile, and then the next pending delicate, suddenly stop quickly while the Wu-Yang said: 'Your Highness, mercy, but she Zhenwu sects.' 'Your Highness, mercy, but she Zhenwu sects.' Pending further ten perish under delicate, in one fell swoop capture the Crescent Moon, and then carefully tortured, Yang Wu sudden, I hear the words, and looked startled. Heaven four Royal, Myrtle Great palm Zhou stars, earth imperial air transport, although high status, but in the end in itself but by Gods and enlightenment, he did not much strength; and the former but illustrates teach hook Chendi Jun Ha, its strength is also really tough, but unfortunately his death as the lamp, even the old dilapidated tuck hook Chen Gong, the Jade Emperor it. Although aware of the supernatural, but the magic is not the year of the Red Cloud. And again not far from the duo looked, I saw Zhen Fang reddish face, physique, dropped out of San Sibu away, in the hands of hibiscus stick some faint shaking, as if the catch is not tight in general. The opposite Sadamitsu Budaha of joy is livid, where there is any color compassion. Hand or grip or loose, on the cuff, faint hint of charred can be seen clearly under the effect, but also knock losses, but the discerning eye can see, Zhen Fang is lost to the front of the fixed light Budaha of joy. 'Yo! Good fun ah! Sadamitsu Young, but not for thousands of years, but it is more profound Daoxing up.' Suddenly the sky came a sneer sound. Everyone from afar, was surprised to find a beautiful fairies riding a cloud holding a two-edged sword comes with long sleeves in the sky, a beautiful scene. Seeing everyone's face lit up, and set light Budaha of joy met face became pale, he not only know that person is no cut teach large senior sister apprentice when the Virgin Mary, but also recognize Nabing sword, it is matter of Qingping sword Tongtianjiaozhu Sermons . Budaha of joy squint his eyes, barely visible hint of coldness, though still with a hint of fear. Sadamitsu cents do not know the name for thousands of years have never appeared in front of their own.Xu is the Buddha's time for too long, many people have forgotten the origins Budaha of joy. Budaha of joy but they do not have to forget. Although he became the West Buddha, enjoy the reality is still a saint disciples, but also are among the Queen's high status, even the Western world whirling Lingshan Buddha asked shengjing more treasure than he did in some respects, Who Gods of him in the most important moment, the West still convert the two saints sects, but by Laojun of Buddha or Buddha out to divide the Mahayana gas transport use. In comparison, naturally wants to have more trust Budaha of joy. But whether or indulge in the joy Changong Budaha of joy, or borrow Dharma