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wind just two stars, and four-star himself completely unable to par, but the world can there be such a horrible two-star ancient weapons, just like the same cast steel. Du winds are staring at each other. In those days by magic cocoon grown up, have long grown body was Du wind is better than steel, can be cutHis skin muscles, and is also not an ordinary ancient weapons. Du wind between gas condensate eyes, gradually see the other side looks. A height of nine meters or more, broad shoulders bear back, tall and burly ancient weapons. Because of a mysterious force that Du unpredictable wind, four star ancient weapons trembling slightly. ---------------------------------------------- Dear brothers and sisters, Just listen to the editors say this Sunday to re-cleared data is once again red list, please still friends after 0:15 tonight, and then a few votes cast brother ah! Bese Du Sharp wind Yisha not looked at the 40-star ancient weapons. Squeeze the other started in the communication device, it seems is considering whether to call the other person coming garrison, after a second, four-star cracking ancient weapons to crush the communicator, systemic flow surge, preparation and Du wind positive Wrestling. Ancient Warrior for two stars of contempt and fear Du wind mysterious strength are erased from the minds of the other side into the great state of war. Du wind nodded slightly, to have this momentum, it should be up to the person in charge of training camp. The first commitment of the dead worker has been reached, although not so friendly way interview, training battalion, 'Deng' or met them. Du wind fists folded on his chest, when Deng Du wind that something special moves to issue legitimate, Du wind spreading his arms, nodded salute to the opponents. With a four-star, a Deng can get on top of at least ten Kappa power. Du wind guard first kind of real feeling, but he was pale authentic:. 'We should not contaminated fruit salon' Deng with a finger pointing to the distal end of a large safe and said: war not only physically strong witch, basically the equivalent of a few weak Terran martial monks, though it is weak, but coming together, but now is a pretty powerful way force. Shanhaiguan spell on countless Five God of Thunder, and so varied means of defense, arrow light aspect, but the face of millions of troops attack, do not have any usefulness. Wide as the child skinned red, flashing on the Ni Wan glaucoma, hands pinch titration tactics, Fan-day India rose into the air, the size of tens of thousands of years, slowly falling from the sky, there are tens of thousands each fall Xiongshou army numerous casualties, But it is only Xiongshou army simply can not consume the body force behind the Wu family, and Fan-day India is what treasures, wide as the child can not be unlimited use. Qingxudong moral zhenjun hands of five fire seven birds again and again incite fans, air fire, fire, stone, wood fire, Samadhi fire, fire, earth, fire monstrous, all of a sudden on the formation of a Fire at Shanhaiguan, the sound of screams Xiongshou feared; cloud neutron hands again and again turning a Road Guanghua forcing air out, I saw the face of above the earth rumbling sound resounded through the world, a few pillars straight to the sky, surrounded by countless Xiongshou in which a road Yuqing God of Thunder rolling down, all of a sudden, a channel through which the gods of ancient flame blazing pillar of fire burning play; red sperm hands brilliance chain lightning, a white light fast if feijian, who met Xiongshou, all uttered a whine sound, so down I do not know, it was soon shot by others on the ground; Taiyizhenren hands dashing sword, each sword will cut a Xiongshou head, hair flying time, the hands of the nine dragon roll, overwhelming, but also burned a fierce beast, and the rest as Yang Jian, who have resorted to means. Under Shanhaiguan Shasheng around, straight to the sky. 'Roar!' Sound shrill shouts from the far, the immortal looked, could not help but scared, surprised to find a high number of about Baizhang