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nobody really when I West' moment commanded the monk Fa Hai let the city go Shouzhou own After Qiantang go until broken Later Zhou, Zhen Fang find mentoring afterwards. That fahai see myself pulling a patron, where also do not want to, then happily went Shouzhou, Jinshan monks go Qiantang not mention. Jinshan mention monk went Qiantang invited eight Denon wide of Buddha Shouzhou come to help out, but said that the monk Fa Hai listened Jinshan words, heart secretly contemplating quite a while, ready to take the BuddhaThe power to make things difficult for Bai Zhen Fang and mentoring duo. Non-stop day and sea monk to Shouzhou city, came to the palace, ordered the newspaper and Lee supernatural powers. Getting supernatural powers that Lee has a Zen monk Jinshan invitation to come help out, joyful hearts, these days, after desperate siege, if not solid walls, Lee Mitac more unusually, I'm afraid Shouzhou city has long been broken. Date night just hope hope Jinshan eight monks led force arrived Denon wide Buddha. This day is a silver safe house procedure, Jinshan Getting Young monks make first came joyful heart, please come in very quickly. 'I do not know where the pagoda spiritual master?' Lee supernatural powers to be the people sit down, it served some rare fruit, quickly asked. That former monk Fa Hai nothing but a Pola Hu, Baoshan and pagoda where like, Getting Lee supernatural words, old blushed, under Sharp brains, and quickly said: 'Pinseng but Budaha of joy Ha, Bong division life goes down, about to go to the Jinshan Temple, together with the brothers. 'Lee, who heard supernatural hearts surprised, thought the monk Fa Hai Daoxing not high, just so thick case and sea, but look at the parts of Jinshan monk, now smell West Budaha of joy to listen to the other party actually is sects, heart secretly glad just did turn away each other, so do not like kicking expert. Therefore compliment: 'The Shouzhou a master in this, think that children will surely Wangfengertao Chairong.' The rest are all laughing crowd. Unexpectedly edge unfinished world, love the endless tube into the mountains several years has no big deal, though the old name hidden, the new name also Forte. Because he has a last name unknown, rivers and lakes are hidden Xiao Jun said he did, in fact, two real one. Conscience move for good, sympathetic regret Taiwanensis cloud wins, delayed so far, Rexia Qianchan better. You have not yet born when he retired, will not fully conscious, go ask your mother, knowing the ins and outs. Then your father was killed, as I have a two on the side, it will not spin so bad law. Then we have to believe, and already no. 'This years, not to forget Siyou, seen as passers-by. Your mother a strain gauge extraordinary wisdom, more interested in the section, determined Orphans, so pro-female Shouren Fu Chou, rather ten salary guts, suffered tiring, not to outsiders for help, irrelevant to the enemy for her stupid, even I have two days of the door and the old folk regarded believed the rumors. I thought no one your father behind, the other with Morohito I also have a little friendship, nor Yongshou, only made it difficult to both doom and about the same to start with, a few Ling public places are not for my generation, he was recognized as a low plead guilty harder suddenly wretched. You most heart burn, for Chousi years, Lu Yu happened to him last year, the day the door of the old folk wild horse dust, he found an apprentice collected in previous years, not scandalous Yu son, your father is actually genetically related, this can only be ask your sister justice: ugly child is named Tian Xiang own mother, giving birth to death by wild horse preservation dust with subsistence Dan, after the children have closed ranks rise not goodbye, and later committed suicide? They learned clues. 'Yu family has a cousin named Zhou Ding, Tao Shibo's also your door. I wonder if you do this, because the Soviet Union and a half scoop pseudonym Wu Hou Shao Dusou for manslaughter, dark protect orphans, inadvertently met recently, and I suspect he little, only three individuals only diamonds in the rough, they have terrible power, but still not yet reached the state use way. General took a deep breath, across the metal cube blonde aristocrat suddenly feel caught empty, general life and life will be stripped out part of his body, like a gentle wind from the control of his blood like claws. Out only in the moment, but also blazing sunlight than the force of the sword has been burning up. The general's body suddenly there was a metal gossip, like the sun completely burned into thick Jianguang generals body, he fired a beach almost evaporated metal solution. At the same time, energy sword is melting into the gossip in the run along ten million gossip thread, began one has a reflective. Wearing armor butcher bone in howling, sword force has penetrated the bone becomes silent comb armor, he single-handedly remove a bone thrown out, the power of the sun completely burn up the sword of his own body. And the body can be turned to the metal to the generals, compared resistance to slaughter almost equal no. The moment he places the body had been burned to the emergence of strong smoke, some placesDeep visible bone. He still stubbornly clinging to reclaim the sword. Confrontation with the generals. Day Xianglong flash already sent out, but the sword was intended generals stubbornly stuck, if he could stay to live, will be able to make a clean break, General, if he is unable to go, even if the power of the sword is wasted. General metal body in boiling, before he became a vapor, Tu will be burned. But he has to understand, why choose this cut Shendao ordinary people, held in the hands of the carcass. That is the will. Even Tu ashes. Italian sword will never disappear, would like a time bomb stuck in his body. Mo comb human form has been restored, the first thing she did was violently slaughter hold hands, before struggling to push, then your body is also burning up. Mark a blond nobleman appeared broken, and he grabs a burning hilt, three people in his