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' powder Musical 'Xiaodan Hong, is how the kind of person? ' said: 'His older than me, among the four of them, only smaller than Zhuge strategy, math and now there are more than fifty afraid he called 'powder Musical', from the words you can know. He do not have flour, quite handsome, very free and easy, but also suave, just powder gas strong verbal behavior a bit like a woman. 'Azurite like a deflated balloon, and shook his head, and said: 'That's ...... this is not him!'Yanmu Fei said: 'how?'Azurite said: 'Sanshanjie house 'Spring School' s owner, was more than 30-year-old´╗┐Middle-aged, but also ...... 'Wei Han Ying said: 'Then how can you say he was suspicious?'Azurite and said: 'That is because he does not show up for many years, and no one knows who he is, where to live, only the steward of his house occasionally to go to a hospital twice Spring ......'Han Wei Ying instant look said:. 'This man of mystery'Yanmu Fei said: 'Middle-aged, Xiaodan Hong looks at is not old.'Wei Han Ying Huo transfer note azurite, said: 'Do you know where he lives children?'Azurite nodded and said: 'I know, is just asking out he lived in the courtyard behind the spring, the big courtyard, and very impressive..'Han Wei Ying also look said: '? Mu fly, which should not to go.'Yanmu Fei said: 'wish to see.'Dan Qingli that said: 'I lead the way, two please come with me.' Dealings road turned to go.Three people one after the other, in the crowd that to move forward, lead the way to the foot of the fast, followed behind not slow, not a moment went to Sanshanjie.Standing blocks, azurite biggest and brightest two fan while the rich one finger to the door first street lights, said:. 'Two-bit Look, that is Spring School'No, he said, the three characters, write clearly lamp.He added: 'two way, please.'He did not walk into the street, turned sideways away.Turned a corner into another street, this street is relatively quiet, although also in this area, but because this street is home, so too few pedestrians.Pedestrians a little more quiet monks destroy a cold heart, no flaw rose enemy, first seek to protect themselves, and hurried a 'dragon around the step', Piaoshen flash, immediately counter-kicking out, this move has a tricks. Called 'Kuixing kick the bucket,' the very Tough. But see glaucoma Jishan, a sword, brush cut too soon from his feet, according to two separate shadows prosperous. French monk raid to destroy but Chen Tianyu, Chen Tianyu swordsmanship skill and much stronger than his wife, but he's just an ordinary Qing Gangjian edged, that is far better than Youping ice sword. have a stall for her husband, immediately jumped up, a move 'glacier thaw', gleaming, scattered swing, she relied Bingjian power, no need to pay attention to the root of swordsmanship, accurate, long played a body , they can threaten the enemy. Off to the monks know badly, hastily closed his breathing, along Jian Shi, a 'wear palm' draped´╗┐Sword. Valiantly grappling techniques, think hard grab Youping sword. Chen Tianyu shouted, HUO Di Qing Gangjian a turn, a move 'Star-floating rub' off Act stabbing Monk 'wind House Point.' French monk is to give full right off speculation Youping, to see Chen Tianyu sword, wrote Huixiu shot to go, he saw Chen Tianyu little older, do not expect deep skill, he has just knocked down with an iron sleeve Youping effort, thought according to gourd-like painting, you can handle it, I did not realize a child will practice with Chen Tianyu boy power, and later through the day to teach him to get Don Tianshan Pai's internal organs Heart. Youping not on skill than one better, the whole place around Jianguang, 'laugh' is heard, hit off the sleeves of his monk's law slashing a length. But Chen Tianyu he Yifu, but was forced to get back two steps, unable to hurt the enemy. French monk cast off a series of shake sleeve Tiedan two big power are not hurt Chen Tianyu, to realize that he's powerful. Youping was a husband to help out, lift your spirits, Ice wins the East beat the West. Guide to fight the North, the tip went, an air of Qi Han