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to disturb me long edge, comprehension decline for a long time, although it can not be restored when the prehistoric situation, but in the human world can also be a foothold. ' 'There is no eternal hero. There Sheng must decline. Think that Terran air transport how long, three clear of the door, the West Second St., even I Yaozu saints and Terran Nvwaniangniang are inseparable, this is the case, one family . Five hundred years no one is soaring, 'Cong teacher sighed:' Moreover, the use of the old fox natal effort deduction secret, just know that these 'nine fox demon heard alarmed, this time she found the old fox. look old, there is no trace of color within the body that huge mana actually clean. 'Old fox!' Nine fox demon scream, kneeling before the old fox. 'Crazy child, I lived for nearly a thousand years old fox, something not seen. In one scrap wood, to leave a little blood for me Yaozu, did not forget to pass my night Story Fuxi gossip deduction of the art.' Fox Nine old fox demon touched soft hair and said: 'would you, in the future the Fox family to rely on you to listen to His Majesty's orders..' Well quite a while before they stopped nine demon fox sound of crying, but almond eyes red, let People endless mercy, really worthy Hu Mei family, even the division Cong Xinjing shaking quite a while. 'Nine demon, I took today issued an edict to let Tiger Lord Yaozu, the tragedy is that when I will be temporary, on the other hand also because I Yaozu disaster in the future, I though magic strength, even Shushan Lonely night not to act rashly, but no match for a few magical days, I Yaozu flourished five hundred years, the decline of their own one day. I have nothing but the self-protection only. Shan since made such a decision, only those in filial Yaozu inevitable excuse to cause trouble, but unfortunately the situation calm 500 years, today we must put an end to. ' Old Fox sighed:. 'In ancient times the year, but the BI Nvwaniangniang saints are afraid Guards and the line, not to mention the Lich blushed, low Chen Dao: '! Hate, there is any good.'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'People take color, evil stench, which can blame them blame what they have not seen such a beautiful girl, but never seen such a beautiful girl twisting like a baby?.''Hate you!' Wei Han British Gas shame authentic: 'What did you learn when so talkative?'Yan Mufei smiled and said: '! Since the wedding.'Wei Han Ying Jiaoye red, 'Ouch!' Loudly and said: 'You, you ...... how dare you say again, I do not see you pinch your screwed!'Yanmu Fei said: 'useless, ma'am, that would bring more attention!'Wei Han Ying shame both angry, the heart sweeter, but it is regrettable that he may not have thought stomping, and suddenly remembered stamp shall, immediately teeth, said: 'Well, a little later to nobody to children, I do not see ......'Yanmu Fei Jin: 'Han Ying, do not joke, seriously, in front of an inn there, listen to me, a temporary stay here, okay?'Wei Han Ying said: 'No, we two go go, we all do not want to go.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Han Ying, something non-small can, how childish trouble!'Wei Han Ying said: 'I am a person who childish more boring in here, I'm afraid of?.''Ha!' Yan Mufei to cry, laugh and said: 'Well a scared ......'Wei Han Ying Resentment looked at him and said: 'You have the heart to leave my children a person?' said: 'Han Ying, how are you today?'Wei Han Ying said:? 'You ask how itAre you evil! 'Yan Mufei look for one swing.Wei Han Ying added: 'Besides, my sister Joan you over to me and asked me to take care of you!'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Han Ying, my battles alone this for years, and you treat me like a child!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Do you not need people to take care of?'Yan Mufei Lianqu smile, a nod Micro, said:. 'Is true, and now I really can not for a moment think that no State body side'Han Wei Ying shocked laugh, white at him and said: 'No! , go inside.'Yan Mufei a push.Yan Mufei looked up and saw afford been to the inn door. Immediately he hesitated, but just listen to the sound Oh Wei Han Ying said: '? You when I really was so